Demon Inside..

Look into my eyes,

And you'll see a million souls die.

The evil that rises inside,

seems to never hide.

It shows itself in public,

were the enemies lie.

I can't hide,

What controls me inside.

My soul is covered in blackness,

from all the sadness.

My heart is cold,

like ice.

My mind is corrupted,

with this madness inside.

I'm a demon,

from the pits of hell.

Only hearing people yell.

I will show no mercy.

I will kill,

just for the trill.

I'm evil,

inside and out.

I've become crazy,

and a bit hazy.

I can't remember,

last november.

Which was the last time,

I was human.

The only time I ever,

felt emotion.

I'll tell you now,

I'm not very proud.

Because I've become a demon,

Who hurts the living.

The people will never forgive me.


I'll say this once and only once.

Destroy me while you can,

before your to late.