Chained to the ravens

They tap-tap-tap a senseless rhythm

Onto my bones

My bones that ache

My bones that break

My bones that twist

And grind and melt

Into a liquid gold

(gold that glows, gold that flows, gold that burns)

I see the cloud

That is not a cloud

And of course there is

The silver lining

(but we all know it's just the light playing tricks)

We are all blinded by

Our own reflections

That glowing halo

That is slowly slipping down

(that halo would be awfully snug wrapped around your throat)

For the good are bad

And the bad are predictable

And the crumbling walls

Of this crumbling world

Are ruled with iron fists

And ticking time bombs

(but what happens when the timer goes off, but your standing too close)

It started with nothing

And ended with less

Much less

Your chains grow tighter

The ravens feast on your eyeballs

Your bones lose feeling

The gold turns into stone

And that silver lining gets lost

In the darkening clouds

The bright halo(or is it a wedding ring)

Is. Much. Too. Tight

The iron fists have finally broken

The weak weak world

But the ticking time bomb




The timer keeps counting down

The numbers keep changing

The days grow darker

Then everything is gone

Then everyone is broken

But time keeps moving

Hopefully forward