Chapter 23

Final Distance

Chase landed in an area that seemed just like that of the first time he had met Valsharess. Beautiful colors were everywhere in empty space. It looked close to the light of the travel but was solid enough to be its own reality. Tia, Rika, and Terrance appeared behind him and lastly Felis dropped down silently.

"What's all this?" Tia asked.

"Trying to create mid-space between a spacial end while the Skyhart boundary is gone is impossible." Felis said as she began to walk ahead of the group.

"Skyhart boundary? What's that?" Tia's heart skipped a beat at hearing Skyhart. She wondered if it had something else to do with her.

"I think it would be better to explain all at once. Wait until we get there." The ex-goddess walked with her arms folded and her head down.

They fell into silence as they continued to walk through the space. Tia was a bit anxious to know what the Skyhart boundary was, but didn't speak up about it. She had seen what happened to Jade when she merged with Valsharess. She had seen what Felis did because of it. So even though she didn't outright trust the ex-goddess, she knew she was hurting too.

"We're here."Felis said as the empty space suddenly became black. As soon as Felis stepped on the black emptiness, the entire plain went white. Then like a travel through mid-space, the next level began to come into view. They stood on a pathway of sand bricks that went on as far as the eyes could see behind them. In front of them, about a mile away, stood a mountain. On either sides of them was water, like a huge ocean. Stairs went high up the mountain and into the clouds, out of view. However, looking past the white clouds, they saw nothing but blackness. The world below the clouds was as bright as day.

"What is this place?" Chase asked.

"The reason for everything." Felis simply replied. "The reason I killed your parents. The reason I tried to capture you and Ms. Fontain...The reason Jade is gone..." Felis' fist clenched but she regained her composure quickly. "This is my world. You can see that it's incomplete."

The group continued to walk along the path. There was no wind or sound or anything besides them. It was the most lonely world any of them had ever witnessed.

"I take it Austin explained what he knows about the 10th entities. And you know the truth about Viral, am I right Chase?"

"Yeah. I know what happened to you too." Chase went into a shorter explanation about what happened to Felis to Terrance, since Tia also received that knowledge from Valsharess.

Terrance looked to the side in thought. "That doesn't explain what you want with Tia and Chase."

"Yes, let me explain. The power of Chaos is balance. It holds everything together, including reality. Yet what you probably don't know is that gods and goddess's have the power to harness all forms of power under God's authority. We were the one's to create the Diamond Escaless, the blade Minashi Skyhart used against his sister." Felis saw Tia hold her hand over her chest and a look of pain on her face. She knew what Izo had done. "It was initially made to combat any of the factions that turned against humanity. Why it never made it to the humans is still a mystery to even me."

"The Celestial and Sentinel war." Terrance said. "That must be the weapon that the Celestial's used against the Sentinel's to stand a chance. They used it to try and wipe out the Sentinel's."

"You are a descendant of the Celestial, Terrance. If you seek it, you can learn the truth of those times. I don't believe it was all of the Celestial's that tried to use the blade against the Sentinel's."

"But Valsharess' memories show that the Celestial and Sentinel's were both slaughtered by a girl named Crystall." Tia added.

"Then by that time, the person who had stolen the Diamond Escaless had already fled the Celestial." Felis concluded. The look on her face showed that she new the truth behind that night now, but it seemed as if she wouldn't tell them.

Chase returned the conversation to its original track. "You were planning to take my power to give this world balance?"

"Indeed. You're power can give this world perfection. A stable life that will last forever. And you, Tia. You had the Skylord ability."

Chase rose an eyebrow and looked at Tia. "Had?"

"Izo stole it, remember?" Tia said dejectedly. "Besides the abilities I've gotten from Valsharess, I'm powerless."

"The rightful heir of the Skylord ability is also the beholder of the Skyhart boundary, shortened to just be named the 'sky'." Felis looked up at the clouds and the patches of black nothingness that sat beyond them. "When Tia was killed, the sky vanished."

"How is that possible?" Terrance asked. Rika was walking next to him, a bit close, though he didn't notice. She answered him.

"The Skyhart boundary, or the sky, is one mass of life aura that connects every world throughout all of the universes. It keeps them separated so that they won't merge back into one mass of nothing, like that above us." She looked up just as Felis had with a sad expression.

"I wanted to use your powers, Tia, to completely block off this world from the others. So that I couldn't hurt anyone else with my powers." Felis chuckled dryly. "When you lost your powers, I knew that was the end. I wouldn't be able to escape hurting others. But if I had Chase, I could at least stay here in peace for as long as I could. Even if it was alone..." Felis voice lowered at the end.

"Jade..." Tia whispered. Felis nodded.

"Jade's ability went much further than simple cloning. She had the abstract ability of faeries. The ability of life. She could create any life to have its chain within the Chains of Destiny. Though she only knew how to clone herself, I wanted to teach her how to create other beings, to create animals and fish..."

"You were going to have her populate this world for you." Terrance said.

"No...for us. Jade was like a daughter to me. That was my entire plan. To create my own world, separate from all other universes. The people here would know nothing of the pain of the outside worlds and I would be loved here like I was before...and Jade wouldn't have to fight anymore."

"So you used us and shed the blood of innocent people to achieve that." Chase said, his voice a bit dark.

"As many have said before me. We are not perfect. My greed made me look past the transgressions as my lust for life and love began to fade. But Jade's death changed that." When she finished speaking, they had reached the mountain and the bottom of the stairs.

"What are we doing here?" Tia asked, now on edge. The group began to transcend the stairs. Chase sighed.

"We're here to see whose dreams will be shattered today. Hers or ours."

Felis smiled. "Even if it is only for a short time, I still wish to see the peace that I've only dreamed of. So I will still take the Chaos power. But if I cannot, then this world will collapse, and the future of every universe will lie with you all."

The group went silent then, no one saying anything until they could see the top of the stairs. Several steps later and they passed the clouds. The world that was already silent went even quieter. The blackness was all around, and seemed far closer than it did before. The clouds below them looked like a white ocean and paralleled the black. It was like yin and yang, opposites facing each other. As they reached the top of the stairs, they were treated with the site of nothing. There was no mountain top. Instead, they walked over a long mirror. The entire floor was a mirror, and spread out for miles, as if a large disk sat on the small peak of the mountain.

"I've used so much power to create what I have already. As a goddess, we have minimal abilities of the actual God. So while he could create realities and universes in seconds, I could only make a mountain and ocean in just over a century."

Tia folded her arms with a pensive look on her face. She bit her lip slightly before sighing. "Why are you being so calm with us? Like we're friends?"

"Because we were never really enemies." Chase answered her. "We were children of fate, going through battle after battle because our destinies said so."

Felis nodded in affirmation of Chase's statement. She chuckled at the irony of it all. The chains of destiny did not see this outcome. Chase was supposed to continue to hate her, to fight her to the bitter end, and defeat her several years from then. He was never supposed to even be that powerful yet, able to stand on even ground with her physically and spiritually. These thoughts made her happy. The future that she saw

wasn't set in stone. Chase had the ability to change it. But even still, her greed made her want the best for her own future. So that's why she fought. Today would either be the final day of her tormented life, or the first day of a peaceful one.

Chase turned to Tia and Terrance. He put his fist out. They looked at him with the same small smirk that was leveled at them. They both put their fist out simultaneously, forming the triangle shaped symbol that was their undying friendship. "No matter what happens today, let's never forget what we've been through and all of the friends that we've met." Chase started.

"Even though this is still corny, I won't. Until I met you guys, I didn't know where my life would be. If you hadn't shown up to help me against Derad, I probably would've died. I owe you guys my life...and Paragon's honor." Terrance spoke seriously.

Tia looked directly into both Terrance and Chase's eyes. "You both make living so much better, even after death. When I died, my only thought was that I was hurting you guys, and Goki too. I've never cherished anything else more in my life than my bond with all of you. No matter how far we go, no matter what happens here or tomorrow, we'll never forget this moment right now. Chase, Terrance, let's give it our best."

The boys nodded. With their resolve at its peak from the very beginning, the young trio turned to face Felis. The Ex-Goddess had her hands to her chest and her eyes closed as if praying. Tia saw her mouth the word 'Jade' before she opened her eyes, flaring her aura out. The powerful orange aura consumed the battlefield as she showed her full power. She was not holding back. This was the final battle. Chase, Tia, and Terrance made their arcs appear, their own aura merging and clashing against Felis'.

The chains of Destiny Shatter...

Chase moved first, vanishing into thin air and leaving no traces of himself until he appeared several feet above Felis. Terrance was next throwing his lance up towards Chase and Tia dashed in towards Felis herself. Tia aimed to slam her boomerang into Felis but was blocked easily. However the boomerang burst into wind, showing Tia with a blade of wind over her hand. She slashed upwards at Felis, using a large gust of wind to launch herself up towards Chase. Chase caught Terrance's lance and spun. Tia flipped upside down and stood on the lance pole as Chase spun and kicked off as he slung her down towards Felis, breaking the speed of sound. Felis brought her leg up to meet the slash that came from Tia, blocking her without much effort. Tia vanished into wind and showed Chase behind her, launching a Crater Wave at Felis.

Before Felis could move, Terrance was right next to her, delivering a powerful uppercut into her stomach and launching her up towards Chase's attack. Felis seemed to halt an inch from Chase's crater wave before an orange wall appeared between her and it. Chase vanished and appeared behind her, ready to cut her down but she was faster. She stomped Chase's face and sent him slamming into Terrance before absorbing the crater wave into the orange shield of aura. Tia appeared next to Felis with her boomerang ready to strike, however Felis caught her by the throat and slammed her into the shield of aura, shattering it and causing a massive explosion to engulf them both. Tia's body fell from the cloud of smoke and bounced off of the mirror like ground.

Felis turned to the recovering Chase and Terrance and smiled. While they were rising she vamped behind them, stabbing into Chase's side with her nails that had seemed to extend like cat claws. She kicked him away before Terrance attempted to attack her with a lance thrust and parried the blow with a quick slash of her claws. Terrance staggered back from the force and was instantly laid into by a dozen claw slashes from Felis as she seemed to phase right past him, headed towards Tia as she was getting up.

Feeling something wrong, Tia scrambled to her feet and began to build wind around her body. Her eyes began to glow as Valsharess' power started to take effect. When Felis was close, the image of Jade appeared right next to Tia. Felis' eyes widened and she hesitated her attack, giving Tia the time to burst forward and lay into her with a continuous barrage of wind enhanced blows. Each strike caused a small whirlwind around the two. Phasing behind Felis as she attempted a counterattack, Tia back kicked Felis in the back with her leg covered in a drill of wind. Felis was sent spiraling further over the mirrored ground. She recovered by flipping onto her feet and sliding back a bit. Chase appeared over her, having both of his arcs held above his head and brought them down with all his might. Felis brought her claws up to block at the last moment and the ground beneath her shattered, spraying glass into the air. The ground instantly repaired itself however, leaving no blemish on the battlefield.

She pushed Chase away and he landed with Tia and Terrance, all three facing Felis again. The three of them looked a bit hurt while Felis still looked perfectly fine. Chase stood straight and made his arcs vanish. He chuckled sadly and shook his head, confusing Tia and Terrance.

"What's up Chase?" Tia asked.

"There's no way we can beat her. She's not even going all out yet." Terrance and Tia's eyes widened and they looked to Felis to see her with a saddened expression, as if she knew that they still weren't strong enough to win.

"Go back with Rika, both of you. Without your Skylord form, you'll just die again Tia. Terrance, you go too. I think I understand why this ended up this way now." Chase's hair covered his eyes as he spoke to the two of them. At any other time, they would question his sanity and tell him that there was no way they would let him fight alone. But they knew what he had in mind, and they knew it may be their only chance. From that point on, they would only be in the way. They both nodded and Terrance jumped back to stand with Rika. Tia looked at Chase for a moment as he stared down Felis. Swallowing the forming lump in her throat she moved in front of him and planted her lips to his. The kiss was just as short as Goki's kiss had been, but the feeling and passion behind it was felt with just as much intensity. His heart skipped a beat and his mind only began to process what was happening after she had already let go of him.

"Death makes you realize that some things shouldn't be held in. Things that should be said and done get lost forever and I can't let that happen again. I love you Chase, so don't die. I'll be waiting for you..."

Before Chase could respond to her, she vanished in wind and appeared next to Terrance and Rika. Chase didn't even glance back. He looked back to Felis who had a sad smile on her face. Chase's own smile found it's way onto his face. It was different than what he thought before. He did still have so much to lose. All of his friends, the lives of those that would be lost if they failed this battle. Everything, the universe, just as Felis had said, was riding on him. There was no way that he could lose this.

"Are you ready Chase?" Felis asked, making her arcs appear. Two sai's with seemingly elongated blades appeared.

"...Give it all..."

At Chase's words his dark aura exploded around him, matching Felis' full powered one. His hair and clothes both bled black as the destructive aura of Chaos clashed against the ex-goddess's. Chains unraveled from thin air and wrapped around his arms as his jacket burned away in a black flame, leaving him in only a sleeveless black undershirt. His hair grew slightly, and chains began to wrap around his legs. The chains bound his hands tighter around his arcs until they were all but melded together. As his power seemed to reach its peak, it suddenly all exploded in an infinitival increase. His power soared higher and higher, far stronger than it had ever been before. Even Felis eyes widened as she sensed his ever growing power. She increased her own power as well, all the way to the brink.

"Free yourself from this miserable existence..."

Chase and Felis both vanished. The first clash of many completely shattered the glass below them and sent a shock wave out for miles. Tia turned and stood in front of Terrance and Rika while trying to create a wind barrier to block the shards. The wind wall held up for a only a moment before the power overtook her completely and blew all three of them off of the mountain. Tia and Rika stopped their decent by flying and Terrance's eyes flashed red before he too began to fly. They looked at him in shock for only a moment before turning back towards the battle.

In the time it took for the other three to recover, Felis and Chase had already gone through hundreds of back and forth blows. Both seemed to be evenly matched as Chase vanished to and fro, slashing at Felis with the power of Chaos flowing through every strike. Felis herself was using all of her goddess power to stop the attacks and send off counterattacks that would either completely miss or be blocked as if they were anticipated with great precision.

Felis saw an opening when Chase slowed down for a split second. Her sai's began to glow orange as she suddenly released a powerful pulse of aura from around her body, catching Chase off guard. She thrust the first sai into his abdomen and released the charged aura, creating a powerful explosion that sent Chase hurtling upwards into the sky. From the smoke, she threw the other sai and it struck Chase in the arm as he recovered. Once again, the aura released and caused a bright explosion in the sky. Once the dust cleared on the ground, Felis was already gone. In the air, flashes of orange could be seen from within the dust cloud as she continued to slash Chase with her claws, releasing aura upon each hit.

Chase vanished just before she was able to strike again and wrapped a chain around her body. With great force, he spun her once and sent her speeding like a falling meteor towards the mirrored ground. Just as he released her he fired a 'Dragon's Last Breath' right after. Once she struck the ground, the attack collided with her and once again began to destroy the ground, sending shards of glass up in all directions with another shock wave. Tia and the others covered their face from the power, having not felt anything like this, even from Izo.

Chase vanished from the sky as Felis appeared next to him and attempted to slash him with her recovered sais. She vanished in the same direction as him and the two continued to parry each others strikes in the air. Felis ducked under a slash aimed to cleave her head from her shoulders and began to repeatedly stab Chase in the chest and abs with her sais, drawing blood with each hit. She phased past him and an 'X' slash appeared across his body. She turned and slashed him again, sending him spiraling in the opposite direction before creating a shield of aura behind him. He hit the aura and Felis instantly flew forward, shoulder ramming him through the barrier and shattering it into pieces. As soon as it shattered, she vanished and the shards of aura froze in the air for a split second before darting and tearing into Chase like razors.

As the last of the aura ripped into Chase, Felis appeared behind him, her glowing eyes shining as bright as a sun. She grabbed the back of his hair and stabbed him in the back, shoving the sai deep within. It began to glow again and she released the aura, once again making an explosion engulf them. Chase's body fell from smoke but he flipped to his feet before he hit the ground. Blood dripped from his body and mouth in copious amounts.

"There's no balance..." He spoke. A chrono sphere began to surround him, taking him from everyone's view. Glyphs began to appear over the sphere, rapidly growing in succession before the sphere paused and shattered, revealing Chase with only a few cuts and stab marks along his body. Felis looked down at Chase with a monotonous look.

"You can reverse the flow of time...or maybe, you rewrite destiny itself..."

"I won't rewrite destiny. I will be the one to completely and utterly destroy it."

Chase pushed off the ground and shattered it beneath him. He threw one of his arcs at Felis with a chain still attached to its hilt. Felis parried the weapon and brought her knee up to meet Chase's next slash. As the two were dead locked for a moment, Felis aimed to stab Chase in the face with her sais. However, Chase moved to the left, allowing the weapon that had just been deflected by Felis to come back at her at the speed of sound. Not prepared for the action, Felis turned only to have the weapon slash a deep gash in her left arm. Chase caught the weapon and used the moment to slash her across the body three more times with powerful strokes that cleaved deep gashes every time. He kicked Felis, sending her soaring back before creating a chrono sphere around her.

"Chaos Crater Wave!" He called and launched two black crater waves at the sphere. Once they struck, he created another chrono sphere over it. "Lightning Storm!" Eight lightning bolts struck his blade and he launched them all at the encased Felis. As the lightning bolts struck, he created another chrono sphere over it all. "Radial Grenade!" Instead of green, black orbs of fire soared at Felis and once again, he created a Chrono Sphere over it. He vamped forward and slashed through it all. However, he did not release the Chrono Sphere's. Instead, he began to appear on all sides of the Chrono Spheres and kept dashing through and slashing through them, slashing Felis in the process. The slashes became progressively faster until all that was seen was a blur of black randomly appearing around the orb and the sounds of multiple slashes could be heard, until the speed was so great that it sounded as if there was one long tearing slash sound. After over 500 slashes, Chase appeared above the multi layered attack and held both arcs above his head.

"Flare of the Black Phoenix!" His voice echoed with Chaos and black flames erupted from his two blades. They grew until it seemed as if Chase had two giant black flaming wings. The flames merged and began to grow until it towered far over Chase himself. The attack formed a giant black Phoenix that spread its mile long wings and let out a deafening screech. The giant bird like attack rose up far into the atmosphere before performing a corkscrew and soaring back down at the chrono sphere. Chase slashed down over the sphere just as the attack collided and let all of the attacks detonate into one powerful white explosion. The mountain top was getting obliterated and the three observers flew fast and far away from the battle, no longer able to watch safely from their positions. The mountain was being torn to pieces, being reduced to almost half its normal size. This time, having been completely annihilated, the glass did not reform.

As the explosion continued to rage, an orange glow appeared from the dead center of it. Seconds later, the explosion began to be drawn towards the orange glow. In a matter of moments, the entire explosion was gone, the only indication of it every happening being the now destroyed mountain. Felis floated in the same spot she had just been in. Instead of having destroyed and tattered clothing like Chase would have thought, she stood in a new garb all together. The outfit looked exactly like what Valsharess had been wearing. The silk sashes over her shoulders and wrapped gently around her arms. The sash that wrapped around her lower back, almost as if lightly glued to her curvacious body and invisible mild blowing wind that made her look far more majestic than any mortal woman. In her hand was a single orange orb of aura. However, it seemed to be flickering in and out of existence.

"You punctured reality in the split moment it took for me to release my chrono spheres right?" Chase asked. Felis opened her eyes to show them infinitely glowing orange. She nodded and let the orb of aura fade. "You've regained your goddess status?"

Felis smiled warmly at Chase. "No, not all of it. This is my demigoddess form, when I was first made into a goddess. This is the furthest my power will ever be allowed to go again."

Chase could feel his own Chaos power beginning to leave his control. He didn't have much more time to finish her. This would be the end. The look in her eyes told him that she knew this as well. Chase looked to his left and right. The images of his parents stood next to him, looking at Felis. They turned to him and smiled before embracing him in one last hug.

"Mom...Dad...I hope I made you proud." His parents both nodded. Several seconds later and they both vanished. Looking to Felis, he saw the image of Jade embracing the now demigoddess. Felis whispered to something to Jade who nodded and faded away just as his parents had before.

"Come Chase. Let us sever the Chains of Destiny once and for all." Felis spoke with a happiness that she had only had as the goddess of Lust. Chase nodded and prepared himself.

With no more words to be spoken, Felis and Chase flashed out of existence for a split second. They both appeared far above the clouds, inside of the nothingness that was once known as Chaos. The first to attack was Felis, who created four giant orbs of orange aura. All four orbs began to fire rapid rays of aura at Chase, each one with the force of a hyper cannon. Chase flew about the empty space, avoiding the beams as best he could but they could curve and track his position. Soon he couldn't dodge anymore and the first of the beams hit him. The rest converged on his location and created an orange sphere around him. Felis combined the four orbs into one giant aura sphere and aimed it at Chase. She released a pulse of aura that launched a blast bigger than any Chase had ever witnessed before straight for him. Being trapped in the sphere, Chase could do nothing but brace himself for the impact of the attack. The feeling was unimaginable, the aura tearing into him like being hurled into an exploding sun.

Once the attack was over, Chase was surprised to have withered the attack so much. He knew it was because the power of Chaos held so much more power than even he knew of. He lowered his arms and panted, but he smiled darkly at Felis. Felis shook her head at Chase, holding back her own smile. They were no longer fighting as enemies. They were just prolonging the inevitable.

Chase's arms burst into flames and he extended one at Felis. The demigoddess used one of her sais to block the extended claw but didn't expect for Chase to switch places with it, his entire body burning into fire and appearing where the claw had just been. He extended his other arm, this time grabbing Felis. The claw grew and wrapped around her whole body before Chase ignited her in a giant explosion. Felis was sent flying backwards but Chase was right with her. He appeared behind her and attempted to slash her but she recovered quickly and blocked his strike with a sai. Chase released the blade and attempted to slash with his second arc but Felis blocked that attack too.

The chains on Chase's arms shot forward and began to wrap themselves around Felis arms, holding her in place. However, Felis grabbed the chains with her hands and spun in the air, twisting the chains together. She swung Chase around and created another barrier of orange aura before slamming him right into it. The shards once again began to tear into Chase as she continued to sling him around, creating barrier after barrier and smashing him into them. Every time, the shards of the destroyed barrier would tear into Chase like razors. Chase made his chains vanish and appeared behind Felis with a giant after burner in his hand. Felis elbowed him in the stomach and spun, kicking him in the chin and sending him higher into the air.

She appeared in front of him as he ascended and palm thrust him in the chest, sending him flying through empty space once more. She appeared behind him and caught him against her chest before instantly flashing down towards her own level. She flew faster than a meteor about to strike the planet and slammed Chase down directly on the mountain. The rest of the mountain was obliterated from the impact, the ocean spreading far out from the point of impact and causing a tidal wave to spread over the entire planet.

Before the water could even spread too far, Felis rose the entire ocean over the entire planet. Her eyes shined brightly, her aura glowing like an angel of death. She rose all of the water far above her head as Chase lay in a crater that sent him almost to the center of the planet. He was trying to stand but his body felt like it was about to break. Felis threw her hand down, sending the entire planet's water supply drilling towards Chase. Chase made both of his arcs appear and again and held them out to the side. His black aura flared and he jumped back before slashing upwards.

"Dual Chaos Crater Wave!" Chase launched two full powered crater waves up at the ocean. The attacks melded together and became the size of the mountain that had just been reduced to nothing. As the attacks collided, the crater wave instantly exploded, but instead of creating a dome of chakra, the aura began to spread until it formed a giant black hole. All the water from the ocean was sucked into the black hole and then the clouds from all over the planet. Soon enough, the entire planet began to get sucked into the black hole. Felis stood looking at the black hole sadly. She was surprised to see it suddenly begin to grow weaker until it vanished however. She looked at Chase who shook his head. "I won't destroy everything you've worked for. If I lose, I won't make you start over."

"...Thank you Chase. You don't have much more time in that form do you?" She asked, seeing that he was cringing. She could feel his power fluctuating, as if he was attempting to keep a hold of it.


"Then let's end this now." Felis flared her aura one last time. The planet began to tremble as she drew in all of the power from the planet, all the energy she had used to create the world. She knew Chase didn't want to destroy it, but after everything that had happened, Felis knew she could never know peace. Her Lust side had finally taken complete control, her greed being completely gone.

Chase rose one hand into the air and ignited an after burner once more. The planet began to fall apart, lava exploding from random parts and aura blasting high into the atmosphere. Felis looked down at chase while Chase faced up at the demigoddess. Felis held one single orb of orange aura in her hand, pulsating with the power of the entire world. Chase's flame pulsated with the power of utter Chaos. The flame exploded around him, covering his entire body. The flame soon changed, turning from fire into pure aura. The black aura shined brightly in Chase's hand, like a black light.

"Don't be the one to change destiny Chase. Be the completely and utterly destroy it." Felis whispered. She let loose her attack, the sound completely shattering the reality around it as it blasted down towards Chase. If it hit, Chase would be obliterated along with the planet, Tia, Terrance, and Rika, and part of the galaxy as well. Chase released his attack, the Flicker Wave. It soared up towards Felis, aiming to have the exact same effect. The two attacks collided and the already crumbling world began to tear to pieces even more. The center of the planet became visible far beneath Chase, the glowing ball of magma shooting off aura into the empty space far above them. The attacks continued to ravage against each other, the dimensional boundary cracking around them.

Neither Chase nor Felis held back anything. They pushed as much power into the attacks as possible, orange and black colliding and continuously ripping pieces of the dimension from existence.

"So much power..." Rika called in awe as the trio watched the battle reach the finale. Tia looked towards the battle with her hand to her chest. Terrance had his arms crossed as the planet continued to die around them.

Chase could feel it. The power of Chaos flowing through his veins. The essence of balance that made up his being. He had control. For this one moment, Chase had reached True Chaos. "This is the balance...this is CHAOS!"

Chase's power doubled and the instant that it did, the victor was decided. The Flicker Wave completely overtook Felis' attack. It soared through the air, through the dimension with no signs of slowing. Felis only smiled once she saw what was to be her defeat. "I'll be there soon...Jade."

The wave overtook Felis body and the demigoddess could feel her life instantly ebbing away. There was no pain other than the initial feeling and soon enough there was only peace. She closed her eyes as she lost all feeling and let the serene caress of death embrace her. The flicker wave continued out of the atmosphere before vanishing and igniting the nothingness into a gigantic explosion.

"CHASE!" Tia's voice grabbed his attention, showing that there was no time for celebrating. The planet was on the brink of exploding. More aura began to shoot into the air and into the nothingness above them. Chase saw it happening in slow motion. There was no way they would be able to make it out of there in time. Tia was flying towards him and he smiled sadly at her. He wouldn't be able to keep his promise to her either.

"Sorry Tia...maybe we'll meet again in the next life."

Tia heard what he said and paused. Her heart hurt from the statement, more so because she knew what he was about to do. "Chase! CHAASE!"

Chase closed his eyes and unleashed all of the remaining aura he had from Chaos. The black aura spread over the planet, engulfing everything and calming the planet down. It pushed Tia back as it began to pulsate around Chase. Chase's entire body began to turn black with Chaos. Then he began to crack, rays of light shining forth from his breaking body. The planet began to do the same thing, turning black from Chaos and absorbing all of the exploding aura. Tia prepared to fly forward towards Chase once more but a hand caught her wrist. She looked back to see Rika holding her and shaking her head.

"It's too late my queen."

Tia didn't respond. The pain and anguish in her eyes were enough to let Rika know she didn't want to believe it. She looked back at Chase just in time to see his form glance at her. Aura from the planet blasted from below Tia and Rika. It began to turn them into aura themselves and soon they felt as if they were part of a travel. They were being sent far away from the dying world. The same happened with Terrance. Aura blasted from below him and began to send him to someplace else, away from his friends. Chase held the planet for a bit longer to allow his friends to escape. Once they were gone, his body finally gave out. His clothes and hair returned to normal, his skin becoming smooth again. The Chaos over the planet faded away and Chase closed his eyes. His body began to fall into the depths of the planet, into the core where the aura finally gave way and ignited that part of the galaxy in a dazzling explosion, taking all remnants of Chase and Felis along with it.

Light hit her face like a pet licking her awake. She felt herself floating, water covering every part of her arms and legs. She opened her eyes to the beautiful morning sky. The suns ray licked at her body and sent a pleasurable chill down her spine in contrast to the cool ocean she lay in. Sitting up, the teen held her head in pain trying to remember what had happened. She looked around to see that she was indeed in the ocean, but in shallow water. She was by a beach by what she could only guess was an island. She spotted someone else laying on the beach. Standing up and moving towards land, she saw that it was the valkeress Rika.

"Rika...Rika wake up." Tia called shaking the girl. Rika stirred in her sleep and groaned. She cutely rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"Good morning my Queen."

"Rika...where are we?"

The valkeress took a moment to gather her bearings and looked around as well. "I...have no idea. We were transported from Felis' planet by an aura stream. It could have sent us to any universe across the galaxy."

Tia frowned. 'What about Chase...'

"Did we get separated from Terrance?" Rika asked. Tia shrugged.

"It seems like it. But Chase..."

Rika stood and took her Queen's hand. She hugged Tia tightly. "He did what he had to do to protect us and the universe my Queen. We should remember his sacrifice, the same as you would never forget Valsharess."

Tia leaned onto Rika's shoulders as tears began to fall from her eyes. She wondered if this is how Chase had felt when she had died. She felt hopeless, powerless. She couldn't help him and prevent his death. It made her wish she had never come back in the first place. The sense of loss finally over whelmed her. She dropped to her knees as she realized that he was really gone. The tears came faster now. She gripped Rika's shirt over her stomach and shook before throwing her head back.


In the darkness of the same unknown world forever shrouded in night, he stood watching. The man of the 10th entities, Vahn, stood in front of the ball of chains inside of the dark room. Chains continued to break over the ball of chains and the sounds of shattering chains could continuously be heard through out the darkness of the room. Vahn watched as links continued shattering and new ones took their place. His eyes lingered on one as he saw Chase's chain suddenly turn black and then shatter into the most pieces, sending chains of metal onto the ground before burning away into ash and then nothingness.

"Those fools don't know when to quit." Vahn turned from the Chains of Destiny and began to walk towards the door of the room. Once in the hallway, he felt the presence of another leaning against the wall next to the door.

"What are you up to Vahn?" The voice of Crystall filled the hall, her gaze on the ground in front of her and her hands at her sides as she rocked on the balls of her feet.

"...Chase is dead." He merely said and continued down the hall. Crystall rose an eyebrow and looked after him.

"So? What does that mean now?"

Vahn stopped for a moment and thought about it. It meant everything had changed. Destiny had been rewritten because of a single persons death. "It means I am the only one able to lead our existence to the right future."

Crystall narrowed her eyes at his back. "Viral will kill you."

Vahn turned back around and looked Crystall in the eyes. His own eyes burned black and so did his clothes and hair. The dark aura of Chaos surrounded him. "Let him try to defy destiny. Chaos shall reign for all eternity."

To Be Continued...