This story is literally something that just appeared out of nowhere. Not much of it has actually been written so I can't guarantee regular updates. But still enjoy of you want to!


The sun had set early as one of the coldest days this winter came to an abrupt close. Clouds piled up hastily on the western horizon, causing an abnormally early night to fall.

Pinpricks of light began appear between the thick layer of gruesome purple clouds while the moon hid her eye in the shadows pretending not to notice what was unfolding. The wind blew through deserted streets, wailing like a thousand souls in agony and it brought with it an air of anticipation which descended on those both above and below

A storm was brewing in the skies, icy water gathering in the pockets held above. An insignificant flash of lightning held promise for those that would follow, and a rumble of thunder sounded, so soft it could be mistaken for a very hungry man.

Within seconds the rain overflowed and shot down towards the Earth like liquid bullets, a momentary blot of lightning lit the night in the equivalence of the midday sun. And a rolling crash of thunder broke the silence, ear splitting was an understatement.

It was ferocious at best. For near half an hour the chilly night wind whipped the freezing rain onto tender skin and lightning and thunder broke the evenings peace and rattled the hearts of many. From below they saw nothing through their windows blurred out by the endless downpour. They fretted about the radios picking up no signal and that the tree outside would fall onto their humble homes. Some simply dreamed through the storm, not knowing what they could have missed.

And when it was over, it was over. Nothing remarkable, nothing extraordinary just a storm, but what a storm. It would be the talk of the town the next day and would be forgotten very quickly after that. Little did they know what it meant, it was a night, a moment, a storm, a thousand years in the making.

The blessed ones above had been waiting, and watching and planning and on their little Board of Fate, played out the perfect cover for an entrance. They took with their prayers and of course their best halos, first impressions were everything.

The plummeted from the haven above, their wings straining in the heavy air, then landed impossibly lightly, from a momentary break in the clouds as the rain thundered down around them but the deluge did not seem to even touch their bodies. Though what they wore differed with each individual it was all made up of the same thick material, a heavenly luminous cloth that, even though it trailed through dirt and mud, remained an impossible white. Each held a youthful face, free of any imperfections. Halos of light reflected eerily off the wet cobble-stoned streets which had been drenched by the dreadful rains. Wings remained respectfully folded carefully behind the back and hands were clasped solemnly, in perfect practiced order. They mimicked each others movements to the point where it was obviously inhuman.

The line of four swiftly and silently made their way across the courtyard to an exceptionally old and crumbling house., They had arrived to the place, and deftly slipped through the walls and ascended to the solitary upstairs room, their presence unknown to the inhabitants, them being too infatuated with the distracting storm.

Asleep in a bed too big for her, was a young girl. Her dark locks tumbled over one shoulder making her perfect porcelain skin glow in contrast. She had the features of a queen but the iron will of a true warrior, they could feel it. Someone who would not be content with sitting in front if a mirror with only a comb for company and wars waged in lands distant. She looked too old for her five years of age and as the four of them peered into her soul, they saw endless prophecies and protections and blessings bestowed on this one, all of them just waiting to be unlocked and unleashed on those who threatened their host.

The group gathered around her, forming a circle and from a small bag one extracted an ointment, brewed to centuries in the Blessed Cauldron. The pungent liquid was poured out and anointed onto her small forehead, even in her sleep, her nose wrinkled in distaste. This was it, the finally ceremony, they had to do it now and do it right and then hope for the best. Each chanted the same prayer, over and over, an energy throbbing thought their clasped hands and draining out into the sleeping figure. It continued for minutes until a bright glow was detected through the child's eyelids. Their work had been done, with one finally blessing of the room with the ointment the angels departed in the same fashion of their entrance, but reversed.

Finally in the sanctuary of the clouds above, each contemplated as the storm below died out.

"She will change something, I can feel it," Gazardiel exclaimed after many minutes of silence.

"Maybe finally she will bring an end to this madness.." Valoel stated to no one in particular.

They gathered around the Board of Fate and watched and the pieces began to play their parts. And their blessing remained bound to the child still soundly asleep in her too big bed. As the world began to stir to an awakening they all watch expectant of something they knew would not happen. Patience was a virtue, one that even angels struggled to possess.

"Now what?" said Machidiel impatiently

"Now, we wait, for only time will tell whether our warrior can complete her task" Gazardiel crooned

"Of course she will!" said Perpetiel, a hint of arrogance in his voice.

The three of them looked on Valoel, expecting him to add encouragement to their conversation. But he simply shrugged with a very tired expression, as though the many years and the endless battle had suddenly drained him.

"I must go see to the War, though lately I have made little difference" Valoel said, departing.

"Don't be so sure," Gazardiel called to his retreating figure. "I sense a great change in the air."

"I can only hope this change is for the better" Valoel said to the shimming bowl of water, many hours later.

And Appoloin sat and watched on, saying nothing.

For those who don't know Gazardiel is the angel of new beginnings, Machidiel is the angel of courage, Perpetiel is the angel of success, Valoel is the angel of peace and Appoloin is the angel of destruction.