AN: I know a lot of atheists celebrate Christmas; in this story they just don't.

Abby's parents are atheists. They taught her everything to know, or not to know, about God.

Abby's dad, a man with brown hair and sad blue eyes, was stricken very ill with cancer. "This is why God doesn't exist", he would tell a young Abby. Looking up from her dolls, six-year-old Abby had said "Brittany said he does exist."

"No, he is make-believe, like your fairy tales."

"I wish our life was a fairy tale with a happy ending. We need more money, Andrew!", said her mom from the kitchen. It quickly turns into an argument about money and paying the rent so Abby gathers up her dolls and goes to her small room in their apartment.

In elementary school, Abby didn't really like talking about religion, and she still doesn't at age fifteen. Questions like "What do you want for Christmas?" or "Do you celebrate Christmas?" always led to the answer "I don't celebrate Christmas."

"What do you celebrate then?" some of her friends had asked. "Nothing." Then for some reason, God would be mentioned, and "I don't believe in God," would be said.

Always, her friends became shocked, and Abby would always wonder, is there anyone else who doesn't believe in God?

But when Abby was ten, there was a time when she believed, when her dad's parents finally convinced her. But the belief in a god soon vanished after she received a long talk from her parents.

Even before Abby was born, her two pairs of grandparents tried to change her parents' minds about religion, even though they weren't religious themselves. "But we believe in God, and you should too! Our grandchild better not be atheist!", was something among the lines what they would say. Also, " You will go to Hell."

That one sentence is something that no one wants to hear.

So when Abby's dad dies of cancer, Abby can't help but have doubts about him going to Hell. Because what if it actually exists, along with Heaven?