"Mom, I'm all packed!" I yelled down the hall to my newly divorced mom.

"Great," She replied with before she asked, "Will you come help me then?"

Since it was my mom's divorce that gave me the idea for this project I agreed to help her pack. I also knew that I would be helping her unpack too. We packed for about five minutes before my mom finally said something. She said, "We have to go shopping for boy clothes for you."

"Mom, my friends wanted to go with me. Can they? I mean I have to be a convincing one so I should be a good looking modern one," I said making myself feel really bad for saying that.

My mom laughed and then said as if she knew what I really meant by it, "Yeah sure. Let's get packed and then we'll call them up."

We soon got all of her things all packed. The moving trucks will be here early tomorrow morning. I called my friends up and half an hour later we picked them up. We all were excited about going to the mall. Even me and I HATE shopping.

As soon as we got to the mall we ran to the closest store that sold clothing for guys. When we got in there we separated into different directions. They knew what size I needed. We all gathered all the clothes that we thought that I would look most like a guy in that I would also look great in.

After hours in just that store I got tired of going in and out of the changing room in different clothes almost every time. Each time I would walk out of the changing room I only looked like a girl in guys clothing, but even though it was hard to we got about twenty bags that weighed about al least ten pounds each! We took all of the bags to the car and then they dragged me into another store. We only stayed in there for about half an hour before I was due at the spa for my transformation.

Thank God I didn't have to get my hair cut. Instead we bought a wig and pins to hold it in so it wouldn't fall off in the middle of the day. After we picked the wig for me out we paid and left the mall. Thank God!

' My friends had permission to stay over tonight considering it would most likely be the last time for a while. As soon as we got home I tried the wig on as long with a few of my new outfits. I thought that I looked alright but apparently I looked hot because my friends gasped.

"Can't you do the project at this school? You don't look anything like what you do as a girl," Catherin said making it the perfect time to tell them the rest of the project's story.

"No you see I won't be coming back to this school at all. You see I got the idea for this project because we were moving because of my mom's divorce from my now ex-step-father," I said causing them to look at me like 'what?!' or 'you got to be kidding.'

The rest of the night was the normal sleep over. We stayed up until about 11:00pm, we ate mid-ten o'clock Sundays, but unlike usual we took my nail polish off instead of putting some on. We had to take my friends home Simi early because the movers were coming around 8:30 in the morning.

By the time we got back the movers were just pulling in. After we helped the movers load up the trucks we left our old home and to our new home. I was already dressed as a boy so when we drove through our new town no one would see a girl in the car when their new single mother neighbor only had a son that lived with her. Yes I also had to pretend to be a boy at home when around neighbors otherwise word might get around that I'm really a girl.

When we pulled into the driveway my mom asked me, "So what do you think?"

"I don't know yet," I relied with a small laugh.

"Well, ok. You might want to go check out your rooms, bathrooms, and walk-in-closets. All of them are on the second floor," My mom said finally revealing that I get a girl and boy room, bathroom, and walk-in-closet.

"Cool!" I almost yelled as I unbuckled my seat belt.

"Go on," she said handing me my copy of the key.

"Thanks," I said as I got out and grabbed a few boxes that I put in the back seat. I walked into the new house.

I didn't close the door I went straight up the steps. When I got up to the top of the steps I realized that I got the whole second floor! On one side was a dark blue set of doors, and on the left there was a set of doors that were my favorite color, black. I ran into the room behind the set of black doors. "Oh my God!" I accidentally screamed.

"What's wrong?" My mom asked running up the steps (skipping steps on the way).

"Thank you!" I said excited while running over to my mom and giving her a hug. This room was my perfect room. The black walls with red details, the gothic themed furniture, the dark brown wood floor, and the large window with black laced curtains. I saw the door to the walk-in-closet I ran over to it. When I walked in I bit my tongue.

My mom had bought me a whole new wardrobe, but she still left room for my old clothes. "You need to see your bathroom," My mom said pointing out of the room to a set of doors across the hall.

"Ok," I said as I ran out of the closet, through my room, and into the bathroom.

It was perfect. The ocean theme completely contradicted my bedroom but oh well! I love it. Now it's time to look at my guy room.

I slowly walked to the room I will have to sleep in until Halloween, hopping to have a nice room behind that door. I opened it. "Nice," I said calm and cool.

This room was a dark blue with a flat screen TV hanging on the wall, a wall of books, a computer desk that had seven different computers on it, my bed (that was in the floor), and a kitchen set like you would find in a collage dorm.

My mom walked in and smiled. She knew that I would love it.

"When I can be a girl again we are not changing one thing except we might move my furniture from this room to that one. If we can move the bed," I said showing that I absolutely love the rooms.

"Did you even notice the balcony in here?" My mom asked pointing to a set of glass doors that lead to a balcony with a hot tub on it.

"I'll make the choice then. It's too hard now," I said steering at the hot tub really wanting to take a swim right now.

"I know you can't use the hot tub right now, but you will soon," My mom said catching my steer.

"Oh yeah, When "Tony" Goes to see his dad," I said remembering mom set things up so I won't have to be a boy all the time.

"Yes. Now for the walk-in-closet," My mom said as she pushed me in the closet.

When I looked in there it was an empty closet, so I didn't see why she would push me in there. Then I noticed a small set of doors in one of the corners. "What's with the doors?" I asked my mom.

"Go in and find out," She said with a smile.

It kind of scared me. Knowing my mom the way I do I knew it was going to be something very weird. I went through one of the small doors and where the stair case that it blocked lead me was a complete, amazing surprise. I wished that I had seen this room first.

When I came out of the stair case hidden door thing I was in a beautiful garden. This was the back garden in our back yard. 'Awesome!' I screamed in my head. I love gardens. I love to read, draw, paint, write, or anything else that I do in them.

I walked around for a minute before I heard a door bell ring. 'We have a door bell?' I asked myself as I ran up to the back door, through the house, and to the front door. I got there before my mom or one of the movers did so I answered it (I wouldn't of expected the movers to answer it). "Hello?" I asked as I opened the door.

"Hello. We came over her to welcome you into the neighborhood," a lady who forgot to introduce herself said pushing out a plate of cookies.

"Um… I'm Tony. You want to come in?" I asked the tall median sized lady and who most likely was her son.

"Yes. I would surely like to meet your mother. Oh by the way I'm Judy and this is…" Judy said before her son interrupted her.

"My name is Tucker," Tucker said introducing himself.

"If you want to sit down the movers just moved the kitchen stools into the kitchen. That is this way," I said walking towards the kitchen that I had to go through to answer the door.

We got to the kitchen and I then said, "Will you excuse me a minute I have to go get my mother. She is up stairs."

"Ok," Judy said as she sat on one of the stools.

"I'll be right back," I said as I walked to the steps, climbed up them, and found my mom.

"Mom we have guest," I said completely calm.

"Where are they?" She asked as if she was getting nervous.

"In the kitchen," I said as I turned back around and began to walk down the steps. My mom soon followed.

When we both got to the kitchen I said, "Mother this is Judy and Tucker. Judy, Tucker this is my mother Joanne,"

"Hello," My mother said not sounding nervous even a hint.

"Hello," Judy said putting her hand out for my mom to shake.

My mom shook her hand and then I said, "I'm going to go help the movers."

I was about to walk away when Tucker spoke up and said, "I'll help."

I think that surprised his mother because her mouth fell to the ground like something hot that burned your hand.

"Cool. Thanks," I said walking out of the room.

Tucker fallowed me and when we made it out of the door he asked, "Which school are you going to be going to?"

"Umm… I believe the name of the school is West Borden High," I said not completely positive.

"If so you'll be in my school and I can show you around," he said as he grabbed some of my girl boxes, "Is there a reason these boxes say Tilla?"

"Yeah that's one of my twin sister's boxes," I said making one of my first lies here.

"Her name is Tilla?" he asking sounding like he was freaked out for some odd reason.

"No. Her real name is Angelina, but for some reason everyone calls her that," I explained 'my twin sister's name story.

"Oh so where is your sister?" he asked as if he wanted to meet her (which he already has).

"With our father. When our parents got divorced we got separated from each other," I said sounding very sad because even though I don't have a twin now doesn't mean I never had one.

"That must be sad. So where do I take this?" he asked as I grabbed about three or four of the boxes that went in my girl room".

"I'll show you," I said as I walked in the house, up the stairs, to the left, and into my room for when I get to be a girl.

"Is your sister gothic?" he asked steering at the walls and furniture.

"No but for some reason she likes her room to look that way," I said as I placed the boxes on the floor.

"Oh," Tucker said as he placed his boxes down.

We walked back down to the moving trucks and grabbed some boxes that went into my guy's room. "This goes to your room right?" Tucker asked as we climbed the steps.

"Yep," I said as I took a right and went into Tony's room.

"Wow!" tucker almost screamed when he saw my room.

"Like it?" I asked with a laugh.

"It's really cool," he exclaimed.

"I know," I said as I placed all of the boxes I grabbed on the floor. Tucker placed his down too, and then we left my room.

We mainly got the boxes for each of my rooms. Whenever we went in my guy's room he looked excited, but whenever we went into my real room he looked confused. 'What's so confusing about my room?' I asked myself on our last trip up there.

We were finally finished with one whole truck, and it only took us an hour to do it in. So since we knew that our mothers were still talking in the kitchen we went there.

"Done already? Or did you quit?" Judy asked sounding somewhat surprised.

"We unloaded a whole truck," I said so that Tucker wouldn't have to say something along those lines.

"Wow! Great job to the both of you, and thank you for helping Tony unload the trucks," my mom said as if we saved her from a question that she didn't want to answer.

"Oh yeah. So when is daughter coming here?" Judy asked the question that I knew was the question that my mom didn't want to answer (because I am here).

Since I knew when and that my mom didn't want to answer it I did with, "In two weeks on the weekend. We will be 'trading' parents every other weekend."

"So you won't be here when she is?" Tucker asked.

"No, and I never will be either. Neither of our parents wants to spend a weekend away from one of their kids," I said most likely saying too much.

"Tony you should go unpack your sister's stuff." my mom said getting a confused look from Judy, "He is the only one who knows where to put things."

"Oh that makes since they are twins," she said still looking confused.

"She told me where to put everything," I 'explained' as I walked out of the room and up to my room, over to my other room, unpacked my guy clothes, and went back to the other room.

"Want help?" tucker asked ten minutes later.

"Not in this room, but do you want to help me with my room?" I asked knowing that he would somehow.

"Yeah sure," he said as I placed my last fruity perfume on my dresser.

"Ok let's go," I said walking out of my room and into my other one on the other side of the second floor. He fallowed me into the room.

"I just have to place all of my objects on the desks, a bookshelf, or in the closet," I said opening a box that said 'Tony's room'

"It looks like you have less than your sister so it shouldn't take to long," he said opening a different box.

It was as if he knew where everything went. He didn't ask me but once where something went, and that was my favorite really girly stuff animal. He actually tried not to laugh when he asked, "Umm… is this yours?"

I thought fast and said, "No it's my sister's she must have put it in the box to mess with me. She does that a lot."

"Oh you must be really close to your sister," he said making me think 'closer than any other "set of twins".'

"Yeah really close," I said instead.

"Cool," he said sounding semi nervous for some reason.

"Yep," I said putting my guy perfume/ cologne on the dresser.

We got done with my room pretty fast so we headed down stairs and started to unpack the living room. We figured we could surprise both of our mothers. Mine by getting it done and his by him doing work. It was fun actually. Having someone you had just met help you unpack is kind of weird but oh well. It also made it fun. Something weird is almost always fun.

After about twelve minutes we got that room done. We were moving really fast through these rooms even though we were putting things that were in boxes away. We moved on to the dining room. We got it done in ten minutes because there was less boxes for that room. We then moved onto my girl room (even though I really didn't want a guy to help me unpack it). It took us a while. At least twenty minutes because he did have to ask where to put something. Actually he asked where almost everything went. Of course I told him where it went, but it did get a little annoying. When we finally finished with that room Judy yelled up the stairs, "Tucker we have to be leaving!"

"I don't think she noticed," he said but I knew that he was wrong.

"Yeah they did," I said walking out of the room and down the stairs.

"Tony did you get your sister's room unpacked?" my mom said crossing her arms like she was mad at me for doing the unpacking in the other rooms.

"Yes ma'am," I said most likely making her really mad. She hated it when I called her ma'am.

"Alright," my mom said not uncrossing her arms.

"I'm surprised with you Tucker you actually worked today. I'm very proud of you," Judy said making Tucker look embarrassed.

"Whatever. Bye Joanna and Tony." He said as he began to walk out of the door but he froze, "Tony when are you starting school?"

"Tomorrow," I answered.

"Cool hopefully I'll see you then," he said as he walked up to the house that was next door to ours. There was a window in that house that lined up with my girl bed room window perfectly.

"I better get going. We have plans with my parents in an hour," Judy said as she waved and left. She too went into the house next door.

"What's for dinner?" I asked really hungry.

"Well you little growing boy I was thinking about ordering pizza. How does that sound?" my mom asked having way to much fun getting me back for calling her ma'am.

"As long as it's not vegetarian," I said remembering how when mom was married to that jerk of a man how every pizza we got could not have any meant on it, but yet he loved steak.

"I second that motion!" my mom said in a weird but funny voice, "Let's go before you starve to death."

We ran out the door like we always did whenever she said that, like always I was the first one in the car. "I win!" I exclaimed loudly with a laugh.

"Oh pooh, if only that hippo wasn't in my way," my mom said with a snap of her fingers.

We drove to the closet pizza shop and we ordered an extra large three meat pizza with black olives on the side (you have to have some vegetables). That was the first time in seven years that we had a three meat pizza. It was great!

Only one fourth of it was left after mom and I were done. We took it home. As soon as we got home I told my mom good night, took a shower, and went off to bed. Tomorrow would be my first day of school.