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Author's Note* This is an old dream I had about an old friend I met in band class, this is his real name and what he looked like, in this dream I was myself not another person like I usually am. Enjoy!

I walk across the campus a bit bored. The sun is shining and birds are chirping. The grass is impossibly green and perfectly cut, every blade of it in place. I readjust my books in my arms before I see him sitting there and my heart lifts tremendously. His goofy crooked smile and bright blonde locks make me soft inside, no matter how tough I want to try to be. He waves me over as I trail my eyes down his extremely long body, today he is wearing his favorite t shirt and plaid shorts in his favorite color, baby blue. Oh I love him so much!

I trudge over a little wobbly in my heels and jeans. He pats the grass beside him and I toss my books and bags to the side and set my saxophone case beside his and sit down. I instantly lean in into him smiling. Though it is warm out at least 80 degrees it is nothing compared to the warmth that spreads off him to me. His whole aura covers me and dominates my much more talented one, I don't mind when he puts his arm around me. His fingers play in my curls as I go glassy eyed smiling up into his consuming yet loving stare.

This is the first time I have ever been in love, and with my best friend Jesse too! How amazing that he would want me so much. That he would want to be with me! College is so much better with him here to support me. He understands, even says it's cute, how I get too caught up in learning to focus on anything but. How easily addicted I become to anything, anyone.

His lips lower to mine and burn against them like a soft fire. Adrenaline shoots through me and the only thing leaving me grounded is his arm around my shoulders. It's only the fifth kiss we've had and I still panic faster than a deer in headlights. But he keeps his cool, or acts like it till I press my palm over his chest. His heart is practically beating on my hand. I push away our lips sliding apart, to catch my breath and blush. I look around and no one has notice except a few whistling stoners. We are in public, I laugh as he smirks.

I pounce atop him and he lets me pin his arms. I straddle his chest and bend down to kiss his right cheek giggling. Before we know it we are on the ground laughing hysterically, so much we can't look at each other anymore. I fall to his side, curls spreading across his chest. We don't stop laughing for a while and when we do no one says a thing. We listen to the steps of students and the shuffling, light conversations, and music from headphones of passersby.

"Are you happy?" he turned his head to me watching my face and taking my hand in his.

"Yes, are you?" I smile. He nods his head leaning over to kiss me again.


I walk into the bar filled with the staff of our university arm linked in Jesse 's. A black shirt and suit drape over his body perfectly just as my red off the shoulder sweater dress hugs at my curves. Our wedding rings gleam in the low warm lighting at the staff Christmas party. We mingle with the Science Department, Jesse laughing with his fellow Physicists and I with the various under grad girls who don't even know how to spell 'quantum' that are plastered to their used to be instructors/ tutors sides. I smile at the absurdity of it all.

I unlink my arm sauntering over to the bar and ordering a Jack and Coke. The bartender starts sliding the drink over before it crashes to the grounds a rumble vibrates through the tavern. I brace myself before water starts to soak the floor and rapidly fills from the ground up inch by inch. People are running around finding ways to exits. You can hear nothing over the chaos as a beams comes crashing down in front of me, I am cornered. Then I literally become a child because that is how I feel completely helpless and childlike.

My height shortens to maybe a little over four feet and I start to drowned but then I see Jesse. He pushes the beam away before the water turns to flames and mist transforms the black smoke. He lifts me up runs dodging crashing pillars engulfed in fire that had set the water ablaze. I don't know how but before I know it we are outside and I am myself again. We lay beside each other hands entwined for minutes before I notice where we are. It is the middle of the night we are soaked and panting laying next to each other in the same spot we were in ten years ago when he had given me a promise rings. Tendrils of our breath floated above our mouth.

"Are you o.k.?" he had turned to me ash still smudging his face.

"Yes, are you?" He laughed nodding before leaning over and kissing me.

I smile. Oh, I love him so much!