XIV: Dealing Demons

"Yeah, I know. Just give me a few fucking minutes, okay man?"

Jeremy's loud, obnoxious voice wakes me from my heavy sleep. I'm curled up in his bed, a mess beneath his sheets. I'm only clad in his old Kiss t-shirt which he had given to me last night.

Rolling over to my left side, I let out a yawn and see what's going on. Jeremy is half dressed in a pair of sweatpants. His chest is bare, proudly displaying his basement quality Pentera tattoo on his shoulder, and the one of his ex-girlfriend's initials on the other. He's standing in front of his television with a phone up to one ear. There is a scale on the wooden stand and it's almost heaping over with shredded green.

"Look it's not my fault, the guy isn't here yet." He continues to yell into the receiver. "I'll give you- yeah, I know but- I'll hook you up don't worry about it." He hurriedly ends the call, and proceeds to whip his phone against the wall next to the door. It smacks against the paneling with a loud thud, and falls like a dead weight to the carpet.

He mumbles a few profanities under his breath, then shoots a side glance in my direction. He seems surprised to see me awake, looking back at him. "Oh sorry hun, did I wake you up?"

"Yea." I say, letting out another yawn and stretching my arms above my head. "What was all that about?"

He scoffs, and plops down beside me on the bed. "First of all, good morning." His lips brush up against mine and as he pulls away, I am unable to recognize the expression on his face. "Second of all, there's a crack head in my driveway. I have two hundred bucks of his money in my pocket right now. He wants five grams of bud and a few hits of coke. I only have two grams left and I have no one around here to buy his coke from. And he's freaking out on me because he's been sitting out there for almost an hour now, and he thinks I'm ripping him off."

"Then, why did you agree to hook him up?" I ask, still half asleep and burying myself deeper into the warmth of his bed.

A small, bitter chuckles escapes him. "Cause I need the fucking money."

Since Jeremy had lost his job a few months ago, things have been very difficult for him financial wise. His only source of income has been from selling underweight bags of weed.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Jeremy is in a dangerous situation right now. The crack head outside could decide to break down his door any minute. The man could easily have a gun, and the two of us would be caught defenseless. I thought that Jeremy had cut the coke completely out of his life. It's not smart for him to be reconnecting himself with those kinds of dealers; I can easily see his time spent in rehab spiraling down the drain.

He runs a hand across the top of his head, smoothing down his flat hawk. I know what he's going to say before he even gathers the will to think it. "Look, I hate asking this of you… But I can't let this guy take off – I can't afford to lose him as a customer. I'm gonna need your help with this."

I can't help it; his request is ridiculous, and it sparks trace amounts of anger in me. The last thing I want to do right now is jump head first into this mess of a drug deal. I haven't even had a chance to have my morning cigarette yet.

I've tried so hard to keep my nose clean, and only sell to those who I know that I can trust. This goes so far outside of my comfort zone that I want to just say 'You got yourself into this, now get yourself out. I'm going back to sleep.'

If it was anyone else asking me this, I wouldn't hesitate to turn them down. But, it's not just anyone else, it's Jeremy - a boy that I've been obsessing over since I was sixteen, a boy that I am finally starting a relationship with. How can I possibly say no to him?

"Let me make a call." I say, not bothering to hide the discontent in my voice. I reach over him to grab my cell phone that is placed on his nightstand table.

"Thank you." Jeremy says, like a little kid who has just been bought a bag of candy. He kisses me again as I listen to the monotonous ringing on the other end.

"I promise this will never happen again."