Thump, thump, thump.

The sound of a heart beating restlessly, pounding in your ears; it quivers, and then stops.

Screams of abandon rip at the sky, clawing their way to Heaven.

The blood races like acid in your veins, the morbid anticipation in the murky, black darkness punctuates the absolute and deafening silence; the impending attack giving rise to uncontainable panic.

Staggering shadows, translucent lights, are elusive like urban myths; dancing across your peripheries.

A scattering wind creeps along the sterile and distraught soil, bringing a blood chilling breath.

Adrenaline feeds your senses, sharpening them, overbearing it with details as they are readily absorbed.

The furious gasps spilling from your gaping maw, ragged and broken gulps of air, filling your lungs with the missing sustenance for life.

Racked with uncontrollable shivers, your mind is swamped with vivid memories of rotting and bloody bodies strewn in mounds; wickedly tossed aside after their passing.

The horrid image lingers behind your eyes for but a few minutes, and you jolt, hearing the shuffling sounds of your pursuer; the eerie mumbles of the haunted coiling around you like vengeful spirits.

Turning, a sudden rush of wind envelopes you as the shimmering figure rattles; it stalks mutely towards you, the scales of its skin like a fish's, reflecting the dim light of twixt time.

You are motionless, frozen; trapped in its net of fear.

Its grotesque features and mangled face holds a mocking and cruel smile through gleaming, squinting, and void-less beads.

A menacing, gloomy, hunched posture towers over you now.

It dominates you, dwarfing you in its sheer size, evoking confusion.

The depths of space seem to bend to its will, distorting its true image.

It roars its frustration in a bellow made to wake the dead from the depths of Hell.

You shrivel and crumple to the cool and dusty ground beneath.

A final howl and it descends upon you in one fell swoop.

Hoarse shrieks of terror and sounds of torn flesh and crunching bones fills your ears; it only takes a second for you to realize that it's your own screams ringing in your head.

It was a mistake; this forest.