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Gulls cried as they flew overhead through the clear blue sky. The shining sun reflected on the crystal like water beautifully. The smell of salt wafted around the ship; the slap of water against the hull brought it all together. Wes took a deep breath and exhaled it with a content sigh. Complete peace, he thought closing his eyes, for the moment at least.

"Land ho!" A sailor from the crow's nest cried with a hint of joy.

Wes opened his eyes again, slipping out a spy glass from his pocket and pressing it to his eye. He had done this earlier but had seen nothing; now, however, he saw what the other had seen. He smiled, lowering the spyglass. Finally he thought with a sigh of relief.

"Captain." Came a voice from behind him.

Wes turned to look upon his first mate, a well-dressed sailor with short blonde hair. He was a few inches below six foot with broad shoulders.


"What are your orders?"

The captain turned back towards the sea again, his hands clasped behind his back. Looking over his shoulder he answered. "Set our course to the island that the young fellow in the crow's nest spotted."

"Yes sir!" The second in command saluted before running off to deliver the orders.

Wes listened as his footsteps faded in with the other sailors as they took the actions to complete the orders. He continued to look at the gentle surf from behind the railing; it seemed eerily calm. He closed his eye, covering there steel grey color. It would be at least three days before they reached the land, there was no wind to fill the sails and aid their journey. A storm had blown him and his ship off course from their original destination which was the African island of Madagascar. They had been sailing blindly for the past two weeks and their supplies were running dangerously low. It would be nice to replenish our supplies and get our bearings.

Wes missed his family dearly; it had been at least 8 months since he had last seen his wife or daughter. His thoughts were disrupted when the ship surged forward due to a sudden gust of wind. He nearly fell but caught himself with the railing just in time.

"She moves fast now Captain!" a sailor laughed.

Regaining his composure he nodded. "Yes! We will the island faster than I expected if the wind continues."

He continued to look out to the sea, hope springing in his heart.