Hello, this is my first story on FictionPress!

"Daisy! Daisy? Daisy!" Yasmine yells. I look up stiffly. I fell more blood rush down my face. I put my head back down.

"Yasmine, I love you, my family, friends and Domonic," I know those are my last words ever. Before I know it I'm go-

2 months later

Yasmine's POV

I should tell Domonic. How could I tell him my dead best friend had a crush on you, or loved you. I need to. I slowly walk towards Domonic. I walk carefully but stiffly. "Domonic?" I ask. Domonic has a girlfriend named Nina, but who cares.

"Yeah?" you can tell he is still a bit shaken up after Daisy died. Although so is everyone.

"I, um, it's about Daisy," see him flinch when I say Daisy.

"She, she liked you, or loved you. Either one," he wants to hide the fact Daisy is dead. Maybe he liked her back. I feel way worse now.

"I love her too, I love you, Daisy," Domonic practically mutters. Nina walks up and slaps Domonic on the face.

"If you still love Daisy, well fine we're over," Nina says fiercely.

"No return policy!" Domonic says hurt but I bet thinking about Daisy.

"You do? Thank god! Thank you!" I run up and hug him.

"How did she?" Domonic whispers into my ear. It made the hairs on me stand up on end. I haven't told him how. I know, but no one else does, no one needst to, exept him.

"I'll tell you when you're ready." I whisper quietly. I walk away.