Grabbing his jacket, Red opened the front door and marched outside with angry steps. That grumpy old guy was really starting to piss him off! The cool air did nothing to help his mood, and he didn't even stop walking as he put on the jacket. The further he got away before it turned dark the better.

Fucking humans! He'd been there almost two weeks already. Wasn't it about time Philip stopped bothering him? Reaching the trees, he angrily pushed away a wet branch, wiping the rain water on his pants as he kept walking. Three hours of that shit! Making him bow and act all pitiful. Tormenting him with all those rules. Why did they have to make everything so complicated? Couldn't they just let him pour that fucking tea and get it over with?

Was this how this year would be? A whole year of running around like some trained dog for those humans, following all their rules and feeling their ugly looks! Even Dannon was acting all proper with him now, ever since he'd told him he liked guys. Seeing a big rock in his path, Red kicked it hard and heard a faint thump as it disappeared in the undergrowth.

They had agreed on two "lessons" a week, but so far this week there hadn't been even one.
Dannon was pretty busy, either going on business meetings in town or holing himself up in his office with some paperwork or whatever, but that didn't explain why he was so uncomfortabe. The few times they ate together he barely even said a word, and even though he still had some of his curiosity it was as if he'd raised his guard.

"Coward." Red muttered in his own language, turning off his usual path to head up a small hill. Not that he cared what some human thought about him as long as he set him free in the end. It wasn't as if he wanted to drag some spoiled idiot around in the woods all day either, and he should probably just enjoy the peace until Dannon got over whatever issues he had with him.

Finding a nice spot beneath some bushes he slumped down at the moist ground. Still seeing some of the roof between the treetops in the distance, he glared at it for another moment before forcing his attention to the forest around him. It was even colder today, and autumn was probably already on his way. He sighed, leaning his chin in the palm of his hand, and let the steady rustle of leaves calm some of his restlessness.

He could still endure it for another while, but if he wanted to run away he should probably do it before winter came. An opportunity might come up if he waited, but it shouldn't be too hard anyway as long as he had a better plan than last time. There was still plenty of time to think of a plan though, and he just had to make the best of things as they were at the moment.