First year at Olympus High Academy:-

CH 1 First Glimpse

That morning the sun looked like a pale coin someone had lost, and the ice seemed to be covering the ground like a shroud. The grey clouds looked like they were emanating from an invisible fire but despite all the weather seemed to be igniting hope, hope of a better tomorrow. Angelina and her friends sat in the white, red trimmed bus for the last time. The beautiful landscape rushed by them and their minds drifted off to the past and the first time they had seen these black gates that they were now leaving behind forever, but would treasure in memory. The beginning had been rough and different, they all knew but they had all at some point been scared little girls, excited to learn something new and unaware of what the future held.

"Angel, darling, now wake up. We have reached your new school, Olympus High," Mrs. Knight said.

Ten-year-old Angelina Knight sat up, rubbing her eyes. Her golden brown curls were tied back into a neat braid.

"What? We reached, it was so fast that I could not even get sleep," she said, a grumpy but excited edge to her voice. She was going to the boarding school for the first time and her parents had suggested she try to get a scholarship in Olympus High Academy. Most people did not get this opportunity and she would surely try not to be one of those. Her father parked the car in a corner and she looked up at gates, which would house her for the next eight years (if they found her fit to study there), with awe. She was well aware that Olympus High never took children below ten, and she would be one of the youngest there.

As she walked in a nervous lump formed in her throat. She clutched her mother's hand tightly and looked around. She saw two girls dressed in tracksuits and black sport shoes chatting on a bench in the snowy park.

Mr. Knight knocked at the door which had a name plate that read Principal, and a pleasant voice answered, "Come in."

Angelina entered after her parents. She was shaking like a leaf but did her best to control it and look like a good girl. After adjusting her spectacles firmly and taking a deep breath, she rushed in; she was just like any ten-year-old, happy and optimistic. Momma had told her to be a good girl and so she would be good, Momma had said that just because she was unsure and scared of what she was walking into, it did not mean that was not eager and excited about it. Angelina knew these words were important and smiled, as she remembered how difficult they had been to understand when she had first heard them at age six.

"Hello dear," said a middle-aged woman sitting behind a large desk. She had long silver hair and warm brown eyes, which made Angelina comfortable.

"Good afternoon," replied Angelina politely, unsure of how to answer.

"Good afternoon. Please sit down next to your mother."

"So, Mr. Knight, this is the girl you wrote to me about?"

"Yes, Mrs. Elvin," replied Angelina's father.

Mrs. Elvin rang a bell and a maid came from a door on the other side of the office.

"Rita, take Angelina to Mrs. Roberts and tell her she has to give Angelina the admission test. You will find her in the library."

Angelina followed Rita to a cottage which Angelina supposed was the library. She entered and her heart jumped in joy. The place was all she had hoped for.

"This is so cool!" She said grinning.

"Even I love it, sweetie," said a thin and beautiful lady who Angelina assumed must have been the librarian.

"Madam this is Angelina. Mrs. Elvin has sent her here for the interview and tests," Rita said.

"Oh, yes. Come, Angelina, you will sit here."

An hour later, Angelina was happily exploring the place that would house her for the next eight years. Vacations were on, and thus there were very few girls. Still, it would be beautiful in the summer when she came in for the new academic year.

The time flew by and soon it was time for Angelina to go. She smiled and laughed as she called her friends to say good-bye. Her mother had dressed her up, but she could not care less. She checked her bags, once more, to make sure that all her story books were there and jumped around the whole house, singing off note songs.

"Thena, Angel, fast, we are going to be late," her dad yelled from the car. She and her mother came hand in hand, Angelina chattering on about what she planned to do in school.

"Momma, due you think I should use the purple bed spread? Or the pink one, Nona sent? And tell Hestia, I wished her a happy birthday, ok, and where do you think I should put my guitar?" she chattered on and on.

"Come on, now, Angel, you do whatever you want in school," her dad said.

"Yes, Daddy, I will, it will be so much fun there. Mom, do you think the French mistress will like me? You taught me so much, that now; I have started thinking in French," she said emphasizing on thinking and without waiting for a reply, she opened her bag, and pulled out a book and began to read.

She opened her window and let the air ruffle her hair and turn her nose red, she loved the air. Suddenly she felt uneasy, was she going to puke?

"Momma, I thinkā€¦" but before she could complete, a whole tiny bit of bile came out from her mouth unto her shoe.

"Ewe," she cried, trying to hide her fear of puking, as her mum, helped her clean her shoe and then she spent the whole ridding sleeping. Her bad health was really catching up; when she slept she slept but if she did not, it did tire her out. Her parents looked at each other and sighed, before driving on.

"Mom, please do not send me away, please." Angelina talked in her sleep, causing her mother to look at her concerned.

"Angel, darling, wake up, wake up, you are talking in your sleep," her mom said shaking her awake.

"Sweetheart, you were talking in your sleep, are you fine? You are sure that you want to go right? We can turn back now if you want," her mother said.

"Nah, Momma, I am totally cool with going to school, it is going to be so good, I mean I can do whatever I want, till I do not break the rules. It will be fun. Now, I want to go back to sleep, I was having such a beautiful dream."

"I hope she will be fine, I am really scared of leaving her alone, Charlie. Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Thena, please calm down. She will be fine. It is time for her to find her place in the world and this is the best way. This is the best school in the country, she got accepted into and it is not like she has never been alone," Charlie reassured his wife.

"But she has never been alone for so long, two months Charlie, is a very long time."

"Thena, she wants to go and let us give her a chance, okay, if she wants I will get her home that very instant."

"Fine," Thena Knight grudgingly agreed, looking at her daughter's sleeping face.