Miracle Cream

Elizabeth stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around herself. She was in a good mood. Today was the day it went on sale. Finally after all of her hard work her cream would be on the shelves. She walked confidently into the bedroom and sat down at the dressing table. In front of her beside her hairbrush and the few pieces of make-up was a small jar of wrinkle cream. Her cream, the miracle cream, the one she had been perfecting all these years.

Humming happily to herself Elizabeth opened the lid revealing the pale pink substance. With smooth practiced motions she rubbed the cream into her face. It really was incredible stuff. And to think it had been entirely by accident that she had made the discovery.

It was an accident, honestly she hadn't meant it. Elizabeth panicked when the girl's head flew back. She hadn't meant to get so angry. Really she hadn't. She had just been so infuriating, the spoilt little girl, no older than sixteen, who had barged in and made a mess of everything. Fifteen years Elizabeth had been with the agency, fifteen years. And now this child had come along and taken all of her jobs. The wrong side of thirty now, Elizabeth knew her looks were fading, but she was nowhere near past her prime. She still had it, she was still the best looking woman in town. But still this girl had been taking all of her work.

All she had meant to do was scare the girl a bit, get her to back off. So she had followed her into the bathroom and locked the door. Crowded up behind her as she applied her make-up in the mirror and hinted that maybe she should leave town. But the girl had more backbone than she had given her credit for. So Elizabeth had hit her right across the face, hard as she could, splitting the girls lip with her ring. As the girl ran from the room clutching her damaged face and muttering about how Elizabeth was finished now, all the older woman could do was think about how she hadn't meant it. She hadn't actually meant to strike the child, before rushing to her car.

It was only when she got home and washed the dried blood from her hands that Elizabeth noticed the change. Her hand seemed different. The skin was softer and more elastic, smoother and unblemished. That was when the experiments started. She had to know if it was just the girls blood. Slowly she collected her data. Piece by piece she fit her research together until she came to the unfortunate conclusion that it was only her blood that did the trick.

It wasn't difficult after that to set everything up. She had connections, powerful connections, and who was going to miss one lousy girl. She kept her well, the infuriating creature, she fed her and clothed her and gave her everything she needed. All she asked in return was as much blood as the girl could produce. Of course she had to keep her confined, in that little room above the lab. The pen with her make shift hospital bed so that she could be hooked up to all the machines that kept her alive and producing the miracle cream.

Elizabeth stood from the dressing table and let the towel drop to the floor. She looked herself over appreciatively in the cascade of full length mirrors. Maybe if the cream sold well she could market the body lotion as well. It was definitely doing the job. Yes Bathory Industries was going to go a long way.