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Acronyms/Vocabulary for Future Reference

FAE~ Faerie Armed Enforcers.

IFBE~ Inferior Being Enforcers.

White Rose(or Simply Rose Agents) ~A faction of light, the harbingers of good and life. A group of women, who heal, feed, and take an oath to help those in need, regardless of race.

Black Knights~ a faction of adults who decided they were not going to give up, taking what they can, fighting when they must, and living lives, cultivating the old ways of life, the protectors of the ones who do not seek to fight but to live peacefully.

Round Table~ A faction of children (variety of ages)who use guerilla warfare and indirect assaults towards the FAE. The Round Table is a huge organization, which has several factions based through out the world in the underground of the crumbling cities.

Arthur~ The Name given to the Leader of the Round Table.

Merlin(FAE call her Queen Maebhe)~ Second in Command. Founder of the The Round Table.


Darkness had come over my eyes and my mind filled with memories as I watched them pass through my cerebrum. Times of good and times of bad, as well as times of old, and times not yet come. It was a wicked dream of my future, a time I would have never looked forward to as I was forced on my knees before a man I did not know, and he was malevolent with hunger in his eyes as the blade of his axe was preparing to chop off my head as if I was a common piece of wood for the fire. He wore a masked hood, and he was gigantic compared to me, borne in muscles I've never thought of wanting, and greatness in his blood. His arms were bare, and inked with patterns of tribal tribute to some unknown god, perhaps this wasn't the future, maybe it was what had just occurred before the darkness came of me, but why would someone chop my block off?

I am merely a child, who became a woman too soon in life. After watching the FAE Armies as they took over the world in the name of freedom, but only placed the world on its knees before the gods. My parents, even though they weren't great people had died saving my life from the block. They had hid me away in the basement in a secret compartment I had never known about until that dreadful day the armies of old came together to bring down the Earth to their knees in ten folds, we thought the Wars on Terrorism were bad, we knew nothing to the eyes of the lord. Perhaps we had gotten warning from the old holy book, but no one took it to heart. The Demons or FAE have taken hold Nation by Nation, starting with our own the original freedom fighter, the United States of America. I had been there to see it's down fall, now I am shrouded in the depths of darkness with no return.

I remember the day my parents had came to me, I was only ten years old when I watched them rush into the house, pushing me inside from the yard, my dog was left outside I tried screaming only to have my father punch me in the mouth, the copper taste brought me to reality when I found myself in a dark room, in an unfamiliar territory. My mother's screams could be heard from a distance. My father had been the one to save my life, I want to believe he tried to save mother. Knowing her stubborn attitude, I figured she fought to stay with him, guarding my life.

To this day, whatever it may be I still find myself asking questions. Why did they save my life? Why not just turn me in like the other parents did? The Children of this new world had been molded into an elite group known as IFBE, to no end; I have no idea what it stands for, or why they created it. However, I wasn't the only child to escape the group. There were several who went underground like myself. When I was 12 I had founded a group of us into a freedom fighting group named after the true sophisticated fighters of old, The Round Table, from the stories of King Arthur. Which was my favorite tale told by my father when I was a child. I remember his voice filling with pride when he talked of the sword in the stone known as Excalibur.

Which is why I named my weapon Excalibur in tribute of the old times, it may not be a sword, but it does have a blade attachment, an old M16, military class. My mother had been a great soldier at some time, and she was gifted with the weapon from her last unit, when the weapon had been discontinued. My father wasn't a soldier, but he was another type of warrior. He had fought to keep the city alive, I forget which city, but he always told me that it used to be a beautiful place. A place where the green grass grown more fluently, and the birds sang in harmony. I don't believe my father was American, I believe my mother had met him some time down the road of her exploits as an American soldier. His accent hadn't been distinct, but I known he didn't sound like my mother, or myself. I had distinctly taken over my mother's accent of a forgotten Windy City. A city that had been destroyed during the war my mother had been called a hero in, before the shit hit the fan. She never called herself a hero, but my father always told me she took after King Arthur, her honor was the most precious thing she had owned, and it was the reason he had fallen for her when they met in in his city of origin. He never told me its name, he only described it as a place where he longed to forever rest and I only wish I could have fulfilled his request. I believe his city was destroyed as well, not because he never named it, but because the way he expressed such sadness as he had described the attributes of it, as if it were past tense.

But their story isn't mine, and I know nothing of the world they had come from. But mine, it is covered with mass destruction and chaotic prowess from the elder armies in which became the FAE. I believe they had gone to name The Round Table: Delinquents of the Realm, which is just as pathetic as them calling me the Sorceress. I refer to myself as Merlin, not evil Queen Maebhe, who was the Sorceress who always fought Merlin through change in form, and abilities in magic.

Don't listen to the lies of the FAE, listen to me: a child of the Round Table, as well as it's Second in Command. I know the rules of both sides, and hopefully one day the good guys, like us will have our day. Only God could answer such a question, and I don't believe he would allow such chaos to happen without a proper reason.