Okay guys, so this is my first story here on Fiction Press, I hope you like it. I have the first couple of chapters already written because I've been working on this for awhile. So I hope you like it!

Note: This takes place approximately 150 years to 300 years in the future.

Chapter 1

I lay on the cool bed my light blue blanket wrapped tightly around my body. Staring over at my clock I see its 7:30, time to get up. But before I can force myself to move from the warmth of my bed the automatic lights turn on and my clock starts blaring my favorite sound, rain. I sit up pushing the blanket from my legs and shivering from the sudden coldness, Beta must be behind in power creation.

Standing up on the icy cold floor, I start shifting my weight from side to side to generate heat. It doesn't work and I'm still shivering in my thread bare night clothes, the pants hang loosely around my ankles and the smooth material of the shirt lay's softly against my skin. Reluctantly I turn off the alarm and for a moment I can still hear the gentle electronic patter of rain against the ground.

I pull on my stationary clothes, a dark green shirt and light brown pants, and press my hand against the black panel next to my door. A small click from the black panel and an electronic voice says.

"Sophia Green" The door opens and I step through.

Mother already has breakfast out on the table and I quickly grab an apple from the bowl of fruit.

"Thanks" I say my mouth full of apple.

"You're welcome" my mother's sing-song voice responds from the pantry.

I step outside into our own little town. It's Saturday and I don't have school, but I have my assignment today. In Gamma are assignments are usually harvesting the fruit from the orchards, or the crops from the fields.

"Hey Sophie" Gianna calls from her house, a little ways up the street.

"Hi" I say back lightly skipping over to her.

"What's your assignment today" she asks

"Orange orchards" I complain "what do you have"

"Wheat fields" She complains right back "Why can't we ever get the good ones like working in the green houses"

"I know right, oh well got to go, don't want to be late" I say grabbing my electric scooter designed especially for maneuvering the streets and paths of Nocte.

I look up toward the sky and see they haven't projected the hologram image yet and all I see is black nothingness and a browning planet that we left. Right now the United States is visible, all I see is brown and black, but there is the one spot of green in the south eastern corner of the United States. Florida, the one spot left that hasn't been destroyed. That was where I used to live, before the transport. They actually used to call it the bubble, the water was blue and clear instead of brown and murky, fires didn't rage on in dead underbrush, and you could breathe outside without wearing a gas mask or living in an enclosure.

"Sophia Green, you're going to be so late" Jenna says startling me, holding a basket half filled with fruit.

"What time is it" I ask

"I can tell you that you have exactly five minutes and 32 seconds before Mrs. Treen will kill you, literally" She exclaims.

"Okay I'm going" I say pushing my scooter along Jenna running right beside me. "Why are you running right there" I ask increasing the speed.

"I'm running with you" she says "Need the exercise"

"Shouldn't your assignment be in Pi today, I thought you were beginning to intern there." I question

"Not enough room right now for me" She said matter-of-factly.

"Cool" I respond "Wanna race"

"You know I do" she smiles and starts sprinting. My scooter is only capable of going 10 miles an hour and Jenna easily beats me to the orchards. "I beat you!" she shouts setting her basket of fruit down and doing a little dance, I can't believe she actually carried that the entire time.

"Good job" I say sarcastically. She laughs and goes to go check in with Mrs. Treen.

I walk over to the scooter and bicycle rack and slide the front wheel of my scooter into one of the empty slots. Looking at my watch I run over to Mrs. Treen with her dark brown hair and murky brown eyes.

"Sophie, great to see you" she says "do you know what's also great?" She questions "That your two minutes late, I want another full basket of fruit from you today added onto your regular total" She chastises.

"I'm sorry" I say my voice barely above a whisper

"Three minutes" she shouts impatiently. I quickly grab a basket and run to the safety of the orange trees.

Shiny oranges fill the expanse of my basket. There orange color blending into an orange blob. I look around and see small bumblebees, the engineered un-stinging ones. Their black and yellow colors camouflage them into the green and orange of the orange trees, the only sound that distinguishes them are the gentle humming emanating from their tiny shimmery wings.

"Hello there" I say talking to one that has landed on a blossom. The bumblebee buzzes in response. I smile and continue picking oranges one by one.

I hear a rustling in the trees and quickly whip my head around to see Criste hopping through the orange trees knocking down oranges in the progress. They fall down with a heavy plunk and roll around a minute before stopping. Criste smiles holding out a fruit tart.

Criste was an orphan when she arrived here on the second shipment, for those people from the U.K. the man who soon became the baker Louis Grey took her in with open arms and she always had sweets somewhere on her.

"Thanks" I said smiling and taking the fruit tart

"You're welcome" She said, her French accent hadn't completely gone away but I think she started to rub off on me because now I can do a perfect French accent and can speak French fluently thanks to her. "What is your assignment today?" I ask sliding the fruit tart into a small plastic Tupperware case.

"What do you think?" she says looking at me with a "seriously" expression.

"Hmmm…. I don't know; let me guess…apples" I say sarcastically

She shakes her head

"Lemons, Oranges, mangos!" I shout getting confused. She points toward the banana trees that are standing tall among the various other fruit trees. "Bananas" I say nodding.

"Finally" she says over dramatically waving her arms around. She thrusts her weight a little too far and tumbles out of the orange tree. I laugh, her long honey blonde hair has various twigs in it, and she has a scrape that looks like the capitol letter L on her leg. "Not funny" She groans.

"You kidding, that hilarious, have you seen your hair" I point out still laughing. She frowns before her face lights up with delight. I know that look and I quickly retreat to the trunk of the tree. But I guess I wasn't fast enough. She pulls on my dangling foot and I fall, tumbling down squishing several oranges in the process.

"Look who's laughing now" she laughs over dramatically.

"I think this is a new style you know" I say pointing to my hair "Twigs, leafs, and messed up hair, that what everyone's doing now" I say giggling while pushing my hair up like some people do in the old movies I used to watch after styling their hair. Criste bursts out laughing a small snort mixed in there which only makes us laugh more.

"Bye" she calls joyfully still giggling a little.

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