No more tears

I had a dream last night

I dreamt I saw Jesus clothed in dazzling white standing on top of a hill

He looked over at me and beckoned me closer

Slowly I met His gaze and obeyed

When I was standing on top of the hill with Him I saw something that made me laugh

He was crying. I never thought I'd see the Lord of sea and sky cry.

Still giggling I pulled a tissue from my jacket pocket and slowly wiped the tears away

"You…You mustn't cry, you have no reason to cry" I whispered

It was only when I looked closer, I realised why my Lord was in tears

Again, at this I could only smile

"Just wait, wait for me a little longer, I'll come back I promise but there's still much I must learn. If you wait a little longer, I promise one day soon, I'll truly be all yours"

After I had finished wiping His eyes, I hugged Him and kissed Him on the forehead and smiled

"You are Jesus Christ. You're not allowed to cry. Wait for me, but in the mean time, let there be no more tears from either of us…"


A/N: OK… a bit of a strange one I admit but this image just came to me one night (not in a dream though) and I decided to do something creative with it. Now for the record, before anyone flames me, I realise that Christ is this great Being over all, the Master of the universe and that He would never shed a tear over anything, let alone one of us, but as I said it was an idea that came to me and I decided to make a poem out of it. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.