Today was the day. Today was the first day of the dreaded middle school. Homework EVERY day, getting up early, and detention. But things were also going to change for this particular group of friends...

77 bubble lane ( Gil's house )

it was a bright and sunny morning. The breeze was blowing perfectly, not a cloud in the sky, it's was the perfect day to start school. But maybe not so perfect for Gil.

" AHHHHHHHH! ", my annoying older sister, Cecilia was screaming all because she couldn't find her " back to school makeup.

My mom rushed into her room, helping her look for her makeup. She found it, but all Cecilia did was thank mom, and slam her door shut.

My mom remembered that it was also my first day of school too, so as she opened my bedroom door, I quickly got under my covers and pretended to sleep.

" Gilly, wake up. It's time for school ", my mom said softly as she shook me back and forth. " Do I have to get up? ", I said whining. " Yes, come on, breakfast is on the table. " She kisses me on the forehead, and walks out of my bedroom. I rapidly put on my clothes, brush my teeth, get all my things together, and head downstairs for some Fruity Pebbles.

20 minutes later I'm on the bus. Driving towards the torturous place. I try to call my friends but I have no bars on my phone. The bus stops right on front of JF Kennedy Middle School and everyone piles off.

Now I'm heading into middle school. Let the horror begin.