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Wes was fading in and out of consciousness, but even as his mind spun he knew that he was done for. His thoughts drifted to his family and how he would never see them again, or set feet on his homeland. The thoughts made his heart feel as though it was being torn in half. Wes could almost feel Death's cold hand grab his arm as he prepared to drag the sea weary captain down to the gruesome gates that enclosed his world.
Just as he mumbled his last prayers, he heard the beating of wings belonging to something big. The air seemed to vibrate with each mighty beat; the creature took noticed of it as well and looked to the starry sky. Wes looked up as well and saw a large inky shape blotting out the hanging crystals of the night sky. He clapped his hands over his ears and yelped in surprise (and fright) as a deafening roar followed its appearance. The earth shook and the fowl creature was knocked away from Wes but as it flipped, one of its gruesome talons caught his side and flipped him with it, causing him to shout in pain.
Wes lay on the ground for a moment, too stunned to move. A feral snarl broke him from his trance and he jumped up remembering the danger he was in and scrambled away from the creatures. He ran blindly, not being able to see in the darkness but that didn't matter at this point; what mattered was getting as far away as he could and fast. The captain's foot landed on something that gave way under his weight and he soon found himself sprawled on his stomach across the sand with pain shooting up his right leg. He cursed under his breath and tried to stand but the pain was too great.

Probably broken …

A familiar creature came into his view, mere inches from his face. It made a soft crying sound and grabbed his shirt sleeve between its teeth before giving a sharp tug. Wes followed the fox to a pile of boulders, where it disappeared into a large crack amongst the rocks. He followed and found himself able to fit without much of a problem. He groaned as his ankle came in content with a stone but made no other noise. The creature made a concerned yelp as it curled up next to the captain.

From his hiding place Wes could hear the two giants' fights each other, horrible screeches and snarls filled the air as they slashed at one another. The captain found himself frozen in fear which was very rare, he was a brave man, and nothing usually could scare him this bad. There had been a few times he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end and once when his heart nearly jumped through his rib cage; but this was a whole new story.

Wes flinched as a thunderous crash sounded followed by a dreadful sickening shriek; then silence. He sat there for a moment as an eerie quiet settled. He looked from his hiding place but saw nothing in the darkness. I'll stay here for the night; it should be safer from whatever those things were. A sharp pain in his side made him hiss and he looked down at the bleeding gash on his side. Right, almost forgotten about that.

Wes ripped off a strip of his shirt and tied it around his torso and the wound, hoping to stop the bleeding. It was all he had at the moment and it would have to do until morning where he could hopefully find something better. The weary man sighed to himself and laid down, smiling as the fox curled against his torso.

Wes laid there for an unknown amount of time, slowly dawning upon new bodily aches as the adrenaline that had been hammering through his veins began to wear off. The pain made it difficult to sleep, the fact that there were creatures like the one's he had encountered- and probably more, roaming around and knew he was there didn't help. Wonder which one of them won. He mused thoughtfully. The flying beast saved him, or that's was what Wes had thought. It made sense; it knocked the other creature away from him and didn't go after him. It could have wanted to go for the bigger kill…He argued with himself. He shrugged and shoed the thoughts away.

He laid there for what seemed like eternity before the sand man finally came to him and unconsciousness claimed his tired mind and body.