Shimmering shards of stardust,

Glinting through the velvet sky,

Wonderful fragments of diamond,

Dancing with the moonlight.

Arranged in random clusters,

In the eternal and blackened vacuum of space,

Tinted with blue, pink, yellow and golden,

As galaxies shoot out at a fast pace.

Forged in the deepest furnaces of nebulae,

New orbs of light and mystery always being born,

But the fate that awaits them and all of their kind,

Is filled with sadness and forlorn.

There is nothing here that lasts forever,

Not even the sparkles in the empty, freezing ocean,

After years of spilling their illuminating glow,

Even the heavens must fade from exhaustion.

After the flame has been extinguished,

It'll continue it's journey, but not as light,

But as gas, rocks, and lush worlds,

Where creatures are born, and birds will take flight.

But If the ball of plasma has too much power,

The once magnificent beast of gas,

Will collapse and become of whirlpool of blackness,

Causing chaos and destroying everything in it's path.