Thank you so much for submitting to my SYOC! I'm being super lazy and not posting the first chapter, but don't fear I have started it and will be posting it soon! Please be patient!

I am still accepting characters! (I would like some guys!)

Kay soo here's the list!


Creator: werewolverine

Viviane loves to flirt, she's sort of a way. But please don't get on her bad side; seriously DON'T! She will bite your head off! Vivian's weaker points are her ears and tail (being half fox demon and all) and she'll kill you if you touch them!

2. Mordecai Shippman

Creator: dezzydezz13

Mordecai is the type of person to laze around and sleep in a tree for most of the day. He's quiet and rarely speaks, disguising his nice, calm, happy personality with a cold sort of loner-ish attitude.

3. Ember Palo

Creator: whovian-bloods

Ember can shoot fire balls out of her hands, but she only does that when she's angry...which is actually pretty often. She's easily provoked into fights and is sort of unapproachable. Since she is a fire breathing bird, it's hard not to be scared. :)

4. Loki Everglade

Creator: whovian-bloods

Loki is sneaky and can easily steal anything. She is never afraid to speak her mind, or get very mad at any one. She is easily annoyed by the littlest things. But as long has you don't get on her bad side, she can be the most loyal and caring friend ever!


Creator: tempestdragon

Tempest will fight passionately to protect what she cares for; she will do whatever she can to keep the environment safe. She's always on guard, almost like she's older than she actually is. But once you get to know her you will realize that she is very loyal and just shy!

6. Willow Henry-creator I am writer

Willow is the type to go her own way; the type that cares for pretty much everything. She's really sweet, and a little too trusting. She's independent and free; willow will never be tied down! She works really well with kids and animals, who like her cheerful personality.

7. Lee Mi-Hyun

Creator: valkyrie99

Lee mi-hyun is almost always calm and kind. She will go out of her way to make sure someone is comfortable and happy. All though she can be a bit naive towards sarcasm or flirting, she is quite smart with other subjects.

8. Frost Bobnimable

Creator: grow wings and fly

He is over confident in many ways and loves teasing people, just for the heck of it. Frost is stubborn and won't stop until he gets his way. He's extremely sneaky and can sneak up on any one without them noticing. He finds it extremely funny when people freak out!

9. Sirena

Creator: animemasterall

Sirena is the type of girl that will stop at nothing if she can be on top, even if it means fighting dirty. She's very manipulating and can easily become jealous. She will not hesitant to sabotage you if you get in her way. She always thinks she's right, sort of intimidating in some ways.

10. Deuce Garthomew

Creator animemasterall

He's rude and controlling; he is easily angered and is not afraid to have a fist fight. Only problem is he has major anger issues. He doesn't want to kill anyone but when he's angry he can't control himself!

11. Cysina Johnston

Creator: .

Cysina is calm and wise, but then again she's sort of in her own world. She doesn't get offended easily and it takes a lot to get her mad. Her parents sent her to the apartment because they couldn't handle her being...a monster.

11. Jake

Creator: surviving devil

Jake is mostly cold to everyone, and prefers being alone. He hates loud people or preppy in your face type of people. He can be found reading books, all alone, or throwing buckets of blood one people... :)

12. Danica Laycee

Creator: Grow Wings And Fly

She's mysterious and persuasive; Danica just wants to have fun. She will do things just because it sounds amusing. She will never back away from a fight, very competitive. She's witty and always has a comeback. She does her own thing.

13. Dreese Layce

Creator: Grow Wings And Fly

At first glance he may seem hard and scary but he's actually just really clumsy and nice. He charming and always knows what to say. Dreese is laid back and able to stay calm in a hectic situation. He will break the rules if he has too. His twin sister (Danica) calls him the useless one!

14. Corione Cadevre Stepharo

Creator Arlanis

Corione is easily annoyed and almost always angry. He becomes bored quite often and then will either begin playing with balls of fire or goes looking for trouble. He isn't afraid to be reckless and doesn't care if his life is on the line. Even though it's difficult (he does not trust easy); if you are close to him, he will be loyal and a friend until the end!

Again thank you soo much for submitting! If I managed to forgot your character, PM me...heh. And my Oc is on my profile! Check her out!