Chapter 2: I'm a What, Now?

Azrael unfurled his wings and stared down at me. I was covered in blood, not mine, but of the man next to me. "Cassiel," I said hoarsely at his lifeless body, broken and cleaved in half. I heard the beat of Azrael's wings and felt a cruel wind blow. I turned back to him just in time to see his blade slash my chest in half.

I screamed and awoke in my bed, my pillow wet with sweat and my t-shirt clinging to me. I turned to the side and retched, heaving up whatever I was in my stomach onto the floor. When I was done, I looked up and saw Cassiel sitting on a chair at the side of my bed. He smiled painfully at me, trying to look sympathetic, but I could see that something was wrong.

"C-Cass," I said, finding that my throat was drier than a desert and, as though he read my mind, he produced a glass of water for me. He didn't wave his hand or say some weird words to get the water, he just moved really, really fast; angels can move pretty fast when they wanted to. He came and sat by me and watched as I gingerly sipped the water, relishing the feel of the cool liquid running down my throat. I looked at Cassiel and noticed that he was quiet… well quieter than usual, so when I had drunk my fill, I set the glass down on the bedside table and leaned back against the headboard of the bed. "What happened, Cass?" I asked and the angel looked down at his hands, a sign that he was deliberating whether to tell me the truth or not and I shook my head at him, "No lies."

He sighed and licked his lips before looking at me and saying, "You must understand that what I'm going to tell you must remain a secret, yes?" I nodded. "A long time ago, when all of the angels were in Heaven and Lucifer had not betrayed God's will, there was an angel named Azazel. He was an angel, but he was cruel even then," Cassiel said and shuddered a little, "You could say he wasn't exactly the most popular one out there. Anyway, he was Lucifer's most trusted confidant, and Lucifer had told him of his thoughts of rebellion."

Cassiel looked away, up at the ceiling. "Azazel told me about Lucifer's plans, but he told me not to tell any other angel about it, so I didn't." A sad chuckle escaped his mouth before he continued. "I should have told someone about the rebellion. I did not know that Lucifer would gain such support and when the great war ended and Lucifer and his followers, known as the Fallen, were cast out of Heaven, some angels followed them. Some to Hell, some to Earth."

"You're one of the ones that volunteered, aren't you?" I asked and Cassiel nodded. "I was ashamed of myself and my mistake, so I banished myself to Earth to live in solitude," he said and I suddenly felt a wave of sadness emit from Cassiel, so I took his hand and he smiled at me. "But before the angels came down to Earth and Hell, an angel named Bath Kol made a prophecy that one day, a mortal will be born that will have the power to unlock the gates to Hell and unleash it upon Heaven and Earth."

"So where does Azazel fit in to this whole thing?" I asked and Cassiel sighed heavily. "Although the angels that volunteered to come down to Earth kept the Fallen at bay from the mortals, some seduced humans into mating with them, producing humans with demonic powers." My eyes widened and I felt my heart constrict a little. I had a feeling that I wasn't going to like the end of this particular story.

"Azazel made many offspring, some of them became quite famous actually. You would definitely know them if I told you their names, but the point is that all of them were great dictators or tyrants, starting wars and spreading fear and death," Cassiel said and his face darkened, "Their greatest sin was killing some of the angels that were sent to Earth." My jaw practically dropped. "But… Angels can't be killed. You're freaking immortal," I said but Cassiel shook his head. "We can be killed by other angels, or demons, but these… creatures, they did something worse than just kill us. They took the angel's soul's down to Hell and to Lucifer himself. Lucifer harnessed their power and became almost unstoppable. And now, he's searching for a way out. But only an offspring of Azazel can open the gates and end Heaven and Earth."

I let go of Cassiel's hand and looked at him disbelievingly. "So you're either telling me that I'm some devil spawn or that I'm supposed to be able to let Lucifer himself come prancing out of Hell? Is that right?" I said and Cassiel shook his head. "Ben, what we do know is that you were the product of a demon mating. But a demon mating with an angel," he said and my mind went blank. I stared at Cassiel and he waited for my thoughts to process themselves. "Wh-…what?" I said and Cassiel stood up, suddenly needing to move around. "In each era of mankind, there have been mating between angel and demon. Many times, the offspring do not survive because of the internal war between good and evil, and the child's life ends because the good and bad blood shut's their body down. But there are some children that survive, good and evil finding balance in the body," he said and looked at me, "You are one of them. Capable of great good or great evil. Currently, there are nine other people in this world that are the children of both angel and demon."

I sighed and looked relieved, "So we can choose to be good or evil?" I asked and Cassiel nodded. "But there is something else about you, Benjamin. And I am not sure you are ready to hear it," he said and I raised an eyebrow at him. "It's like you're intentionally dangling a steak in front of a hungry person, you know," I said sarcastically and inclined my head in his direction, "Just tell me."

Cassiel closed his eyes for a moment. "Your father is Azazel. Pure hatred and darkness," he said and it was right about then that the information became too much for me. I stumbled out of bed and went downstairs, yanked open the back door and walked to out to the huge oak tree that sat in the field behind the house. I slumped down amongst the giant roots of the trees and looked out at the landscape. I could see it if I wanted to, the field on fire and everything dead. The sky filled with the smoke of a million burning corpses and the screams of angels falling from Heaven. I closed my eyes and felt tears stream down my face.

It was too much for one day. Too much. The knowledge that I was supposed to be able to open the gates of Hell. The knowledge that my father was a demon. And then I realized something: I wasn't having nightmares. I was having visions of the future.

I banged my head against the tree trunk and grit my teeth. Why would Cassiel take me in? How the hell could he even want me around when he knows where I came from? Why didn't he just kill me when he realized who I was?

"Because I am your father too," came a voice and I opened my eyes to see Cassiel standing there, but instead of the huge trench coat and checkered shirt, Cassiel was wearing a white tunic with a sword sheathed at his side. His normally messy burnt blonde hair was in beautiful waves and his wings were unfurled. I stared up at him and he smiled at me, his face glowing with ethereal beauty, something that only showed when he showed his true form.

"I am your father," he said and I was immediately overcome with the urge to laugh, so I did. "What the hell, Cass, you think you're Darth Vader or something?" I said and laughed again. Cassiel raised an eyebrow at me and my smile slowly died, replaced by a frown. "But you're a guy," I said and Cassiel shook his head, a smile playing on his lips. "Mortals really need to stop looking at what form of genital's someone has and look at the fact that love break's every bond and boundary," he said.

"Wait, let me get this straight," I said, "I have two fathers?" Things were getting weirder and weirder by the minute. Cassiel nodded and sat down gracefully in front of me. "You were conceived out of pure love and when you were born, we agreed that you would have to live with a mortal family and we left you on the doorstep of one," he said and something within me just sparked, like a flame of understanding and I suddenly understood why. "So that I would have freewill to choose," I said and Cassiel nodded once. "But they hated me, they thought I was crazy!" I said and Cassiel looked down and his wings drooped a little. "I thought that they were good people. They prayed and went to church so I assumed…" he said and I gave him a lopsided smirk. "Just because people pray and go to church, it doesn't make them good people. Heck, I could go to church and pray every day and that wouldn't stop me from being a killer or something from Monday to Saturday, right?" I said, but Cassiel remained quiet.

"I am sorry I put you thought that, Ben," he said and he did something that I never thought was possible, a tear ran down his face. He reached out and pulled me into a hug, encasing me with his wings and I instantly felt protected, safe. Everything that he felt, the pain, the sorrow, the anger of leaving me, I felt it. I felt how much hatred he had for himself and I shook my head. "I love you… Dad," I said and I felt Cassiel's body shake a little. I knew then that he would die for me, even though I was part demon. Because I was his son, and he was my father.

Hi, I'm Benjamin. I'm part demon and part angel, and I have two dad's.