Set in an AU not unlike medieval England, the great Callista Leventhrop and her younger yet essential sister Rowan have each been abandoned at birth and raised by an innkeeper. Their home is a relatively isolated lodge, and their origins are unknown, until one day, when Callista is a mere ten years old and Rowan is five. Starting out as a day at the lake, this day soon turns into an earthquake to the lives of Rose, the innkeeper, Callista and Rowan when four strangers show up at the lodge. The stories of Callista and Rowan's soon turns into a rollercoaster of threats, danger, political intrigue, malevolent royalty, uncertain allies, unexpected friendships, and the occasional crime. Action, growing up, friendship, family, revolution, treason. Neither can thrive while the other survives . . . . . . (yes, that's from Harry Potter, but I replaced one of the words. Ten million cookies to whoever gets it first! They look like this (: :).