Wish You Were Here..

Every time I look at this necklace you gave me,

I remember all the memories we had.

I know it's tough to forget such a good person,

But it's harder to let you go.

I know we had our share of fights,

But you were always a good person.

My heart aches in pain,

Wishing you could come back and live again.

Sometimes I wonder what could have changed,

If God just let you live.

I can't forget all the people I lost in this world,

Not even you.

You hold a great impact on my life.

Even when you said hurtful words,

You helped me change my life around.

At time's I wish you were still here.

I hate seeing her in pain.

You left behind so many people who loved you.

I can't stop thinking,

Of the time we fought.

It was ridiculous and funny.

Sometimes I feel guilty for your death.

I miss you,

And I wish I could have talked to you before you died.

Please know that I miss you and care for you.