For the past 20 minutes Aaron and I had been engaging in some heated mouth to mouth resuscitation. I'd about pass out and he'd revive me each time; or so it felt like. The magnetism that I felt with him was beyond what I had ever imagined; he literally took my breath away. He'd dive deep into my eyes after every round of passionate lip-locking; sometimes even frightening me as though he were robbing my soul with each glance. The way his dark brown eyes pierced and drew me in, it was difficult to tell if he was going to do another Jekyll and Hyde on me back to barbarian mode.

My favorite was when Aaron would dig his hands into my messy hair and kiss my lips all the way down to my stomach. Then he'd travel back up and attack my neck as his hands would close into fists, slightly tugging at my hair. And the best part was when he trailed down and undid my shorts with his teeth; because I wasn't impressed enough by all the pushups he had been doing over me already…so skillful.

I bit my bottom lip as I watched him remove my second to last piece of clothing. That sexy smirk never left his face but he did raise his brows when he saw more lace. Before I was covered by Aaron's warmth again, his phone had rung and it turned out to be his boss. I hoped that he wasn't calling him to leave to work any time soon, especially not on MY time.

"Sure I can come in for a bit, but I won't be able to stay long…I understand, it's just my girlfriend is visiting and she's only staying for a few days so…yes, not a problem. That sounds good. See you tomorrow Sir." Aaron tapped his phone and placed it on the table before crashing back into bed.

Ahhhh! He called me his girlfriend! Well he'd better; I'm not lying in his bed half naked to be addressed as his friend. Still, I couldn't believe it; finally my BOYFRIEND and quite the lucky catch.

"I have some bad news…I have to go in for a couple of hours tomorrow. But I'll try to sneak away early in the morning while you sleep in." He smiled and stroked my hair.

"That's fine. Does that mean you have to go to sleep now?" I pouted.

"It's not even 8:30 yet. You're not getting tired on me are you?" I shook my head. "Good. Because although you may have graduated from my 'lessons', there's a whole lot coming your way…if you can handle it." He teased.

"What do you mean 'if I can handle it'? I thought I was doing pretty well."

"The way I see it, you have two choices. We can leave it at this; cool it down for a bit. Order something to eat from room service. Or…"

"Or what?" I raised my back against the headboard.

"Or I can make you experience some things that you've never felt before." He shot me that sexual demonic stare again.

Okay, I'll admit that it was a cheesy line but I swear the look that went along with it kept me not only from laughing but triggered my imagination to the dirtiest places possible. And I was almost completely naked, too far to suddenly back up cold turkey. To be honest, curiosity does kill; it kills innocence. Because once you are enticed into this kind of activity you don't want to 'cool off', you want to travel deeper especially when you've already foreseen the whole act.

The question wasn't IF we do it but WHEN we do it…and I had no intentions of playing hard to get anymore.

"I vote for both? I'm starving again." I said scrunching up my nose.

"Of course." Aaron smiled and looked for the menu on the desk.

He came over to sit by my semi-naked side, kindly holding up the menu. I studied it and chose the Hawaiian Baked Chicken Wings. I had developed quite the appetite with all this tussling. I felt a little too exposed so I reached over for the nearest piece of clothing which happened to be his white tank. Aaron ordered our food on the phone and I walked over to our small den to turn on the television.

I wasn't disappointed at all with this intermission, I knew we would get right back into it. But right now I needed to refuel and enjoy time with him, no matter what we did. I curled up on the loveseat with my knees tucked under my chest. So unbelievably comfortable and taking in Aaron's musk on the shirt that I now wore.

I felt a hand reach for my neck from behind the couch, and as I lifted my head up Aaron was standing right behind me. Bending over he kissed me upside down, one I hadn't tried before. Oh and I tasted a reapplication of that sweet honey vanilla coating that I simply could never tire from. He then walked around and sat beside me with his arm resting on top of my knees. I could tell something was troubling him.

"What are we going to do?" He asked assuming I already knew what he was talking about.

"Do about what?"

"About us? Can you handle a long distance relationship…for a while?" He sounded worried.

"4 years is a long time, but I HAVE no other choice. We'll get through this."

"The best I can do is take the courses I can't get back in Cali and shorten it by 2 years."

"Really? That would be amazing!" I exclaimed.

"Or how would you feel about moving to Hawaii?" He laughed. "I have a secure job waiting for me here."

"Are you serious? What would I do here?"

"Whatever you want to…I can buy a boat and we can sail on the weekends. I can check out the colleges here if you'd like."

It all sounded so romantic but at the same time unrealistic. I couldn't actually consider moving out here and leaving my mother alone…could I? Because surely she won't have a fit once she finds out about this trip, let alone me thinking about moving to Hawaii. I was stumped. Was our relationship going to take a turn for something serious and lasting? Was I too young to even be considering this? I mean next year when I turn 18 and graduate I will have the liberty to make such a bold move.

"Just think about it okay." He concluded followed by a knock at the door.

The aroma of mouthwatering chicken wings filled the room. I think I was about to change into a barbarian myself if Aaron kept them from me any longer.

"Ea-sy woman!" He blocked me off as he stalled with the plates.

"You can't get in the way of a hungry woman and her meat." I snapped while snatching the plate away.

"I hope you live up to that later." He chuckled.

I gasped at the wicked comment and shook my head in humiliation at the twisting of my words. I'm sure that my face had turned the same color as the sauce on my plate; orange-red. And as if that wasn't enough, Aaron sat next to me and ate his chicken as though he were making out with it.

"Do you really think you look attractive doing that?" I glared at him.

"It's supposed to be funny." He nudged me. "Lighten up you goof."

"It's not funny it's ridiculous." I smiled as I kept eating my amazing wings.

"Okay, I bet I can make you feel REAL awkward right now." He challenged me, and I should've known.

"Try me."

"Have you ever seen one before?" he pried viciously.

"If it's what I think you're referring to, then no. I've only seen 'it' in the movies." Okay that wasn't so bad.

"So if I was your first kiss then I'm guessing no one's ever touched you before either…right?"

"Touched as in…" I swallowed a big piece of chicken. "No."

"Does talking about this make you nervous?"

"I know that's what you're trying to do…but it makes me a little squeamish."

"Then I don't think we should go any further." He sat back.

"Why not? Just because I feel a little nervous doesn't mean I want to stop."

"As long as you're sure, I mean I don't want you to feel like I flew you up here to pressure you into sleeping together."

"I know and I don't think that. I mean I can't say I didn't imagine something happening…"

"Okay…I love you." He flashed a charming smile.

His smile warmed my heart. I was beginning to learn how WE functioned together as a couple. There would be heated moments of passion and tenderness, funny and awkward conversations followed by an occasional serious chat. I was learning his personality traits. Aaron was a hidden nerd, I could tell in the way he applied to his studies which was quite evident. But when we were together I would forget all about that side of him, all I saw was this insanely hot 'boy next door' who had an astonishing libido that I would soon learn more about. How is that not the supreme combination?

"You need to kiss me…now!" I re-quoted his line.

"Yes mam."

I gave him a quick kiss and proceeded to lick off the sauce from my lips. "I love you too."


I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. I still wore Aaron's tank with my burgundy underwear, flashing half my butt cheeks. When he then crept up behind me and placed his hands on my hips as he admired me from the mirror. I was still in the middle of brushing when he started smelling my neck while keeping his eyes on my reflection. I bent over to spit but bumped into him in the process.

"Woah! Don't tease me like that." He laughed.

"Well you were in the way silly!"

"Are you coming to bed now?" He walked back and held out his hand. He was up to something.

When I walked back into the bedroom I noticed all the lights were off and all that remained were several groups of candles scattered around the room. How dreamy! I know of a lot of girls, including Izzy, who wanted their first time to look just like this and got the backseat of a car instead. It WAS just like the fairy tale I had envisioned.

The curtains were pulled open and I could see the dark twinkling sky. The sliding door was left slightly opened, allowing me to feel an occasional misty breeze come through. Then I turned to look at the desk where the radio-clock played instrumental Hawaiian music.

"Are you okay?" Aaron asked.

"Yeah, it's just that…this is perfect." I gleamed.

"Good... Are you ready for dessert? I saved it in the fridge."

"I didn't know you ordered some."

"Oh yeah, I just hid it for later. You know I'm a sucker for a sweet treat…Especially when it's on you."

Pictures of Aaron licking the chocolate off my legs flooded my mind as Aaron turned around to reveal a beautiful piece of chocolate cake.

"You have a thing for chocolate don't you?"

"It's only my favorite flavor. My coworker said I had to try this here." He shrugged at the mercies of his weakness.

"Looks like I found your kryptonite." I laughed.

Aaron walked over to me with a fork in his other hand; cutting piece by piece feeding both our mouths till the dessert was halfway gone.

"Fantastic isn't it?"

I could only hum my response, the chocolate was too rich to swallow fast and not relish. Suddenly Aaron dipped his finger in the frosting and smeared it on my cheek then my neck. And so it began…the kiss on my cheek was angelic but when he went for my neck, he recklessly bit into the muscle. Besides it hurting, I can't say that I didn't like it; it only added to his dark beastly and sensual mannerisms.

Before abusing the other side of my neck, he placed the plate down on the table and swiftly picked me up to straddle him, walking us over to the bed. At this point I was giggling, I couldn't help myself; I'm a terrible role player. I rolled over so that he could lie beside me, but he trapped me like a spider.

"Are you ready?" He said looking deep into my eyes again. I think I was ready but with Aaron I was always kept on the edge.

I swear if he transformed in to a vampire it wouldn't surprise me. With the dimness off the room his eyes looked black. It was kind of kinky but I was game. Aaron backed off and knelt in between my legs. Then carefully lifting my leg he began to smother it with wet kisses. He escaped a bright smile a couple of times though for the most part he wore that tantalizing grin. Flashes of danger signs started when he took out that untamable tongue of his and passed my knee.

The licking continued up my inner thigh and all the way up to the shielding lace.

"Do you want me to keep going?" He said in a low voice.

I swallowed hard and didn't answer. If it were a no I would have said it by now but I think he realized I was too shy to say yes. Still in between my legs, he stretched forward and hovered over me somehow distracting me from what he was about to do. Stealing a gentle kiss or two, his cool hand started riding up my inner thigh reaching my panties once again. He continued up to the rim that lay inches below my belly button, but then slithered underneath the lace and back down.

I was already damp and the tingles raging like rapid fire. Aaron observed my facial reactions to his hand but I didn't want to him to see my eyes straining to follow what was happening. I quivered as I felt two of his fingers poke my insides; they practically slid effortlessly. I moaned a bit as I've never been touched in that way before. And slowly he began to apply pressure whilst he moved them back and forth.

"How does that feel?" He whispered.

My eyes were glued shut but my momentary smile acknowledged the pleasure derived from his hand. I was literally putty in his hands. Then his thumb joined in and began to rub my clit giving me pleasure I was too terrified to experience on my own. I covered my face with one hand while the other held on to his shoulder for strength to cope through this.

"Do you feel like you are getting close?" He whispered again. But I didn't quite understand.

"Close to what?" I opened my eyes.

"You'll know. It's like a pull followed by a crashing wave of pleasure." Now that he put it that way I couldn't wait.

I felt as though I was burning up inside, I understood the pull he was talking about as I had felt several tiny ones.

"Let's try something else…" He moved back into the earlier position.

This time instead of warning me he dove straight for the target. Sliding off my last garment, Aaron tossed it behind him and grabbed hold of my thighs while his face lowered. I was very nervous at this point, forgetting at all how to breathe. His black eyes fixed right upon me, the minute I felt his tongue lick my swollen lower lips I gasped and closed my eyes again.

What in the world kind of HIGH was this? My body was capable of all these sensations I had never felt before. I mean I knew I've felt those 'tingles' several times, but never imagined they would grow into this ecstasy. It's like I wanted him to stop but continue at the same time. It wasn't a feeling that I could control. And the sight of him 'eating' my most treasured area was sending me in a whirlpool.

I clenched on to my pillow and his hair as I arched my back and bit down on my lips. My panting grew stronger and unsteady. This closeness that he was referring too was soon within my reach. I couldn't hold in my faint breathing as it grew a bit louder as well. Aaron would take turns between his mouth and his fingers, but it wasn't until he did both that I felt an awkward spasm shoot through my body. And it was then I felt that wave that he had mentioned earlier, along with the tingly ants that crawled out of my throbbing canal.

It took me a few minutes to recapture myself. Aaron's satisfied grin waited for my eyes to open. He rushed my awakening by probing my lips with his tongue which at first I thought was gross since he had been elsewhere but his mouth was too good to pass up. I held on to the back of his head as he carefully lay on top of me.

"Did you like that?" He murmured in my ear.

I nodded and smiled at him, already feeling a deeper connection with him.

"Ready to go to sleep?" He tilted his head like an adorable little child. But I was kind of anxious to close the deal already; I was at the brink.

I shook my head no which surprised him and gave him the 'I'm ready' look.

He slowly got up and searched for his wallet. In less than two minutes or so he returned fully naked and alive. This had been the first time I had feasted my eyes upon a male figure in person and was marveled. Lying slowly beside me he took my shirt off and began massaging and kissing my chest. Long tongue strokes painted my upper body till he climbed on top of me and spread my legs with his knees.

He engaged me in a long kiss; I recognized his method of distraction, which obviously worked as it eased my tense body. Very gently I felt his erection begin to poke at my swollen lower lips. Deepening the kiss as he went further inside; I felt as though he filled my whole cavity. He moaned each time he came back in. The pain intertwined with enjoyment and erotic stimulation; I now understood why they said it was a pleasurable kind of pain.

Aaron grabbed hold of my hands and clasped them with in his. His gaze fixed on me; I no longer saw a distant creature but his warm eyes connecting with mine. He continued to kiss and bite on my lips as his pace grew quicker and sometimes deeper but not too hurtful. Then finally he buried his head on my shoulder as his body stiffened and he let out one last groan.

When he looked back into my eyes, his face now glistening from a bit of sweat, he had transformed back into that dimpled cutie. I showered him with light kisses and sighed aloud with him. Rolling over like an exhausted man, he quickly flung off his remains and held on to me. My head lay over his soaked chest, listening to the ponding in his ribcage. I felt my transformation done as well; I became a woman. And with that came a new desire… for Aaron's warm and bare body.