For one to see

The death in me,

Is something that shouldn't be done.

For it will frighten you,

Scare you,

Until you are no more.

I hold the power of death,

And can control every life.

The mortals,

They are blinded by revenge,

And therefore, seek me out.

Such foolishness.

I know everyone's moves,

I know their thoughts, and, as I come upon their path,

They are so surprised!

Oh, the fools!

Some believe that I am one of


A foolish mortal.

Once I raise my hands,

And pull back my hood my hood,

They see the horror they haved asked for.

When asking for me,

They do not know who I


I am only bones,

Nothing more.

No heart, no soul.

I am feared all around.

I am

The Reaper.