I slowly turned around to see Candy standing there. ''I'm sorry you must be one of my brother's friends. I'm Sarah it's nice to meet you,'' I acted as if I was as cool as a cucumber. Key word, acted! I was freaking out for some reason.

''I thought you were a girl!'' She excitedly said as she flung herself on me.

I pushed her off of me and then blushed for who knows what reason. Oh wait maybe it is because I am a girl dressed as a guy and was just found out! I then whispered, "Candy you can't tell anyone. I won't lie to you. I am a girl who is pretending to be a guy for a research project, I guess you could say, for our school. the school we go to wanted to know how smart it's kids are on telling if someone was acting or not, or something like that, and I found out so I offered to do this because I thought it would be fun. You can't tell anyone!"

"I won't if you do me a favor in return," she smiled nicely.

I wanted to make sure that I wasn't selling my soul to the devil before I agreed, "What's the favor?"

As if it was a huge secret she whispered in my ear, "Introduce me to the person at the other mall that likes you."

"Fine," I agreed to it happy because it might actually help me in the long run.

Everyone then walked back and the boys' mouths dropped when they saw Candy in a sleeveless light blue shirt and her matching mini skirt. 'Good thing for her that we live in California otherwise she would freeze to death,' I thought.

"Lips go together boys. You really believe that I could fall for one of these idiots?" I asked as the boys stared at me with evil eyes.

"You have a point," Bella smiled as she looked at her watch.

"Is it time yet?!" Joanna asked telling me something bad was going to happen.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Sorry boys we have to go," Bella stated as Candy and I was carried away really fast.

"Why are you bringing me with you?" Candy questioned her technical kidnapping after the guys were no longer in sight.

"We have an extra backstage pass to a concert beside the mall so we're just going to give it to you so our creepy brothers aren't fallowing you around like lost puppies," Joanna explained as I realized that we left everything I bought back with the guys.

I sighed. 'I am trusting the guys with all of the things I bought for who knows why, how long, or anything,' I thought still being carried away.

"Ok thanks," candy said as they stopped carrying us and squealed.

"We got back stage passes to a Billy Johnson concert!" Bella screamed as I saw I had a backstage pass around my neck.

I then mumbled, "Why did I have to come?"

'Either the guys I have been hanging out with are really rubbing off on me or I naturally don't like the newly found boy idol (maybe it's both), but no madder how I look at it I don't like him. I never really liked any boy group or idol. Hey always make me feel as if they are just actors trying to fool everyone. Yep it's just me and the fact that I don't know them,' I almost was able to zone out before I was answered.

"Because the concert was today, which is the day that you came back, and we wanted to see how you would act," Joanna said when she saw I was trying to zone out. At first she seemed reasonable but then stopped.

"How nice of you," I said sarcastically.

"Are you the four girls who won the contest?" a male voice asked from behind me.

"Yes," Catherin was barely able to say telling me who was standing behind me.

"Since you other friend has a back stage pass she can walk with you," he said talking about Candy.

"Thank you," I said as I turned around to see Billy Jackson standing there.

He looked at me in shock and then blushed as he turned and said, "You'll be sit6ting over here. Please fallow me."

My friend giggled as we followed him. I was so bored! "Why must we always do as they want?' I asked myself as Billy stopped right in front of me all of a sudden. I was, thankfully, able to move fast enough to not run into him, but I slipped and fell because there was a puddle of water. I hit the floor and everyone looked at me concerned. "Are you alright?!" another famous teen aged guy ran up (I have no clue what his name is).

"Yeah just a little messy now," I stud up with hid help.

"Your dress is wet!" Catherin pouted most likely because she bought me this dress for my birthday and this was the first time I wore it.

"It's only water," I stated.

"Here fallow me. I know someone who might lend you some clothes to wear when your are drying," no name said as he grabbed my arm gently and pulled me away.

Soon he stopped in front of a door and knocked. "Aaaa-chew! One minute please," a girl sneezed.

When the door opened the girl (like the guy that had led me here) was a famous person that I did not know the name of, but she had a really bad cold. "Do you feel alright sis?" no name asked.

"I caught a cold. I can't sing tonight," she exclaimed as she shivered.

"But you have to! Mom will freak if there isn't a female singer performing tonight!" he panicked for more than one reason I believe.

"But I feel like crap and wont sound good!" she whined as she finally noticed me, "Is this your new girlfriend?"

"No1 she's one of the lucky contest winners. I spilt my water and she slipped in it. Can you lend her some clothes while hers dry?" he mumbled sounding embarrassed.

She smiled as I got an idea that I know wasn't my best idea ever; "If you lend me some clothe and dry mine I can sing in your place."

They both looked at me weird and then asked in unison, "You can sing?"

I shyly smiled, "a little bit."

"Sing something for us. Aaaa-chew!" she sneezed ordered.

"Do you have the lyricks to your song?" I asked as she knowingly handed them to me.

"This is one of them. There are four in total. This is the most complicated and it's a duet with Billy," she explained shivering.

I read over the song and memorized the words. I threw the paper down and began to sing not only my parts but Billy's as well, "(Mine) take my hand, take my heart if you want to. I'll still stand, you don't have to let go of me. You can stay forever. Just please don't leave me be. I'll share my world but only with you. We'll never be bored as long as you let go never! (His) I'll live forever if you're in my arms. You'll always be beautiful I my eyes. For you I'll break bars. Without you my heart dies. I'd always feel a knife in my heart. I promise I'll never let you go. I'll do anything but run from you. Through our love dart cupid has already shot his arrow. I know you know it too. (Both of ours) I will always love you. That will always, no matter what, be true."

They looked at me shocked and then looked out at each other. "Deal!" thy both said in unison. She then shoved him out of the room.

"Bye!" he said turning around just in time to get the door slammed in his face.

"Aaaaa-chew! Tell Mom to push back all my songs ten minutes!" she ordered as she walked to her closet, "You don't have any make up on do you?"

"No," I said now dreading my fast mouth and slow thinking.

She grabbed a strapless light blue dress and a matching mask. 'Please don't let the dress be too tight and the mask might be a good thing. So thanks,' I prayed in my head.

"Good then, Aaaa-chew! I'll do your make up," she sneezed as she got a pair of matching blue high heels off of a shelf.

"Ok," I said as she handed me everything.

"You can change in there," she said pointing to a bathroom.

"Thanks," I said as I went in and began to change.

"Are you allergic to any kind of make up?" she asked as I pulled the tight (but not too tight) mini dress on.

"No I just don't really like it," I stated as I walked out of the bathroom.

She stopped setting up the make up to look at me. "Well you don't really need it, but a little won't hurt anything," she said as I sat in a chair and put the high heels on.

She then picked up her phone and called someone. "Don't tell anyone that someone else is going to be sinning in my stead. I want it to be a surprise," she smiled at me.

'What is she planning and why do I only meet people who make weird planes that include me?' I asked myself as she hung up on who I think was her brother.

"Surprising people is so much fun!" she exclaimed as she grabbed her makeup and fast, but neatly, put it on me.

When I looked in the mirror after she was done I looked a lot different (maybe that was because I had a mask on along with different clothes than I normally wear). I looked like a masked pop star instead of my usual popular nobody (and yes that is a real think). "I look different," I said as someone knocked on the door.

"I got the lyrics to your songs. Your brother sent me to give them to you," some guy said from the other side of the door.

"Just slide them under the door. I'm getting ready so I can't come to the door," she lied as papers were slid under the door.

"You have ten minutes!" he said as he walked away.

"Do you, aaaa-chew! think that you can remember all the songs in ten minutes?" she almost panicked.

I smiled weirdly, "I have a photo memory thing so yes."

She frowned, "Can you also remember dance steps easily?"

"Somewhat, but I'm not that good of a dancer. I refuse to dance at school dances even," I admitted unsure how fun this would be.

"Now do you get stage fright?" she asked the one question that I didn't even think about.

"No not really. Can you teach me the dances now?" I asked wanting to get it over with.

"It's only a slow dance during the duet, and a few movements in the other songs," she exclaimed as she played each song and did the movements to each as I sang. I then tried while I sang.

"I thought you aren't a good dancer. That was perfect!" she didn't seem like she was lying, kidding, or acting.

"I can do easy dances but hard ones are not my friends at all," I said.

She kindly (yet sickly) smiled, "Just fallow Billy's lead on the slow dance and you'll be awesome. You'll defiantly still everyone's hearts."

I faintly smiled and sat back down. Now she quickly did my hair. "You're on!" the guy from earlier barged in as if a hungry bear was after him.

"Good luck... um... what's your name? She asked as I inwardly smiled.

"I'm Sarah," I'll ask because I don't really know her name either. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I am the newly found teenage female country and pop star, aaa-chew! Molly Sandra Bridan," she introduced herself as we walk to the stage.

Not feeling nervous at all I walk to my spot where Molly had told me to stand. There I waited for Billy to announce that he was going to be singing with a female singer. He was meant to say rising pop star originally but was told not to say that, but I don't know if they told him the real reason why. ''Ok everyone just for you me and a female I know through my work will sing part of a duet that hasn't been written completely yet. So tell us what you think!" Billy said as he held out his hand to tell me to come out.

I walked out and no one made a sound. Billy looked confused when no one made a sound when the singer came out. So to help his confusion he turned around and made a more confused face. Since everyone was upset, confused, or sad and I had a head microphone on I explained, ''the original singer has caught a cold so I will be singing in her place. Sorry for any disappointments caused by this.''

Everyone gasped and Billy's mouth dropped to the floor in front of all of them. Soon the music began and it came time for me to sing. I took a death breath and began, ''take my hand take my heart if you want to. I'll still stand. You don't have to let go of me. You can stay forever, just please don't leave me be. I'll share my world, but only with you. We'll never be bored as long as we are together. My love will be true as long as you let go never!"

Billy recovered while I sang. We finished the no completed song and he walk off of the stage but I stayed on and confused everyone all over again. After a second the next song played and it was about time for me to start singing again when the entire crowd cheered. Out of the corner of my eyes I made sure that no famous person had walked out on stage. Not a single famous person stud anywhere on stage. After I finished singing I walked off of stag and a famous guy that I actually know the name of walked on stage. I swear that I heard all of the girls in the audience scream and then faint as soon as they saw him. 'I should have known that I would have not just been dragged here if it was only a Billy Johnson concert,' I said to myself as I hard giggling from not that far away.

I fallowed the giggles and saw my friends with glistening eyes watching the concert. I sat down as some people walked up. I didn't recognize any of them until Billy walked out from behind them smiling. 'Oh this can't be good,' I thought as Molly and her brother also walked up with wicked smiles. Right when who I believe to be Molly's mother opened her mouth my phone rang. "Will you please hold that thought a minute? It's my mother," I asked not trying to be rude.

She nodded yes and I answered, "Yes Mother?"

She almost yelled with excitement, "I saw you on TV1 You sang! You haven't sang since you were four and at the Christmas Recital where the little boy behind you vomited all over your back right before you began you solo!"

I exhaled, "Mom calm down. I'll talk to you later about this. I'm a little occupied right now." I then asked myself, 'It was on TV?"

"Ok but beautiful dress and mask. You looked amazing even though it was obviously you," she said before she hung up.

'I wonder if that slime ball of an ex-husband saw me on TV too. If he did he would see that I am not a useless child that is disobedient,' I thought as I put my cell down on the table.

As soon as my phone was on the table the lady asked me, "Who are you dear?"

I smiled politely and introduced myself, "I am Sarah Camrel. It's nice to meet you Mrs?"

She cleared her through as if she also had a Cold, "I am Martha Brian, the president and owner of the 'Hit It Record Company' and I want to offer you a job in entertainment."

"My life right now has a few complications in it so I don't think I'll be able to unless I don't travel, only on the weekends, and my name on stage is nowhere near my real name while I always wear masks. Plus I have to ask my mom first," I stated as the music stopped.

"Until when will these complications be complications?" she asked as if it wasn't a big deal.

"The name and mask thing until I get use to it and everything else is until school is out," I said as my friends realized what was going on but stayed quiet (which I thought were impossible).

"Great! Here's the contract. Talk it over with whomever and bring it back before next Saturday." she smiled an evil sales person smile, "You're going to be a huge hit!"

All the adults but her then walked away as the person who was just on stage walked up to us. "Who is this most likely the newly found singer?" he asked with an attitude hidden behind his 'charm'.

I used my acting skills and introduced myself as peaceful as I could, "I'm Sarah Camrel, and it's nice to meet you?"

Everyone looked at me weird. The guy just smiled (fake smile) and stated, "I'm Jason Hedge, and it's nice to meet you sweet heart."

I continued to act, "The pleasure is all mine for sure."

"You bet it is," he laughed as he walked away as if he was pleased even though I was acting (if he could tell).

Mrs. Brindan then asked, "Can you act too?"

I looked at her and then shrugged, "I can but I'm not that good at it."

"Can you do a monolog to show us what you can do?" Molly asked as I thought about it.

"If you're doing a monolog, do the one you wrote about the guy you liked in the third grade!" Catherin suggested as if I hadn't done it for her seventy times so far this year.

"You wrote a monologue about a guy you liked?" Candy asked looking at me weird.

I was about to answer when Bella did for me, "Yeah she did and It's amazing!'

"Please perform that one then," Mrs. Bridan said as I got ready.

After a second I was sad enough wear I was fighting back tears. My friends smiled and stayed quiet as everyone else watched. "With you or without you I fall lower than low. Whenever you enter my head my heart sinks lower than the titanic. Every time I talk to you my heart beats so fast that it might explode. (A tear runs down my check) with the fire in my chest burning so bright I'm surprised that you can't see it. You should see my love and tell me how you feel, (pause0 but soon it will be felt for you are moving away from m. I fear you'll take my heart, no I fear that you have already taken my heart and don't plan on giving it ack. The more I think of you the lower I go, but for some reason I can't get you out of my mind. You cause me so much pain (tears roll down my face while my voice begins to muffle) when you walked away without telling me anything. To you my heart has stuck and won't let go (pause. I over herd you say something once about me, but I couldn't believe that you said it. 'She's nothing! Just a mere thing that I talk with at times!' (Used angry voice while crying). Now I believe it. I have said all of this to you and all you do is laugh. Thanks for returning my heart even though it is in pieces. one day it will be whole again and on that day I will be the me that you laughed at when I told you how I felt and I will see that you never cared for me, and on that day my so called love for you will forever be dead along with you to me," was the monolog that everyone seemed to enjoy.

After I finished my monolog and wasn't crying anymore I looked up at everyone and almost everyone was crying. 'Was I that good or that bad?' I asked myself as I heard someone with a laugh that struck a nerve, laughing and clapping as if he was at a circus. 'Today was somewhat a blessing until now,' I thought as everyone looked past me and stared at the evil witch doctor who has just cursed the rest of my day.