The pure evil' revenge

The dawn of the sea

Chapter 1 the flood

"I still can't belive it"I said"the strange things that keep happening are stopping a day after recurring the pure that caused the event in the first place".

It has been a few months since the pure stone was on a rampage.

Just then an earth quake shook the ground.

"That was some quake"said the elf of power who had become one of my best friends that I ever had during the months we've been together.

"That was just about the strength of a quake that I could make"said the pure stone.

Then a flood came close to my home and our base of operations.

"This is bad"I said"turn on the news and lets see what is going on and to see if it is the sine of a pure".

Just then the news came on.

"This is one of the strangest natural disasters I have ever seen"said the reporter"and this is only part of all the natural disasters that have been happening over the past few months."

"First a mountain turning in to a volcano,then national park turning in to a desert,and now a lake turning into an strange thing is both the volcano and the desert disappeared like nothing had happened the next day."

"We will give you details when we find out concludes this emergency broadcast. Wait before we go a day before the desert disappeared two people and a blob of fire and lava went into the cave in the middle of the small desert".

Then we realized the mistake we made the last time we went to find a pure.

After the broadcast the spirit of the old hero came and said"this is the sine of the pure water has turned into the pure evil's lucky"said the spirit of the old hero.

"And this time the pure fire will have to stay behind on the mountain because you will have to go under water to enter the pure water's domain but first go to the tree stump that you call a tree stump elder for the ability to go under water when you are ready".

Then I went to the treestump elder and luckily the area was not even wet and at the same time it was a bad thing to because the forest was on fire and the first monster of the monster army.