We played Hide and Seek today. I remember you were trying to find me after you counted to fifteen and you said, "Where are you? You're so sneaky!" and you walked right passed me. You even asked Daddy – you said, "Where is she? Do you see her?" and he said, "No! What if we lost her?" And then you gasped and said, "Wait, do I see toes poking out of that blanket?"

I was giggling when you pulled the sheet away from over my head. "Were you sitting here the whole time?" you asked with a big smile.

"Yeah," I told you, because I had just been sitting on the stairs with the sheet over my head, knowing you couldn't see me. Until you noticed my toes!

"You're so silly, my little alligator!" you said as you wrapped your arms around me in a tight hug as I yelled in surprise.

"I'm your little alligator!"

"Yes," you said again, "you are."