My friend recently sent me this "reason" to not vote for Obama.

It said, "Let's vote for the guy who doesn't make gas prices sky high."

Upon reading this I got very upset. "Obama isn't the cause for all problems." I said.

She responded with "No just most of them."

So I said. "Ok. Don't interrupt me. You're on an island with about ten other people. You have to pick one person to be in charge of the food. Who do you pick? The fat guy who hates you all and eats all the food? Or the skinny guy who doesn't eat much so all of you can?"

She responded like I was stupid. "Uh, the skinny guy…"

I nodded, "Yes. So one day there is a storm, and lightning destroys two of the coconut trees, thus cutting your food supply in half. Who is to blame?"

No she looked annoyed, "The Lightning duh!"

I fake surprise, "You wouldn't blame the skinny guy who was in control of the food?"

She snorted, "No!"

I looked smug, "So why blame Obama for the earth running out of oil?"

She looked shocked. "That was the best and meanest metaphor ever."

I then turned and walked away.