Five effing pages

I only read 5 pages out of 156, and there is already so much to do. I am not a fast reader, not even when I am "just" reading a book, so I am extremely slow now that I am trying not to miss any mistake.

What troubles me the most, and possibly disappoint me the most, is that there were three paragraphs missing. I don't mean that they were lost or deleted, I just mean that they were not there. There was information missing, descriptions more exactly.

To make things clear, this book, my very first novel, is based on a 100 pages-long script I wrote a bit more than two years ago in about eight days. I wrote a third of the narration over a year and a half and two third of it in a period of three weeks locked indoors.

The whole story and all the characters were made in about a week, and I did the narration to make it a novel.

There are some troubles with the punctuation, some sentences that needs to be simplified and only one grammatical mistake so far…

But those three paragraphs have to be written, and I am going to do so now.

Due to the novel being a script at first, I have six "episodes" constituted of "scenes". I will have to divide the whole thing into chapters later on.

Only five pages, and I am already going through the informatics file.


(I will use the Greek alphabet to name main characters.)

(I will use numbers to name auxiliary characters.)

(I will try to retrace all the hints that may or may not appear to readers.)

Scene 1

Introduction of Alpha through his interactions with One and Two, the narration focuses on him.

Introduction of Beta through the point of view of Alpha.

Alpha employs Beta and make an appointment into a club.

Mistakes: First paragraph written in present tense, repetitions, punctuation, two missing paragraphs (introduction of a character and development of an action), unexplained foreign language dialogue.

Scene 2

Alpha meets Beta and tells him to seduce a girl.

One is there to indicate that something have been brought as requested by Alpha.

Hinted in: Scene 1, the appointment is made.

Mistakes: Lack of descriptions (one paragraph missing), repetitions.

I hated writing a summary because I feel like it's missing everything, but I want to try and keep track of the relations between scenes through the hints.

After Edit

I actually added about 450 words to the first 3,100.