On Lilac Lane

Chapter 1 : Evangeline & Elliot

6 year old Evangeline Hadley, sat in her pale, dimly lit room, playing with her kitten, Eddy.

"Eddy! You're so cute! I could just hug you to pieces!" The little girl said with a lisp, caused by a missing tooth.

"Eddy! Guess what! Lass night, the Toof Fairy came and gave me a quarter for my front toof! Did you ever get visited by the Toof Fairy?" She said to the kitten.


"Really! How much money did she give you?"


"Wow! Thass a lot of money!"

A knock came on the door.

"Evy, time for bed!" A man's voice came from behind the door.

"Okay Daddy!"

A tall man entered the room, dressed in his work clothes. He lifted the girl from the floor where she played with her kitten, to her flowery pink bed.

"Daddy! How was work?" Evangeline asked, crawling under her blankets.

"It was good, Sweetie. How's Eddy?" Her father asked while picking up the gray striped cat.

"He losted one of his teef and the Toof Fairy gave him two whole dollars! You can even ask him!" The little girl said, pointing at the kitten.

"Is that so?" He said, holding Eddy up to his face. "Eddy, did the Tooth Fairy really give you two whole dollars?"

"Meowww..." The cat gave more of a yawn then a meow.

"Hm, it looks like Eddy's tired, huh Evy?"


"Well, then we should get to sleep, huh?"


"Alright, goodnight Evangeline! If you need me, I'll be in the bedroom with Mommy, okay?"

"Okay! Goodnight!"

Then he turned out the dim light and exited the room.

"Mommy's sick and she has to stay in bed all day, but don't worry Eddy, she's gonna get better, okay?" She said to her kitten, before she fell asleep.

A small 6 year old boy was silently sitting in bed, with an oversized blue baseball cap covering his blonde hair.

"Elliot Carr! Get down here this instant!" His mother yelled from down the stairs.

Elliot winced at the sound of the yell. He had accidently spilled glue on the carpet and tried to hide it by putting his mother's shoes over the spill.

He slowly slid out of his bed and gripped his cap to his head. He slunk down the stairs and appeared in the family room, where his mother stood, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Did you do this, young man?" She asked him, pointing to the glue and shoes.

"Yes, mom..." He mumbled.

"What? How many times did I tell you not to mumble? And how many times, did I tell you not to wear that hat inside? It's disrespectful!"

He slowly took the hat off his head.

"Now Elliot, I know you're a good boy, but, you need to tell me when things like this happen! Now I don't have any shoes to wear to work tomorrow!"

"Sorry Mom." He said a little more prominently, but still quietly.

"Well, as punishment, you have to help me clean this up!" She said.


And the two spent at least an hour and a half picking and scraping glue off the carpet and the shoes, before finally going to bed.

11 Years Later

I woke up in my small bedroom at 7:00 A.M. I got out of bed and looked at the calendar hanging on the plain white wall of my room.

"Ugh... First day of school today..." I said to myself.

I walked up to the small dresser and mirror that stood against the wall and looked at myself.

There stood a tall 17 year old girl, with glossy brown hair, freckles, straight white teeth, green eyes and penguin pajamas.

I then looked to the side of the dresser where a fat gray cat laid.

"Good morning Ed." I said to my 11 year old cat.

"Reeoow..." He groggily said back.

I decided to wear something nice for the first day of school, so I picked out a white sundress with thin straps. After I put it on, I brushed out my long hair and then proceeded to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I went back to my room to say bye to Ed.

"Seeya Eddy!" And I patted his head.


I also waved to the picture of my mother that sat on the dresser as well.

10 years ago, she passed away after failing to recover from a bad case of pneumonia. After that, my dad couldn't stand living in that house any more, so the two of us and Ed moved to an apartment complex. Here, I have my own small room overlooking the city, my dad has his own room, there's a bathroom, a small kitchen, and also a living room.

I went down the small set of stairs to the kitchen where a note lay on the countertop.

Dear Evy,

I'm off to work again, but I hope you have a wonderful first day of school! I love you so much and I just wanted to thank you for the lunch you packed for my work today! I wish I could've have been able to take you to school today. I'm very sad that I couldn't, but anyway, I hope you have a great day and I wish you the best of luck!

P.S. If any boys so much as look at you, I'll come to your school and knock them out!

Love, Dad

I laughed at the last part of the note, mostly because Dad wasn't kidding! Last year, I brought home one of my guys friends to help me with homework, and my dad thought he was supposed to be my boyfriend, so he punched him... hard! He was out cold and everything!

I looked at the clock hanging on the wallpapered wall; 7:30 A.M.

I tucked the note in my empty bag that sat by the door. I then picked it up and left for school.

I was in walking distance to school, which I liked because there was a really pretty street you had to walk down to get to school. It was called Lilac Lane.

It was called that, pretty much because everywhere you looked there were lilacs. And on windy days, lilac petals swirled around in the air all around the surrounding area.

It wasn't windy today, but it was still as fragrant as ever.

Then after walking down the prettiest road in all of the state, I finally arrived at school.

As I approached the giant building that housed both Junior High and High school, I saw all of my classmates from last year, plus some Junior High kids and the new Freshmans.

I wasn't really all that excited to see both old and new faces, considering I'm not really a people person.

A bunch of girls and guys came up to me anyway, saying stuff like,

"Hi Evangeline! How was your summer?"

"Wow Evangeline! You've gotten so tall!"

"Are we in the same class Evangeline? I hope so!"

"'Sup Hadley!"


"Oh my gosh, it's been awhile! How was your summer? Mine was the best, I did, blah blah blah..."

I just ignored everyone and pushed passed all the people congregated on the school's front grounds.

It was typical for the High schoolers to wait on the left side of the front grounds and the Junior High kids to wait on the right side, with the sidewalk dividing the two sides. Everyone ALWAYS waited on the front grounds, so I was surprised to see a boy, probably my age, sitting all alone on the steps leading to the front doors of the school.

I walked up to the steps and sat down next to him. I even surprised myself when I did that, because, well, I'm not a people person.

The first thing I said to him was, "Hi. Are you new here?"

He looked up at me with the biggest, bluest eyes I'd ever seen. They almost matched the color of his worn out baseball cap covering his blonde hair. He then nodded and looked back down.

"Well, I'm Evangeline Hadley. I'll be happy to show you around the school, if you want." I said rather proudly, even for my bold personality.

"That's alright." He said, still looking down. His voice was kind of melancholy.

"Here, come on!" I don't know why, but I grabbed the boy's hand and pulled him up off the concrete step. I guess I can just open up to this kid for some reason.

Even though the bell to signal the start of school hadn't rang, I dragged the boy into the school anyway. As soon as the doors to the school opened, two teachers standing in the hallway turned to see who it was. The first teacher, who I didn't know, immediately started yelling at us, saying, "You are NOT supposed to be in here the bell hasn't-"

The second teacher cut her off, "It's fine, it's just Evangeline. She's the girl I was telling you about." Though, the second teacher happened to be my favorite teacher, Mr. Sands. In fact, we were so close, he was like my second father!

The other teacher just kind of glared at the both of us and then left to wherever she was going.

"Hey, Mr. Sands! How was your summer?" I asked, still tightly gripping the boy's hand.

"It was wonderful, thank you for asking! And who's your friend here, Evangeline?" He asked me, looking at the blonde boy.

"Um," I looked at him myself, "I don't know, but I have to show him the school. So, bye! I'll be sure to talk to you later though!" And I dragged the boy on as soon as I ended my sentence.

"Well, be sure not to get caught by the other teachers! I'll see you later Evangeline!" Mr. Sands called after us. Mr. Sands pretty much had my personality mapped out. He knew I was bold, yet mischievous, and that I wasn't a people person. He also knew I was smartest in his class, tallest in his class, and that I liked to be fast paced. He even knew my favorite food and color. Yeah, if I didn't know better, I'd say Mr. Sands was my father!

So I went on showing him all the classrooms that he needed to know about, telling him all about all the teachers and where the High schoolers were supposed to stay for assemblies.

Finally, after showing and telling him all I knew about the school, we looped back around to the front doors and I released his hand.

"Um, thank you... I guess." He said, looking levelly into my eyes. We were the same height, which was nice because I finally didn't have to look down on people to talk to them.

"You're welcome." I said, walking over to open the front doors again.

Before I could, the boy stopped me.

"Um, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Elliot Carr." He said in a monotone voice.

"It was nice to meet you Elliot!" And I opened the door, went outside and disappeared into the crowd of High schoolers.


After I left my house to go to school, I pulled a hand-drawn map out of my back pocket. This was the only way I knew how to get to my new school.

I walked down a very fragrant road filled with lilacs, of course called Lilac Lane.

I observed the map and then stuck my hands in my pockets, continuing my walk to school. I was in walking distance of my school, yet I was the only kid on my street that was walking to school today. I live a little aways from a big apartment complex, and I think a couple kids live in that building, but I'm not sure, I'm still pretty new here...

When I arrived at the school, all the High schoolers gave my mean looks and nasty glares. Probably for the plain gray shirt I was wearing, along with my jeans and worn out cap. I mean, everyone here is a prep and where's fancy dresses or their sports shirts and only the best of the best clothing...

So I just moved right to the front steps, where I sat alone.

Then a girl, probably my age, walked up to me and sat down right beside me. She then asked, "Hi. Are you new here?"

I knew this was probably just another prep that was dared by one of her friends to go up and talk to me, so I just silently nodded.

But, what surprised me was, she continued to talk to me, and I didn't see any giggling girls watching us.

"Well, I'm Evangeline Hadley. I'll be happy to show you around the school, if you want." She said to me.

"That's alright." I said to her. I didn't really want to talk to anyone right now.

Then she completely disregarded what I said I dragged me into the school where we got yelled at by a teacher. Then another teacher stopped us and talked to the girl for a minute, then they proceeded to have a conversation.

"Hey, Mr. Sands! How was your summer?" She asked him, still tightly gripping my hand.

"It was wonderful, thank you for asking! And who's your friend here, Evangeline?" He asked her, looking at me.

"Um," Then she looked at me, "I don't know, but I have to show him the school. So, bye! I'll be sure to talk to you later though!" And she dragged me right along as soon as she stopped her conversation.

"Well, be sure not to get caught by the other teachers! I'll see you later Evangeline!" The teacher called to her.

She then dragged me about for 10-15 minutes explaining pretty much everything, not leaving a single second for me to speak, or even give her my own name! But then again, I probably owe her big time for this; she helped me out a lot!

Then finally, we ended up back at the front doors. She released her painful grip from my hand, and I finally said something to her. "Um, thank you... I guess."

She replied with, "You're welcome." And started to open the doors, but I stopped her.

"Um, I forgot to introduce myself... I'm Elliot Carr." I said blandly to her.

"It was nice to meet you Elliot!" This girl Evangeline said, and then she left the building and disappeared into the crowd of High school students.

I had a different feeling about this girl. I definitely knew she wasn't like the other kids at this school.

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