I was, for the most part, sane. I was quirky but kept that part hidden from strangers. I was passing as a normal human. I thought that if I was going to go crazy it would be when I was old and lived in a house filled with cats. October 7, 2011, 3 days after my twentieth birthday, my life plan was drastically changed.

I was driven to lunch in the only car that has caught my attention: a brilliant blue Dodge Charger given the title Super Bee.

The drive was smooth and the looked we received made me feel like a princess. Once our stomaches were full, the driver showed off the cars true power. We flew down the I-17 in a chorus of growls and roars. The car was slowly stealing my heart.

Pulling off the expressway and into a neighborhood the owner of the car uttered the words that had never passed her lips before.

"Want to drive?"

My heart stopped. I couldn't believe my ears. I looked at the other passengers in the car to make sure I wasn't hearing things. In a whirlwind of movement I was sitting the drivers seat and the owner was in the passenger seat. I am the first person to drive this car other than the owner and her husband.

I am now haunted by that car. It is on my mind every waking moment. It appears in every dream. The words 'super' and 'bee' spark fantasies of that blue beauty. I look for it whenever I am near a road. I get near the Super Bee and I lose any shred of sanity that is left. My once normal life is now officially over.

My twenty-first birthday is coming up. May I drive it again?