The pure evil' revenge

The dawn of the sea

Chapter 10 the inpure monsters

"Welcome proctors"said one of the monsters.

"I am one of the inpure commanders like the one you,hero of light,fought back in the will all bow before the pure evil".

the inpure came with hands glowing a brilliant bright purple like the fire that burned the forest near our base of operations.

Then the battle began.

When the battle started we had a hard time even though we out numbered the inpure.

Then I found a reason why we could not win,I did not use my powers.

"You are not going to stop us"I said as the pure stone shook the ground with his fists.

Then I started glowing.

"Time to stop you with my powers"I said.

Then I revived a brand new power.

This one was kind of strange compared to the other powers so far.

This power let me take control of the minds of things that where not one of the pures.

When I used this power I needed my body to be protected so I told the pure stone and the elf of power to protect my body.

Then I started to use my new power.

After a bit of playing around with him I made him destroy him self.

After that we won the battle.

Then we proceeded through the next door.