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They say that things happen for a reason, and maybe they do. But it would have to be a pretty fucking good reason for me to be able to even begin to understand why this had happened.

The day had started off normally enough, as I suppose most days do. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened, nothing important enough to stick in my mind. There was no foreshadowing of the event that would forever change my young life, well no foreshadowing that I can recall. But that doesn't necessarily mean anything, as there is not much I can recall from that day – the terror and grief I felt overriding everything else.

In an instant, less than an instant, everything that had meant anything to me was gone, wiped out, just like that.

With a click of the fingers, I was broken.

So, so broken. Beyond any chance or hope of repair.

I knew this how?

Because I was so broken I couldn't bring myself to care.

"Jacie, I hate to tell you, but you can't return. There's nothing left of the town."

I didn't want the memories if I couldn't have the real thing. They were just a bittersweet reminder. And what was even there for me anymore? What was there for me anywhere?

"Jacie, I'm sorry to tell you, but you're not going to be able to attend the funeral, you won't have been released from the hospital yet."

Attending the funeral wasn't going to bring them back, was it? I would probably be the sole attendee; anybody who may have gone was now dead.

"Jacie, I'm sorry to say that I think these might scar. You'll have them for the rest of your life."

As if I cared. What did having smooth skin matter to me? A scar was just an outside reminder of the fact that things would never be the same.

"Jacie, I'm afraid you're going to have to enter a foster home."

I hadn't even batted an eyelid, not even when they began furiously searching for a foster home that would take me, shattered as I was.

"Jacie, I'm afraid we can't look after you anymore."

I didn't move the focus of my gaze away from the ceiling as I was told I was being kicked out. It's not like they had anything else to take from me, apart from my life.

And that was one thing I wasn't even sure I wanted.

I stared down at the small, silver blade in my hands.

Because things always happen for a reason.