Once there was an angel,
sitting in a tree.
She would smile that knowing smile,
and look down at me.

There was no recognition,
when she stared at me.
Only empty pools,
full of clouded mystery.

But I could see her mind,
the rusty cogs turning.
And as she tried to place me,
she was quietly learning.

Because behing those glassy eyes,
was a world filled with love.
An innocent world,
she was too far above.

Her brain wished to catch up,
but it was only getting slower.
And as her wings grew tired,
she began to fly lower.

Her friends and family,
that she left behind.
Have tired to reach,
but she can't escape her mind.

When she turns her head and looks at them,
love fills her heart.
She doesn't know why,
but she doesn't want to part.

She knows it's her time to go,
her body and mind agree.
But her heart's in defiance,
and they're trying to make it see.

Her life was loved,
for she was no foe.
And her body served her well,
when her memory chose to go.

And now there's an angel,
lying on a bed.
And now that her smile's gone,
I finally know she's dead.