He stood backstage, fixing the tails of his jacket. The red curtain before him filled his vision. He heard the hum of the massive crowd filling the hall. The thrill of excitement followed those sounds. He had performed hundreds of times in front of audiences of all sizes, but the feelings never changed.

The click of the speakers alerted the audience that the show was to begin momentarily. The hum faded to a soft murmur and the curtains swept open dramatically, revealing the stage.

A shiny, brand new, black grand piano sat in the middle of the stage. The bench was pushed in, waiting for its master to pull it out and sit upon it. It was, as of now, empty, but nimble hands would soon be gracing its keys. The murmur slowed and stopped.

The lone figure had made his way to the stage and approached the piano. He pulled the bench out with a soft scraping noise that reverberated through the silent, though packed, concert hall. He sat down and placed his fingers on the keys, a small smile appearing in his eyes, but not his lips, as his contemplated his passion, his life.

As if on their own accord, his fingers began flowing over the keys, creating a tune to beautiful, it touched the hearts and emotions of all present. The sound of the piano filled everyone's ears. It was soon joined by the soft chorus of violins. The pianist refused to be distracted, allowing the violins to accompany his music, while keeping each side completely unique, blending the two together.

The climax arrived. The violins swelled, the piano keeping its same soft vigil on stage, the sound under perfect control by this master of music. He kept going, until the violins quieted, leaving the hall filled with only the piano once again.

The last note soared above everyone there, leaving the hall with a pensive silence. Following a split second later, the thunderous sound of applause.

The pianist removed his hands from the keys and smiled.