I stood in the middle of a forest, my arms spread out wide as I welcomed the sun's warmth. A river flowed below the small cliff I was on.

"Is this it?" A voice asked behind me. I closed my eyes and smiled. I already knew who it was. My friend Miranda. She had short brown hair and wore a casual outfit

"Yeah, this is perfect," I replied.

"Alright," she responded. "I think this is really for the best. You need a break from everything This is the perfect place, you can imagine that your the best elf, fairy, mermaid, whatever you want to be." I smirked to myself at her response.

"Yeah, I'll see you in a week," I replied. I heard Miranda walk away, twigs snapping under her feet. I stood quietly for a few minutes before smiling. I took off my jacket and my wings rolled out. They were small, dragonfly like wings. "I'm not an elf or a mermaid, I'm a fairy through and through." I jumped off of the cliff and flew down to the water, skimming my hand against the surface. The water rippled and I smiled, flying and running my hand through the water to create small waves.

I was sitting in a tree, eating some of the apples that were growing there. I smiled and kicked my legs back and forth, humming to myself. I heard something fall into the water but shrugged it off, continuing to eat my apple.

"Help!" A man screamed. I gasped, dropping the fruit. I flew lower and peered through the leaves, looking down at the river. A man was floating, desperately trying to keep his head above water. My eyes followed the river, spying a waterfall not far ahead. I quickly flew over the man and attempted to reach out for him.

"Grab my hand!" I shouted. He reached up to take my hand, but he was pulled under. I gasped, and tried to keep him in my sight. "Oh no! I can't see him! And if I get my wings wet, we're both done for!" What do I do? I can't let this man drown. 'Please. I know I chose to become a fairy. That's what I really wanted. But please, let me become a mermaid just this once. I want to save this man! I can't let him die. Let me be a mermaid just this once. Just this once!" I kept repeating that phrase in my head as I took a deep breath and dove underwater. The rushing water picked up and pushed me towards the man. I felt my wings disappear, and my legs molded together, becoming one appendage. I looked down, finding that I had a silver tail that sparkled. I felt my neck, feeling the gills that had cut open my skin. I shook my head as the man rushed by helplessly. I swam after him, grabbing his hand. I desperately swam against the current, trying to get to calmer waters. I surfaced when my lungs couldn't hold much more air. I swam against the current, and towards the bank, keeping a tight hold on the man. "Don't worry! I'll save you!" I declared. I grabbed onto a tree root and pushed him onto the bank. After he was secure I pulled myself onto the bank and watched my tail disappear, being replaced by my legs. My wings unfurled and I flew away from the man, going up into the trees. I hid myself and watched him open his eyes, shocked that he was still alive. I smiled to myself and quietly flew away, leaving no trace that I was there.