A boy, no older than me, was holding his small hand in to Professor's rather large one. "Sashka, this is Kane. He will be joining you here from now on."

"H-hi." I said nervously to the boy. He just stared at my outstretched hand. A few more seconds later, I put my hand back by my side.

"As you can see he isn't very friendly, but please get along with Kane from here on out." Professor said. When I examined the young boy closer, I saw that he also had ears and a tail like I did.

"You're also a-"

"Sashka!" I heard a high squeaky voice call me from the hallway, waking me from my daydream. Poking my head out of my bedroom door, I saw Payton waving me over to her.

"What is it?" I asked, walking towards her.

"The kitchen's on fire again…"

"Did Kane do it?" she looked behind her towards the kitchen.

"Yep." she said, then walked back to where she came from, her orange curls bouncing along with her. Geez, he's so irresponsible. I thought to myself as I walked into the kitchen.

The site before me was probably a resemblance of hell. I saw Kane trying to put out a fire, that was steadily growing in one of our cooking pans. "What did you do Kane?"

"I don't know! One minute it was fine, and the next it was up in flames!" he said, beating out the fire with a rag.

"Idiot, you actually have to watch the food you're cooking!" Frustrated, I said to him. I reached under the sink and grabbed our fire extinguisher. Unhooking the clamp on the nozzle, I sprayed the white foam onto the fire, killing the flames.

"You're so irresponsible Kane, and you're supposed to be the mature one." "Just because I'm 6 months older than you doesn't mean I'm the mature one." I stared at him like he was dumb.

"So the older person shouldn't be the most mature person out of all of us?" I think realization finally hit him when I said that.

"You know what I mean Sashka." he muttered under his breathe.

"Of course I do Kane," I patted his shoulder. "but you know that we have to take all of the precautions that we can to survive right now."

"They couldn't possibly find us, I mean we've done so much so that They couldn't."

"True, but that doesn't mean that They couldn't have done something to us the last time to be able to find us…" I said, looking towards the direction the kids were in.

"Sashka…" Kane said looking at me.

Suddenly a loud BOOM echoed throughout the house. The kids started to scream and we could hear their footsteps trying to get away from whatever it was that was now in our living room. Kane and I looked at each other and then darted down the hallway. The first thing I saw were the kids being held by three big men who just weren't…right. Their faces were messed up, their mouths were stretched almost all the way to their ears.

"Who are you people and what are you doing in our house!?" Kane asked.

"We're here to take you back…" one man strained to say.

"Like hell, now let them go and get out of our house!" Kane said, angrily. He lunged forward and hit the guy that was holding Payton. While he was doing that, I went after the two that were holding Patrick and Allie. Kicking one of them in the shin, I elbowed the other one in the jaw, making them lose their grip on the both of them. Grabbing the two, I hoisted them up into my arms.

Looking to my right, I saw that Kane was also successful in getting Payton, who was now hanging on to dear life by Kane's shoulders.

"Give me one of them!" he yelled across the room. Throwing Patrick, who was against the idea, across the room into his arms, we hurried to run out of our now invaded house. Shit…how could they have found us after this many years. We both made sure to cover our tracts, I thought angrily to myself.

"Sashka, let's head over to Belnmor, we should be safe there even for a little while." Kane said, jumping over a fallen tree.

"Don't you think that, that's to close to the house? They could follow us." Looking behind me, I saw flames starting to rise from the tree tops. Allie, who was on my shoulders, gasped.

"Tha-they're burning down our house!"

"It's not like we could go back there anyway Allie. If they know where we are, then we're forever in danger."

"B-but, that's still our home…" she said, tears starting to pour down her small face.

"Kane, we can't go back home!?" Payton said, tears also forming in her eyes. Slowly coming to a stop, Kane put Payton and Patrick down.

"Let's rest here for a second, okay?" Walking away from the four of us, he disappeared in the trees. Setting Allie down, I looked at the three small children.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. So stay still and I'll be back soon." I said to the three, patting their heads.

"Okay Sashka, we'll be good." Allie said, wiping away her tears.

Passing by rows and rows of trees that were bursting with their newly acquired colors, I found Kane sitting in the middle of them all. His sullen beauty being magnified by the scenery was something extraordinary, even with the current matter at hand, I couldn't look away from him. His black hair lightly falling over his eyes, while he examined a leaf that he was playing with in his fingers. Stepping on a crispy leaf, the connection was lost.

Kane's head snapped up at the sudden noise and our eyes met. "Sashka…" he whispered out, while standing up.