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The gentle whisper of wind in the trees and the soothing tones of the surf slowly brought Wes into consciousness. He opened his eyes to see a small, red crab peering curiously at him. It scuttled away a few moments later as he pushed himself up, a twinge of pain spiking up his arm. A glance showed a large gash nearly from wrist to elbow on the top of his forearm. Luckily it wasn't bleeding but it still hurt terribly.

Wes glanced about his surroundings; he was on a beach that stretched further then he could see on either side of him. A thick forest grew not a hundred yards from the water. Far in the distance peaks rose high in the air, smaller mountains branching off from them in every direction.

The captain stood, deciding on trying to walk the perimeter of the island and hopefully find some type of civilization. By chance he glanced out to the sea to behold his once magnificent ship's sail clinging to a jagged rock peaking from the waters about 200 yards out. Wes sighed sorrowfully and took a moment of silence for his faithful crew that had met their gruesome untimely deaths. With a heavy heart he began to walk.

Nearly two hours had passed and Wes still had not seen a single sign of civilization not so much as a wisp of smoke. As he contemplated he came to an area with a plethora of boulders that led up to a rocky cliff. Wes, feeling rather tired from his ordeal and the walk, decided to rest for a moment upon a boulder close to him.

His stomach growled angrily like a feral animal, he clutched his torso. Hunger had been pecking at him since he had come to on the beach. I need something to eat and drink. He wouldn't be able to keep his strength if he didn't get either necessity soon. Wes sighed to himself a decided to rest bit longer.

A few moments later Wes heard a rock fall from somewhere behind him. He turned and looked but saw no one.

"Hello?" He called. "Is someone here?" No answer.

He walked towards where he heard the sound, cautiously picking his way to it. Wes kept glancing about the large boulders, half expecting an ambush. After ten feet he heard a soft cry. The captain looked around and still saw nothing. Am I losing my mind? The noise sounded again.

"Who's there?" he asked growing irritated.

Something jumped out of a crevasse in the rocks at him. As Wes recoiled, an unseen rock tripped him; he fell with a grunt. He sat up now seeing the small creature standing at his side, staring curiously at him. It looked much like a fox only it was covered in black fur with white spots. Its eyes were an icy blue, dark blue circled the iris.

It made the same soft crying sound he had heard before. Slowly, Wes reached his arm out towards it. It jumped back standing well out of his reach. Slowly it circled him, staying out of his reach, its large feather like tail swishing every few moments.

Slowly he pulled his legs in, sitting Indian style and held one of his hands half extended. Its ears perked up and it slow came to sit in front of him. It sniffed Wes' hand warily then looked at him again with a surprisingly critical eye. The two sat there, staring at one another for a handful of moments before the creature pushed its head into the man's hand. The fur was amazingly soft; Wes observed and probably would probably satisfy his hunger for the moment. Something told him, however, that killing this creature wouldn't be a very good idea.

It seemed to know his thought for it pulled away abruptly and gazed at him for a handful of moments. A flick of a tail was all the warning Wes got before the foxlike creature ran off into the jungle. He stood, still wondering of the strange creature as he continued down his original path on the beach.

This place is getting stranger and stranger.