The Original Eleftherotis
My name is Nathan Tours and I am 21 year old. I've always seen the world differently and have felt like there's something missing but I don't know what. This is the story of how my boring every day life got a whole lot more interesting.
3 months after dropping out of college while at my dead end job I get a massage that my childhood neighbor had passed away and had left me something. When I go to his house to retrieve what he had left me from his wife. She gives me a key to a storage space just out of town. When I go to it, inside there's a Harley bike and a locker. Inside the locker there is a leather jacket with "The Original Eleftherotis," written on the back, with the drawing of a horse on it. There was also a box with a skull ring, a small map of the U.S., and a letter addressed to me. The letter read.
Dear Nathan,
If you are reading this then my past has come to get its revenge on me and I am dead. I have a request to ask of you, I know you're going through a lot after just losing your parents but that is why I think you will become an excellent rider. Put the ring on your finger and say Kleidi. You'll know what to do then look at the map. Also wear the jacket; it will be your sign and your pass.
P.S. Put the helmet on.

So I did as the letter told me to do and put the ring on and said "kleidi?" and out of the mouth of the skull on the ring the tip of what looked like a key came out and I don't know how but I knew it was to turn on the bike. Then I looked at the map and like magic a red dot appeared out of nowhere with the name of a city and state next to it. It read Lehigh, Iowa. I don't know what but something inside me was telling me to go for it. So I put the jacket on and turned the key in the ignition and turned the bike on. The bike then metamorphosed into a green Kawasaki Ninja 600. In shock I said to myself, "ok ... that just happened," and I took off to Lehigh, Iowa. What I hadn't noticed is that at the bottom of the locker I forgot his helmet.
Arriving at the entrance to Lehigh, Iowa the bike made a noise and turned off in the middle of the night and I was too tiered to walk so I decided to camp out on the side of the rode. Finally, when I got the fire started something popped out of the bikes muffler. I went to pick it up it looked like a small toy book with a note on it and it read, "say Egeiro." So I did as it told me to and the toy book turned into a book 3 inches thick.
I opened the book and on the first page it read, "rules of the book," "rule one: don't put near fire., rule two: don't write in book unless instructed too do so., rule three: don't put things in book they will manifest., rule four: always keep book within a 5 mile radius of ones self., rule five: when done using say Hypnos."
To tiered to care I set it next to me by the fire. A small spark from the fire landed on the book and all of a sudden a lot of black smoke rose from the book scaring me to the ground. Out of the smock a fire like demon came out and said, "What the hell did you just read dumb-ass its rule f-ing one." Scared out of my mind wean I responded I stuttered and said, "Who are you?" The demon responded, "I am God!" "Are you serious?" "No I'm not God I'm the first rider of the bike, the names Ralph Hepburn now like I was saying what the hell you just read the goddamn rules didn't you." "Ya but I didn't think a fire demon would come out of it and try to kill me." "First off I'm not a demon I just died on fire so as a spirit I look like this, and second I'm not here to kill you I'm here to help you." "Help me, help me with what?" "With the questions you may have on what's going on." "Ok, why did the map send me hear in the first place?" "Well your here to do the job of the Eleftherotis." "What is that supposed to mean?" "Eleftherotis means liberators in Greek meaning you have to find the creature that is threatening the people of this town and liberate them, sometimes it's easy to find, other times there in disguise, but once you find it the book will reveal a chapter to help you kill the creature, if ever you get a blank chapter lucky you, you get to do it with no help from the book and have to write the story yourself." "Wait your telling me I have to kill something." "Yup." "But I've never done anything like that before." "Well, tough titties get used to it, when your done the map will give you a new location and the bike will start working again." Ralph then saw the bikes new look and angrily said to me, "What the hell did you do to my baby girl." "What's wrong she looks good?" "What are you saying I mean I know it turns into the kind of bike the rider is but I didn't think Gail would give it to a runner." "What are you going on about?" "This form of bike is for running away, your just trying to get away from something aren't you, look here you little peace of shit you better grow-up by the time you turn that bike back on, I never want to see my baby in such a sad kind of form, and were the hell is the helmet." "What are you talking about, it right hear." I showed Ralph my helmet and Ralph said, "That's not it." Then the helmet was covered in a black smoke and another helmet appeared in my hand and Ralph said, "This helmet is the one you left at the storage space." "What's the difference?" "It's a special kind of helmet, it will protect you from any thing as long as you wear it wean you ride, well that's it for now well see if Gail made a good choice or not." Then the book appeared in front of me once more, in rage and confusion I yelled at the book, "What the hell was that you didn't answer any of my questions you just made more, you ass!"
The next morning I had to push the bike into town and parked it in the center of town. Having no clue what to do I walked around and went into an antique shop and decided to at lest ask the lady if anything unusual has been happening around town. She said, "Well lately a lot of people have been going missing around the old pub just on the other side of the river." "Great, how far is that." "Just cross the bridge around the corner and on your left." "Ha, good thing this is a small town." "Sure is."
Before going over to the pub I decided to go get something to eat at the dinner. When I walked in I got this sort of chill that surged through my body. I was so out of it that I didn't even see the waitress come over to my booth and got snapped out of it. As I looked around I couldn't put my finger on it but I had a bad vibe, and as I looked at the door I saw a boy not much older than 20, bald with a hoodie and baggy clothes leave the dinner. Once he left my vibe went away and it was back to normal but still I felt something was off about that kid.
Around midday I finally got out of the inn I was staying at and walked down to the pub. Surprisingly for a small town a lot of bikes were parked outside the pub. When I walked inside I felt everyone looking at me, and when I sat down at the bar everyone setting around me walked away from as if in fear and didn't even look at me. The bartender wouldn't even look at me wean he gave me my beer I don't know what it was but none of them liked me for some reason or another.
When I finally got out of that awkward situation and outside I got that strange felling once again. Then I heard a women scream, it sounded as if it came from the other side of the pub I ran over and when I got there saw a terrible thing. A pregnant women stabbed to death and pieces of her missing then I heard something ruffling in the bushes and when I looked to see what it was I saw the shape of man with what looked like big needles sticking out of it's shoulders. It ran off into the forest when it heard the sound of sirens, and I didn't want to be seen in a place like this so I took off to the inn.
Once I got to the inn I ran into the restroom and thru up. After I cooled down I saw something was glowing in my pocket. When I got it out it was the toy book and opened it up and it said, " Chapter One: Itopa'hi (Sharp Elbows)." What I read was not a story but more of a guide line to what the monster was and how to get rid of it. It read, " Sharp Elbows is an ogre whose greatest joy is in eating men. He has spikes on his elbows, on he's knees, on his face, and on both sides of his shoulders. But the most terrible thing is that he has two faces, one looking one way, one the other. Each can be different to the other. This makes him hard to fight, for you can never tell which way he is truly looking, or can you guess his true intent. Best way to kill Sharp Elbows is decapitation preferably by axe or machete and burn the body by saying 'ge'enna' and it will be complete."
In the morning I decided to get what I needed to get this whole monster dilemma over with. Once I got the machete I waited around the same place it attacked yesterday hopping to get it there. I waited for hours with nothing not even a sign that something may happen, then like before I got that same chilling feeling and I saw that boy again just walking in the middle of nowhere. I called him and he stopped but didn't turn around, I walked up behind him and taped on his shoulder when he turned around he had this psychotic look and I heard someone say, "I knew you couldn't resist." But it wasn't the boy that said it. Then I see his face shift and spikes started growing out of his body. I backed up as fast as possible and then all his clothes ripped off him and what stood in front of me was not that boy any more. It was tall and skinny to the bone and with the spikes as they said in the book. The weirdest part was that he wasn't talking his second face was and he wouldn't look at me. It charged at me and tackled me to the ground. I managed to push him off and hit back up and I ran into the forest to hide. It was as if the front face controlled the body and could only think to kill, and the second face had a high intellect and was pulling all the strings. I heard him coming and mocking me and as he got closer I griped my machete and I prepared to swing but out of nowhere he came from the opposite direction and in fear I swung the machete and cut his head clear off and all the blood splattered all over me. I was in shock of what just happened I dropped to my knees and barfed. Once I pulled myself together I did as the book told me and said, "Ge'enna." Out of the ring came a small red light and flew over to Sharp Elbows body and set it on fire and the body sank into the ground and it was gone.
When I was at the inn I took shower after shower, but I never felt like I could get rid of all the blood. I couldn't get used to it so I got my stuff and went back to the bike. When I turned it back on, at long last it metamorphosed once more into a Kawasaki KX450F dirt bike and I knew what it meant. That felt disgusted of what I had just done and deep down I did. Then I looked at the map and the new destination was Anaconda, Montana.