Chapter 4

I ran down the aisle of crates, legs pumping. Trying to remember where I had seen the hole, I turned right, and saw it. As I was running up the aisle, I could hear the boots behind me, quickly getting louder, and the crunch of glass as those boots stepped through the window I broke. Just as I reached the base of the crates, a soldier stepped around the corner, and opened fire. Blasts of electricity slammed into crates near me, exploding them like balloons. A scent of ozone and burnt wood filled the air. I turned around, pulled the lever on my carbine, and put a round through his chest. Messengers don't bother with the fancy electric rifles; gunpowder works better for what we usually need firearms for. The slug tore through his uniform easily. I turned back and started to scramble up the crates, throwing caution to the wind and just heading for my exit. I had planned on starting the wings up inside, and flying through the hole, but there clearly wasn't time for that now. I'd have to jump for it.

I could see old exposed water pipes, electrical wiring, and a track way for an overhead crane system. But they were all rusty, no good for handholds. I finally spotted what I needed; an old brass handrail, from a collapsed catwalk, a few feet below the hole in the roof. Quickly formulating a plan, I started sprinting across the tops of the crates. The catwalk had run perpendicular to the row of crates I was running on, and I could see that it had taken out the crates directly underneath of it when it fell, leaving a gap of several feel between the handrail and the edge of the crates. This was gonna hurt.

I could hear the soldiers clambering up the crates behind me, so I started running faster. I dropped my carbine back in it's holster, and jumped for it. I caught the bar in both hands, feeling the impact jar my shoulders. I let my momentum carry me around the bar, and pumped my arms to increase my speed. I rotated around the bar 3 times, and, just as I was almost at the top of my orbit, let go of the bar.

I shot through the hole, and cleared it by nearly 3 feet. I landed hard on my side, and felt the wind leave my lungs. Fighting down nausea, I got to my feet. I reached over my shoulder, and hit the activation switch on the wings. Immediately, two sets of wings popped out, one on either side of the pack. The wings were one of our inventions, powered by a steam cell good for 30 minutes flight time. But they still needed a good pull to get them started. I pulled the cord down sharply, and heard the wings fire up behind me. I pulled down my goggles, let the wings run up to speed, then ran and leapt off the side of the warehouse.

Author's Note: Nice action-y chapter, no?