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Wes was thrown from his bed very late one night after spotting the island. With a curse he pushed himself up. He heard the screams of men, their shouting drowned out by the dreaded sound of rushing water.

He swiftly pulled his clothes on as cold sea water sloshed into his cabin. The Capitan flung open the cabin door and all but flying up to the deck. Rain pelted down, driving into him and his crew in icy sheets. Wind ripped at the sails. Salt water splashed onto the deck thoroughly drenching Wes and his sailors.

Thunder came in a deafening clap, followed by a large bolt of lightning struck the mast cracking it; it fell destroying everything in its wake. Wes thought he heard the cry of men caught under the weight of the broken sail. Another bolt of lightning eliminated the carnage for long enough to see the jagged rocks jutting from the sea.

A large wave dashed against the hull sending the vessel rearing to the left, right into a jagged boulder. Men flew, screaming from the deck into the blackness, waves swallowing them greedily as another drove them against the seas cruel teeth. Wood cracked and crunched against the unyielding earth; a sickening sound to any sailor.

"She's takin' in water sir!" An unknown sailor shouted.

"Captain!" Another shouted. Wes searched for the owner of the voice. His second mate ran up to him. "This storm blew us right to the island but it's surrounded by Sholes and rocks!"

Before Wes could even try to say something to that however he noticed one of the largest waves he had ever seen in his life at sea. It was nearly fifty feet high. The second in commands eyes followed his captains to the monstrous wall of water that now threatened to swallow them whole.

"It's been an honor being your first mate, captain."

"As it has been an honor being your captain, Jim." Wes nearly shouted over the howling wind.

As Wes watched the wall curve over his ship he couldn't help but feel as though the island was trying to kill them. His family rushed into his mind. I won't ever see either of them again. He wished that he had listened to his wife, she begged him not to go out again but he hadn't listened and went on yet another voyage. Wes closed his eyes, letting his tears flow, they wouldn't be seen anyways; the rain washed them away.

He heard the angry sea slam into his ship; it hit him and sent him flying through the air. He heard his fellow crew; brave young sailors, scream in pain and fright as the sea gulped them eagerly. Wes hit the water hard, tasting blood.

The captain didn't know where to swim, he was disoriented. Another wave swept over him pushing him under the blackness again. He smacked his head on a jagged boulder, his body slowly slipping into darkness as he went limp.