Chapter One

"And over there in the gray suit is-" I ignored the idiot trying to point people out to me.

I'd already told her twice it was pointless. But she blithered on about who was where and what they looked like.

I listened to the low murmur of conversation and the quiet background music, while standing perfectly still.

The idiot nudged me, "Lord Evan is looking at you!" I sighed, and my voice sound as overly perky as hers, "I forgot which one he is. Describe him to me."

She sighed loudly and her hot breath washed over me with the smell of pickled onions. I hated pickled onions.

"He's the one by Crowley. Black hair, gray eyes, tall, very handsome." I nodded, and answered so sarcastically I thought she'd notice, "Right. Thank you."

She went on talking like she never noticed someone watching me, and I went on ignoring her.

I wished she'd leave me in peace but as my minder for the night she'd have to stay with me until I went up stairs.

The evening was duller than usual. Normally Crowley threw better parties, with much better people.

But expecting a good party during summer? That was a fool's expectation.

There was no way to cool the enormous house during summer, so it was best to carry a large fan at all times.

I was about to find my way to my rooms, by following the walls, when someone cleared their throat impatiently.

They must have been standing there, waiting. More idiots, "Yes?" I sounded less bored that I was but more bored than I should be.

I didn't move, so I could hear them. He was moving his feet a lot, fidgeting. His voice was nervous, "My Lord Evan wondered if you would care to speak with him."

I smiled it felt fake, I didn't care. "Does your Lord not ask me himself?"

The man took a deep breath, "Lady! My Lord should never have to lower himself to ask the likes of you a question with his own mouth!"

I raised my head in defiance. "The likes of me?" I laughed a loud. My laugh was menacing, a threat. The room got quiet, "Do you know who I am sir?"

The man snorted contemptuously. "No more than you are a foolish girl! My Lord Evan is the Duke's son!"

Again I laughed that threatening laugh, foolish? We would see who the fool was. "And my father is the king!"

There was a collective gasp and then a long silence. "You're lying! The king has but one daughter and she is dead."

I clenched my jaw, "The horse didn't kill me!" I paused, "It only blinded me."

The silence was smothering me almost as much as the oppressive heat. I shook my bells on my wrist gracefully.

I could hear hurried footsteps then someone was next to me, silent and calming.

The footsteps were still rushing toward me, so who was next to me?

"Who is beside me? Name yourself!" I heard my guards, almost to me, then the one beside me answered.

"I am a Lord of the coast, Your Grace. My name is Lord Cassial."

Cj: Ok….. so I have no idea why I wrote this…. Just thought I should. Haha….. yeah…..