Baylee had been waiting over a hour for her boy friend, Allen, at the coffee shop. She was really worried, he had never been late to one of their dates, not even when his car brroke down. At first Baylee thought he might just be a few minutes late, then she thought maybe he had a family emergency.

As the minutes slipped on her mind darkened. She remembered the kidnappings from a couple weeks ago. What if he had been kidnapped. What if they already hurt him. Her mind spinned out of control at the thought of not seeing him at least once a week. Her blood thumped harder in her head. She put her fingers on her temples.

"Um, ma'am we are closing," the waitress said.

Baylee hadn't realized it was that late. She handed the girl two dollars and mumbled, "Keep the change," it was only two cents.

. . .

Allens big sister had come all the way from Flordia and had to leave again in the morning, he really had missed her and he hadn't got to see her for her twenty first birthday last month.

After dinner they had played a fun game of sharades. Then he remembered the date, she would be mad or sad, probably both he thought. The cafe had closed when they got done playing. Allen didn't really want to call her, it was too pratical. He felt so guilty, but still wanted to see her, to make sure everything was okay, to give her her seventeenth birthday present. Wow,he thought, I really blew it.

After Bethany, his big sister, and Alaina, his little sister, went to bed, he grabbed Baylees wrapped present and left. After running down Eighth Street and up Fifth he was facing her window, the light was still on.

Allen took out his phone and dailed her number. It was on the sixth ring when she answered with a, "What the freak do you want?"

. . .

Why would he be calling this late, she wondered. He knew it was already after eleven on a school night. Baylee laid the novel she had been reading on her bed. She grabbed the phone and almost said a bad word, but stopped hersself with a freak.

"Can I come in?" Allen sounded like he was pleading, then she heard the sound of a key turning and knew that he was coming in anyway.

"What the you know what ever, but I was worried now I am mad, no I pissed off, on my birthday!"

She shut the phone, because he was already standing in her doorway.

"Look my sister came, you know how much I miss her, and could you be a little quieter you'll wake your sibiling, here," he tossed the package at her.

She was astonished to find the beautiful moon shaped crystal, with all the diffrent colors on each side, it was absolutly gorgueos. She knew it had come from Jc Pennys and had cost about forty dollars, for Allen that may not be a lot but for her it was like winning the lottery.

"Wow, ok, thank you," she mumbled mesmerized by it beautiful colors.

He smiled "Your welcome, where is your Mom?"

She looked at her sheet, looking almost ashamed, but most defintly sad, "She got her hours cut back again. She had to get another job," Baylee whispered to the sheet, but not to Allen.

Ever since her Dad died, less than six months ago money had been tight. Just enough to pay for food, the utilies, and most months the phone bill. Baylee had a choppy short job after school on the weekday, she had begged her mother to let her get another job, but the answer was always the same, "who will take care on the kids, we can't afford any more babysitting."

Yet money wasn't the only thing that had changed. Baylee, the most out going girl in the high school had became a brick, the quietest girl in the eleventh grade. Her grades had moved up from good to excellent, and she had became the rope that kept her siblings in line, while she constantly took care of her over worked mother. She quit hanging out with all of her twenty friends in order to mantian a job and help her siblings with homework, the only person she made time for was Allen.

"I'm sorry, look I should probably get going."

She shook her head, "Please your parents won't care, can you stay, I don't like staying here with my little brothers and sisters, I get, uh, scared. My Mom won't be back until four in the moring."

He slid his arm under her neck and she placed her warm head on his starch-ironed shirt cool shirt right on his cheast so she could hear his heartbeat, before getting another sentence out of her mouth she was sound asleep.

The next day wasn't any better for Baylee. Her five year old sister, Louis, had a cold and fever. Although Allen was suppose to be going to school he had chosen to stay with Louis so Baylee could go to school. "You know you really don't have to stay, but since I know your to stubborn to back out I just want to say thank you thank you thank," she said while hugging Allen, she happy to be able to go to school.

After school Allen and Baylee both had work along with Baylees mom. Allen had talked his mother into watching her and the other four kids. Daina, Allens Mother, had been resistant to accept the job, but in the end she always did because she thought that they were not getting treated properly when a seventeen year old was their keeper. "Allen I don't see how these poor children ever get any attention with that over worked mother and Baylee can't take care of these kids while maintaining a A average I don't see how that girl does it," His mother always said.

By the time Baylee arrived home around eight o'clock she was sleepy, but first she had to rock the nine month old baby to sleep and tuck in the two old. After that she still had a tirgonometery project that took an hour and honor projects.

Allen stayed again when the two year old, James, woke crying from a nightmare he got hime back to sleep.

Allen didn't really enjoy helping Baylee, but he knew that it had been very hard on her when her father died from that car wreck. He didn't know how to help Baylee who had to be strong and stay put togather for her sibilings, and she needed to be strong for her mother. Her mom spent many hours working and the ones she didn't work were spent crying or being depressed. He also knew she really wanted a scholorship; with the almost perfect scores she had she could get one. Although Baylee did not know, Allen family was quiet wealthy so he offered to buy anything that she would let him.

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