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"Wes? Wes? Honey!"

Wes blinked a few times and looked at his wife from across the darkened oak dining table. His mind had been off somewhere, but he was having trouble remembering where exactly. He turned back to his beloved. "Yes, Ellain?"

"Ida is talking to you." She pointed the end of her fork to a young girl sitting on the left side of the table. Long bronzed hair cascaded down her back. Sea green eyes stared at him. Just like her mother.

"Sorry sweet heart, what did you want to say?" Wes smiled lovingly.

As if second guessing her thought, Ida looked down at her dinner plate and poked her mashed potatoes with her fork. The little girl chewed her lip. "Um..I- uh.." She put her fork down and stared at Wes with a look in her eyes that tugged visciously at his heart. "D-do you not like me and mama?"

Wes was a little taken back at this; he glanced at his wife and saw that she mirrored his surprise as well. "Ida my love, why do you think that? I love you both with all my heart and soul."

Ida wasn't swayed. "Then why do you always leave!" Unshed tears shined in her eyes. "You leave me and mamma alone, and when you come back you only stay for a week or two and then you leave again!"

"Ida, It's my job so we can have this house we sleep in, the food we eat and everything else we have. I don't like how long I am away from you either, but I very little speaking room with my boss." Wes opened his arms but the little girl just stared at him.

"You can get a different job." Ida protested. "There are lots of jobs here."

"It's not as easy as that, honey." Ellain sighed and held her daughters hand.

Wes looked at his daughter with hurt. His heart jumped in the vice it was in, black began to frame his vision and consume it. His little girl snatched her hand away and stood, glaring at him. He could feel the eyes pierce through him. Sweat began to bead on his forehead.

"Liar. You don't love us. If you did you'd try to find a new job." Ida's eyes darkened before she turned heel and left from the dining room leaving a surprised mother and father alike.

Wes felt as though he couldn't breathe, everything was becoming dark and menacing. He looked at his wife and reached for her but she only sat and looked at him.

"E-Ellain." His tongue was like lead and his lips felt numb. His world spun faster and faster until the only thing he could make out was his wife's green; those eyes were slowly growing to resemble a storming sea.

She opened her mouth and spoke but it was his daughters' voice he heard. "You don't love us… Liar…you don't love us…"

Wes felt the floor fall out from under him sending him falling into a black abyss. Liar…

He screamed as he fell, feeling as though the darkness was suffocating him in its' black arms. His daughters' words crashed through his mind like a hunted animal through the brush; continuing to repeat over and over again. Wes felt as though he would go mad from all the pain and grief he was feeling.

You don't love us…




Wes's body jerked as he woke. Sweat covered his brow and heaving chest, his mind struggled to make sense of anything as it spun. He fought the dizziness that shook his mind, barely managing to get up and crawl through the opening of whatever he was in; faintly remembering the beasts from the night before but ignoring them. The older man squinted against the bright rays of the sun, stumbling as he ran. What am I running to?

Wes tripped over numb feet and fell hard on the ground. What did I just fall on? His mind spun madly and he couldn't think straight. He struggle to get up but fell back down retching from the nausea that was washing over him in steady, pounding waves.

"I-Ida…El-Elian… I-I love…" His throat burned as he retched again, by now it was only bile rising in his throat. He went into a coughing fit as he tried to regain his breath. The captain promised himself that if he ever made it back home he would never leave again. He'd find a new job and do whatever it took to stay with them.

Wes laid there in his own thoughts until he felt something soft nuzzle his hand. The fox came up to his face and licked his forehead; it made a quick little crying sound and stared at him with concern. The old captain closed his eyes and laid there for a few minutes. He opened them once the sickness had passed and looked down at his gashed side; it oozed a foul smelling substance, black veins spidered from all sides for nearly two inches. That's not good. He tried to sit up and succeed but when he tried to stand he was hit with a dizzy spell and fell back to the ground.

"Don't suppose… y-you know anyone…that c-can he-help, do you?" Wes grimaced at the fox. It gave another sot cry before nuzzling his face. With a flick of it's tail it bolted away. He watched it run out of focus and wondered at it. Does it really know of someone who can help? The captain didn't believe that the fox had truly understood him; it was a beast, it wouldn't understand him. but before he came here he also didn't believe that there were fox with leopard print fur or creatures as large as the one that attacked him; so anything was possible, right?

The grey eyed man was shaken from his thoughts when his breathing caused him to wince. His lungs burned terrible as though he had just finished running ten miles. His vision was slowly being consumed by blackness, his sight growing dimmer with each blink of his eye. He closed them finally, wincing again and gasping as the air seemed to be becoming more difficult to draw in.

"El-Ellain…I-Ida…" He rasped before his mind was dragged into unconsciousness by darkened angels.

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