It is the Friday before I get to be a girl again after these long two weeks of nothing as exciting as my first day here. The whole day went by to slow! 'The last period of the day!' I thought as I found myself staring at the clock. Knowing that staring at anything wont make the time move any faster I tried to pay attention to class, but I couldn't. Bored out of my mind I began to draw in my notebook. With in the past two weeks all I had in most of my notebooks were drawings and stories. I think the teacher saw me not paying attention.

She smiled and ordered, "Tony explain how you would fix the sentence on the board to make it understandable to most of the students who are not paying attention."

The sentence was 'Thy cat chased thy's pet squirrel up a tree on the late night's candle'. "Thy is your/ yours in Shakespearian so you would replace 'thy cat' with 'your cat' and 'thy's pet' to 'his/her' pet since why would someone complain about another person's cat chasing the same person's squirrel up a tree? If I process the sentence 'on the late night's candle' correctly it would be very late at night most likely being early in the morning. So would the understandable sentence be 'late last night/ early this morning your cat climbed the tree after his/ her pet squirrel?'" I asked not looking up other than to look at the sentence once.

"Yes," she said as if she had been defeated. She let me be the rest of the class.

The day finally ended after what seemed a thousand two hundred and twelve years. I didn't have any homework (like usual). I went to my locker threw my books in, grabbed my back pack, and then waited for everyone in the back of the bus after I made it there. "Excited for the weekend are we?" Candy laughed when she saw me, the usual last person on, on before anyone else but the bus driver.

"Yeah I'm going to my dad's house," I explained (lied).

"Oh! I was going to invite you to the mall this weekend! I heard that an employee at that weirdo store likes you," Tom said as I hoped he thought it was a girl.

"They don't like me. They're just friends with my sister. Oh, and by the way stay away from my sister this week end," I warned being a 'protective brother'.

"Don't we always?" Slither asked as he sat down.

"Yeah but that is when she isn't staying at my house while I'm not there," I mumbled as if I hoped that no one would hear me.

"Your not going to be here this weekend?" Billy asked sounding depressed.

"No I'm going to be visiting my dad. Did you also want to invite me to the mall?" I asked almost snapping.

"Maybe," Billy said with a shy smile.

"Your sister is coming this weekend isn't she?" Tucker asked getting on the bus.

"I should have waited for everyone to get on before I said anything." I hung my head, "I am going to visit my dad this weekend and my sister is coming here this weekend. I want you guys to stay away from my house, and the person from that store doesn't like me his is just a friend of my sister!"

They all laughed. "Ok calm down," slither laughed. I laughed a little.

"Sorry but I can't stay away from your house for two reasons," tucker said serious.

"Other than being my next door neighbor what is your reason?" I asked smiling.

He smiled, "My mom wants to meet your sister."

'Yeah sure your mom wants to meet me. Oh well not a big problem. And if it turns out to be one at least I get to see Catherin and everyone again.

"Just try not to flirt with her and if you do I will know. She tells me everything," I threatened.

"Yes Sir!" he shouted standing up and saluting me. I stud up, looked at him, and then walked off of the bus (we were at my house and Candy had already got off).

Like he has done every day since my first day he got off the bus (and on) at my house today. "Is your sister a nerd?" he asked as we walked up my drive way.

"She is smart and is the most popular girl at my old school," I sighed. 'Is he going to flirt with me?' I asked myself hoping that the feeling that I had where he was going to was wrong.

He looked at me, turned around, walked to the end of my drive way, waved, and then went home. 'That was weird for him to do,' I thought because he usually would make me stay on my front porch for an hour (he doesn't like going in my house) before doing that. I then ran in the house, up to my room (girl room), grabbed my bag, and ran back down stairs. Then I began the long wait for my mom to come home.

I sat on the couch and watched TV. That was really boring! Mom finally pulled in the drive and honked the horn after I had watched three really boring TV shows for teen agers. I grabbed my bag and was out of the door and in the car before you could blink your eye.

"Excited to see them again?" she asked as I buckled my seat belt.

"Yes and to be able to dress like a girl again," I smiled as we pulled out of the drive. Tucker was out on his lawn waving as we drove by. 'What is he planning to do?' I asked myself knowing he was up to something from the last two weeks that I have known him.

We arrived to my friend's house an hour later. I grabbed my bag and was at the front door faster than a rocket taking off. I rang the door bell and just as fast my friend answered the door and almost yelled, "You're back!"

"Joanna quiet down. You'll attract unwanted attention," I whispered.

"Tony!" Catherin then yelled.

"May I please become Sarah now?" I asked hopping that they wouldn't do what I thought that they might.

"No we're going out to get pizza now!" Bella ran up and hugged me.

"Whatever you say," I acted like a gentleman instead of a jerk so I would get what I wanted.

"Go change young gentleman. We miss our friend," Catherin smiled as they made enough room for me to head to the bathroom.

"Thanks," I mumbled. I ran to the bathroom, got changed, and took that wig off! For the first time in two weeks my hair was down and I wasn't wearing a one size too small bra with duck tape wrapped around it to make it seem that I don't wear a 38c. I quickly shoved my clothes in the bag and I was a girl again for two days!

I ran out of the bathroom and did a 360 spin so my v-neck mid thigh dress would twirled around me. "Why are you here?" Catherin's twin brother asked when I stopped spinning.

"Well I am visiting my friends for a while. Oh and by the way it's nice to see you too," I smiled as I acted like it was good to see him again. I didn't really care about him.

He walked away as Catherin ran up. "I see that you're ran into my brother," she smiled.

I frowned, "Yeah it was even more lovely to see him this time. Please tell me he's here to visit Joanna's twin brother."

"You always hit the nail on the head with your first try," Bella stated as she walked up.

Now Joanna walked up, "It isn't that hard to figure out since they are friends and my brother lives here, and then I highly don't believe that my brother would come to see her again."

"I still wish that she would go out with one of our brothers!" Bella stated excited.

"Why would you bring that up?" I aksed not wanting the conversating to go like it usually did.

She laughed her evil laugh, "Because we're talking about them."

I rolled my eyes as Joanna looked at her with her idea eyes. "We all should date and maybe one day marry on of our friend's brothers so we can be sisters!" she suggested as all the boys walked past ignoring her like usual.

"That would be weird for one thing. Another is that we would have to like one of them to do that. A third one is I don't have a real brother, and the last one is one of your guys' brothers would have to like one of us," I stated as they laughed.

"You make great points on that topic," Bella laughed as the boys came back in.

"Hey long time no se Miss to good of an acter," Joanna's annoying twin brother laughed in a very rude way.

"It's been two weeks of heaven!" stated Bella's twin.

"Hello again," Catherin's twin said being polite (or at least the most polite out of the three of them).

I thought about being nice but forgot about it because I don' t really care. I shouldn't have really said this but I did, "Like always it is nice to see the both of you too Mr. and Mrs. Rude, and hello Colin."

Everyone looked at me confused. "Miss to good of an acter just got my respect," Joanna's brother said still confused.

"I don't think she's a miss any more," Bella's brother laughed trying to be funny, but wasn't.

"Well neither are you Mrs. Rude," I said making everyone laugh (but him).

My friends were in shock. They didn't say anything. They mainly stared at me and laughed when hey thought someone said something funny. Joanna was the first to day something, "Ok this is fun and all but we need to be going. We are going new boy clothes shopping with her."

The boys then got evil looks in their eyes. "Let us come. We'll help pick out new clothes for 'Tony'," Colin said sounding nice but looking evil.

With this all my friends got mad. 'They're in for it now,' I thought feeling excited unlike usual when this happens.

"Not happening!" all my friends said as they pushed me behind them.

"Why not?" Joanna's twin asked sounding inasent.

Joanna stared her brotherin the eye like a halk staring at it's prey when she said, "No you misbehaiving three juvenile delinquents are not coming with us! Espeacially not you, Jordan."

He just smiled an evil smile then he threatened, "I'll tell mom about where you really went last Saturday if we don't get to go."

She sighed and backed up. She had called and told me to cover for her last Saturday because she was going on a date with a boy her mom does not approve of. I did like she would do for me. "Great so we're going!" he smiled.

"Not so fast Jordan. We still have to give permission to you all too," bella stated angry that he would blackmail his sister like that.

Colin then asked, "What harm will we do if we go to the mall with you guys?"

I sighed and then stated, "Who ever wants to go get in the car."

"But!" Bella began.

"I only get to be here for another two hours so we need to get going." I explained, "Plus who knows how we might be able to embarrass them."

The boys looked at me and then smiled as they walked to the car. We all got in the car. My mom drove us to the mall, dropped us off, and then left. "Sarah fallow us! We knowthe perfect store to go to," Jordan said as he and Colin grabbed one of my arms and pulled me away from my friends.

"Here we are!" Bella's brother smild as we made it to 'The Darkside'.

"Awsome! Come on Jordan, Colin, and Brian! Drag me to a store don't just stop outside of it," I exclaimed suprising them.

I pulled them intothe store and well all pulled clothes for me. Soon I tried on about fifty outfits (shirt, shoes, pants, ect.) and paid for the thirty eight that I was buying. "I really hate shopping!" I said as I flopped myself in a chair at the food court. Everyone had met up outside of 'the Darkside' and walked here carrying my bags.

"I love it!" Bella and Joanna stated.

After about twenty minutes of just sitting there and talking everyone else was hungry so they left me all by myself in the mall when they got food. I was just sitting there when someone tapped my sholder and stated, not asked, "Tony."