I knew something was wrong.

Sweat trickled down my neck as I ran through the hallways if this torturous middle school. Thoughts rushed through my head like race cars crossing the finishng line. I hope he's alright.

" GILLY! wait * pant * up * pant * ", Molly said tired from all the running she did. " I didn't have any luck finding him. ", she said with a sad expression on her face.

I felt like crying. But that would kill my reputation, so I decided to hold the tears in. I know Nonny's in this school, he HAS to be, he couldn't have just ditched school. I hope...

" Don't worry, I'm sure he'll turn up. ", Molly said trying to make me feel better, but it wasmt working, I know he's here. Has to be.

" OH MOLLY! ", a loud voice said from behind us, it was Bell and her posse.

" What do you want Bell, I'm busy here...", Molly said, annoyed. " I just wanted to show you something...", Bell said glancing at me evey few seconds. " What is it...", Molly said nervously. Bell took out a newspaper. Our school has a " newspaper " thing called " Kennedy Around the World ", it talks about EVERYTHING going on around school, and by the way Molly looked when she glanced at he paper, I knew something was wrong.

I grabbed the newspaper and read it out loud. " Molly's a dramatic, kindergartener, and she's not afraid to show...it...", I could help but laugh, my laugh was so loud, it was probably heard all around the school. But I immediately stopped, for Molly's sake.

I looked at the picture beside the text and it had a picture of Molly in kindergarten I with a diaper on and crying. " WHERE'D YOU GET THIS FROM?! ", Molly said, embarrassed and furious. " oh, i hoy it from a useful source named Nonny", Bell said.

Molly was paralyzed. " h...ho...how could he do this to me? ", Molly says sadly. " maybe he's not the sweet, caring shrimp you THOUGHT he was ", Bell said. then she waltzed passed us, and disappeared down the hall.

I know it's not Nonnys fault, right?