Chapter Nine

You're a Mommy!

Alex slept for an hour before she was finally woken up by the sound of someone sitting down in the chair next to her. She stirred and woke up. Her body ached all over, her hair was sticky to her forehead. She sat up, and looked around.

"Where are my babies?" She instantly asked who ever was in the room. She turned to see Sandra sitting there with a smile. She reached out and took her friends hand.

"They are fine, perfectly healthy and awaiting their mommy. Want me to let the nurses know you're awake so they can bring them into you?" Sandra asked.

"YES!" Alex said as if it was obvious, which it was.

"Okay." Sandra smiled and went to tell the nurses. Alex sat there anxiously awaiting her babies. Her babies! Her babies were born, and here! Sandra walked in and a few second later a nurse wheeled in her babies, who were kicking around in their little beds.

"Gimmie, Gimmie!" Alex held out her arms to her babies. The nurse smiled and picked up each baby, setting them gently in Alex's arms.

"Each one around six pounds each. You have a couple of little babies there." The nurse smiled and congratulated her.

"Thank you." Alex beamed and looked down at her babies. Her little boy, and her little girl. They were so tiny. Their eyes were open, looking up at her with their baby blue eyes. What color would they be? Her little boy looked so much like his dad already, and her little girl looked like her.

"What are you going to name them?" Sandra asked, admiring them from above Alex.

"I'll let everyone know. Who all is still here?" Alex asked.

"Thomas, your parents, Joseph and me obviously, and Peter. Jade went out to get coffee for everyone. She should be back soon though. Do you want to wait for her?"

"Sure." Alex nodded. "Let me send a pic to Carolyn and Robert. I'll let them know the names first. Thomas said he was keeping them up to date." Alex reached for her phone. Sandra took it, and took the picture for her. It was a wonderful picture of Alex, still with the post-labor look, holding her two babies. She sent it to both of them.

"They are really beautiful." Sandra smiled, "Wow…you're a mommy."

"I'm a mommy." Alex's eyes began to water again. She had her babies sitting up against knee's and smiled at them. They looked up at her staring into her eyes.

"Hi babies." She smiled. "Look at you, you're here! You two are the best things to ever happen to me. I am going to make you so happy, I will protect you, I will make sure you have everything you need. I'm not going to spoil you too much though, you will be polite." She said sternly, but couldn't help but to smile. She knew she was going to spoil them a little.

"Alex." Her mother said coming into the room. "Are you going to tell us their names now!" Her mother was followed by her father, and all her friends. Thomas came up and stood behind her at the bed. He looked down at the babies with a smile.

"So? We can't call them little boy and little girl forever. So? What are their names going to be?" Thomas smiled.

"Well, I considered Andrew for my little boy, but I decided against it. Looking at him now, I realize he looks nothing like and Andrew no matter how much he looks like his dad." Alex smiled at her son.

"So, what will it be?" Sandra asked. Everyone was staring at her.

"Aden." She smiled. There was a round of awes all around. Aden, he was her Aden.

"And for his sister?" Sandra pried.

"Allison." Alex smiled down at her daughter. That name had meaning.

"Cause Andy called you Ally, and that's short for Allison?" Sandra smiled at that.

"Yah." Alex nodded. "Also…he told me once if we ever had a daughter he wanted to name her Allison."

Alex was in love. Alex was so totally in love it was intoxicating. The sweetness of it, the strength of it, the way it permeated her body, it made a drug in her that she didn't think she could ever getting enough of it. Sure, she was all emotional and hormonal, she cried over the tiniest thing. Everything seemed a little sweeter though. Everything was brighter, everyone's laughs louder, and every second she was with her babies her heart swelled to new levels of happiness that she never thought possible.

She knew what lied ahead of her was going to be difficult. It was going to be the hardest thing she would ever have to do. Probably harder than losing Andy, or next to it as an equal. The situation was so different, it was going to be hard in it's own ways. She knew the hardest part would be when they started asking questions. Why didn't they have a dad? What happened to him? Would he be back? She would answer all of them. She would sit them down one day, on a beautiful day and tell them everything. Maybe when they were five, or six, old enough to understand. She would show them all the pictures, videos, tell them stories and make sure they knew that he would have loved them with all his heart just like she did. They would know their daddy, even if they couldn't see him, they would know him. She would point to Aden's nose and lips, Allison's lip and whatever they got from him. Time would tell, she would let them know what parts of them, were his. Andy was forever in her heart, and Aden and Allison were the greatest gift he ever gave Alex.

The doctors said she could go home in a few days, and as long as the babies kept doing well they can go home with her. It was mid-August, and still hot out. They were having an Indian summer. The outfits she had ready for them to come home in. They were adorable. They were simple white onesies, with black and white and red decals on them. Aden's design was shaped like a tie, and Allison's was a heart. The black and white were swirled vine like designs with red designs mixed in. She had an adorable little black lace headband with a red flower on it for Allison to wear home, it looked perfect with her ever increasing curly hair.

Carolyn and Robert, Andy's parents were going to be in town the next day, and were bringing their presents with them. Alex was ecstatic to see them again, they were her second parents. She was finally rested enough to take care of her hair. She took a shower, brushed it out and had Sandra braid it in a French braid. She still couldn't wear makeup, doctor's orders incase she got sick. Oh well.

The lactation nurse came in and helped Alex get the hang of nursing, now she could do both of them at the same time! She finally got to use the nursing pillow she got at her baby shower. She was in the middle of nursing the twins when Thomas and Peter walked in on her, Thomas with a handful of balloons, Peter with a basket of cards from people.

"Hey!—OH OH OH!" Both of them yelled and scrambled over each other to leave the room, Thomas letting go of the balloons in the process. They floated up to the ceiling and waited there. It's a boy! It's a girl; a couple of each said.

"You two are so considerate." Alex shouted after them with a laugh, the nurse next to her letting out a laugh with her.

"Just let us know when you're done." Thomas stuck only his hand in and waved. They waited outside until the babies had finished, here burped, changed, and swaddled.

"Done." Alex said, brushing out her clothes and sitting back down on the bed, criss-cross with Andy and Allison inside, each resting a head on her knee's. They had fallen back asleep.

"Well…put a sign on the door or something okay?" Thomas had his hand in mid run through his hair. Alex laughed and just kept staring at her babies. Thomas and Peter silently went on either side of her bed and stared at them too. It still was awe inspiring that these two little babies were finally here.

"Allison looks so much like you." Thomas whispered.

"Aden does too, but he looks like Andy a lot too. He's a good mix." Peter nodded.

"They are going to be the best looking kids on the block." Alex nodded in satisfaction. "Andy and I make cute kids."

"No doubt there." Peter laughed.

She was heading home, she was bring the babies home for the first time. Leaving the nurses, all the help from the hospital behind, daunting to say the least. The babies were dressed up in their going home outfits looking adorable as ever. They were a little big on them since they were early but they looked cute nonetheless.

"Ready to go home?" Alex cuddled Allison. Aden lay swaddled on the bed sleeping soundly. Allison let out a large yawn and fussed a little. "Go to sleep sweetie. We need to get home in as little chaos as possible okay?" She rocked Allison and sang to her until she finally drifted off into sleep.

"You ready?" Her mom asked poking her head in.

"Yup." Alex nodded. Her mom and dad brought in the car seats and set them up on the bed. One by one the twins were loaded up and ready to go.

"Going home." Her mother smiled and touched Alex's shoulder lightly.

"Yup." Alex nodded, she picked up her camera and took a picture of her two sleeping children.

"Carolyn and Robert are waiting at the house with Sandra." Her dad told her.

"Okay, thanks." Alex nodded. She picked up one car seat, her father the other. "Time to go home."

"Go to sleep." Alex half cried, rocking Allison back and forth. She had just gotten Aden to sleep when Allison had woke up. Alex had changed her and was now trying to get her to sleep. "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep please." Alex sang softly but Allison continued to fuss and squirm. Alex's arms began to ache. The phone rang on the changing table and Alex went to get it but couldn't with Allison in her arms. "I'll put you down just for a second sweetie." She said to her daughter and put her down in the closets crib, Aden's. She laid Ally down right next to her brother and went to grab the phone, her hands trying to smooth her messed short cut hair. She took a step away but stopped, and turned back around when she heard nothing. There in the crib, Allison and Aden were sleeping peacefully together, snuggled up against one another. The phone had stopped ringing by now. Alex reached for the camera she kept in the room and took a quick picture of her two adorable babies

It was a beautiful shinning day when Alex decided it was time to tell the kids more about their daddy. The sun shown, the sky was clear, the water on the lake was glistening gold from the setting sun. In her bag she had a picture album, two actually, and her new Ipad 6. They laid the blanket down on the grass and took off their shoes.

"It's pretty Mommy." Ally snuggled next to her mother on the blanket. "Can I take a picture?" She reached a little hand, fingernails painted sparkly purple out for Alex's camera. Alex smiled and nodded. Wrapping the strap around her daughter she handed her the camera. Little Allison held it up the best she could and aimed it at her brother. He stood at the water's edge with his little fists on his hips. The camera clicked and Allison smiled.

"Very nice." Alex approved when they looked at it. Her daughter loved taking pictures, and drawing, everything Alex loved to do. She was a perfect little miniature Alex.

Allison had her mothers wild curly black hair that was a little mane stopping at her chin, it was pulled back in a purple headband. She wore a ruffled purple tank top that had a big black sequence heart on the side, a pair of shorts and her tennis shoes she wore every day. Her eyes were a light grey that stood out surrounded by long dark lashes.

Aden ran over to them, his paper airplane that he had been working on still grasped between two fingers. His short black hair was fuzzy, his green eyes sparkled in the sun behind his glasses as he smiled and threw the plane. It floated through the air and landed behind them in the grass.

"It works!" He smiled, his front tooth missing. He looked just like Andy when he smiled. He ran after the plane but trip over his feet, something that happened regularly.

"You okay Buddy?" Alex said watching her son dust himself off.

"Sorry Mommy." He said sadly, he had a grass stain on his new red shirt. Alex sighed and waved it away.

"Never mind that." She pulled him down to the blanket as he walked closer. "I have something I want to show you two."

"Presents!" Allison happily clapped her hands.

"Sort of…It has to do with your daddy." Alex said quietly. She held her children's hands, rubbing the backs of them.

"Oh." Both of them responded. They already knew about their daddy dying.

"Well…I don't know where to begin really. You two know he died before you were born, but know for sure that he would have loved you two so, so, so much. We had talked about having kids before and he really wanted them. Allison, your name comes from the nickname he gave me when we met. He used to call me Ally, he was the only one allowed to." Alex began.

"Really?" Allison perked up with a big smile, it faded a little. "What was his name?"

"Andrew, I called him Andy." Alex smiled.

"Andy…Aden. Is that why you named me Aden?" He asked.

"Yes it is." Alex smiled and squeezed his hand lightly, "And he loved planes."

"Really! So do I!" Aden looked down at his paper plane.

Alex let go of their hands and reached inside her bag, pulling out the Ipad and photo albums. She opened one up, their wedding album. Instantly the kids were drawn to the picture of Andy.

"That's him?" Allison pointed at Andy.

"Yup." Alex lovingly stared at him.

"Ad! You look just like daddy!" Allison laughed.

"You look just like Mommy!" Aden responded quickly. It was true. They looked through the album for a while and Alex told them story after story about Andy. How they met, where they went on their first date and how he proposed to her. They were just enthralled and captured by all the stories about him, the pictures of him and their mommy.

"I have videos too." Alex turned on the Ipad. "When you two were in my tummy, and you would be jumping around and moving a lot I would play videos of him singing and you two would calm down. Even when you guys were babies I would play videos of him singing and he would put you to sleep."

"Wow really? I don't remember that." Aden furrowed his eyebrows.

"I wouldn't expect you to." Alex laughed and picked a video to play. The video was shaky as Alex positioned it. Andy sat there with his guitar and a big smile on his face.

"Daddy…" Allison whispered.

Andy took up his guitar and placed his hands in the right chord.

"This is for you Ally." He smiled into the camera. "L.O.V.E." He cleared his throat.

" L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore and

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you
Love was made for me and you
Love was made for me and you."