Z is for Z

Z is the last letter of the alphabet. And therefore, it is the last letter of my tale.

I am old now, Mother. Quinn, my beautiful daughter, is fifty now. She has a son, you know. Travis. He has green eyes and dark hair. And I'm his grandmother.

Nick and I have retired to Brooklyn, where you grew up. We own a nice home there.

Every day I look in the mirror and imagine what you would look like if you ever grew up to be this age. In a strange way, I am older than my own mother. Yes, Mom, you seem so young to me now. I have lived double the lifespan you have.

I'm not proud of that. I feel like you should get all the time I did, because you would be able to use it in such a better way. I know you would. You were always so… inspiring. I'm certain you could have changed lives.

But it's too late for me to change anything now. I have a bad back and Nick always complains that I'm doing half deaf. I never thought a person could be this old.

But story is over, Mom, and I know that. And before I say goodbye I want you to know that I give as much money as I can to one cause: fighting AIDS, the disease that took you away from me.

And that I'll always love alphabet soup.